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Chapter Thirty-Eight


I was discharged from the hospital the next evening after a day of useless heart monitoring. The nurses and doctors wanted to keep a close eye on my heart because of the odd rhythms they were picking up. I could have told them that it had nothing to do with my condition and more with the man that stood by my side holding my hand. But I kept my mouth shut, unable to admit the truth to everyone.

Edward insisted that he drive me home, too worried for my safety and practically forced me into his new black shiny Cadillac sedan that looked like it belonged in a movie more than on the streets. It was the first time that I was seeing his Christmas gift from Carlisle and Esme. My jaw dropped when I saw it. I was so use to old red pickups and Taxi's. Even his old Lexus wasn't as beautiful as the XTS. It actually made me blush when I slipped in the leather seat and immediately moaned as I relaxed back. Edward laughed at me but it only made me more embarrassed about the gift I had given him. All I had gotten him was the most expensive ballpoint pen that I could afford. He had seemed to like it but now I was thinking he was just being nice. Could one really be happy with a trailer when they could live in a castle?

Not soon after we left the hospital Alice called, muttering something about the time and then hung up. Edward sighed but didn't seem upset. I didn't ask what she wanted mainly because I didn't want to know. The less I knew the better.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I heard out of the comfortable silence.

"Huh?" I asked. We hadn't spoken much as he drove through the city. He just held my hand like he was afraid I would disappear. My palms were sweaty but he didn't seem to mind and I just tried to think about what it would feel like when holding unto to Edward would be normal.

He glanced over at me.

"Are you even listening to me?"

I blushed and gave an apologetic smile.

"Sorry, I was thinking about everything that has happened in the last few months. But what is it that you asked me?"

"I wanted to know why you didn't tell me, about your illness?"


"You mean about my chronic syncope?" I thought about it before I answered.

"Well it's not really a great conversation starter and I never really talk about it anyways. I have always had it. I'm usually okay, but ever since I moved here they have happened more frequently."

"Why do you think that is?" He glanced over to me out of the corner of his eyes.

I shrugged. "Maybe I'm more stressed," He turned to me. I smiled. "Maybe it's because my boss is a slave driver? Speaking of which, there's that file I need you to sign." I joked.


My gaze shifted to my other hand that was resting on my purse. "Or maybe it's because you dazzle me stupid." I uttered under my breath.

I felt him stiffen and I turned to see his face brighten. I was amazed. So I wasn't the only one, huh?

"I, uh… dazzle you?" He uttered staring straight ahead. I sighed and turned to stare out the window.

"You have no idea. It's honestly hard to breath whenever you're near me." Edward didn't need an answer, he was well aware of his gorgeous features and physique. And with every touch I was sure he was well aware of the spark he sent through my body.

"Should I stay away?" He stated.

I shrugged playfully. "It would cut my fainting 'episodes' in half." Even though I joked I knew that I wouldn't be able to survive without him now. I had fallen too deep to let him go.

"I'm sorry but I can't do that. I will catch you when you fall though." I laughed.

"How kind of you." I grinned. I was so relieve at how natural it felt now. Now when he'd broken down every wall around my heart and let him self in. My worst fear had been that he didn't feel that same about me, but now that I knew that he did I had nothing left to fear.

"You know me, the prefect gentlemen" he flashed me his 'perfect gentleman' smile and the air caught in my chest. Would I ever get use to that?

He turned back to the street as we slowed to a red light. He looked like he was struggling to speak, like he had something to say but didn't how. I turned back to the window and stared at the people bustling around the snow covered city. He would ask me when he was ready I figured.

"You dazzle me too you know," He finally stated. I spun around and he was staring at me. And immediately, my breathing halted and my heart beat increased.

"Really?" I asked feeling as if I was going to burst.

He smiled causing my pulse to flutter. I had been doing so well keeping myself together, pretending like my heart wasn't going to beat right out of my chest but now I didn't have the control.

I closed my eyes to help me regain myself.

I felt him release my hand and then touch my cheek. I opened my eyes again. He leaned in so close that our lips almost touched. I could feel his breath on my skin and his scent filling my lungs. It made my head fuzzy.

"Am I dazzling you now?" he asked as his lips brushed lightly over mine.

"Yes," I breathed in anticipation. It was hard to concentrate. His words sounded like they were spoken under water. He smiled against me.

"Good, because Alice has a welcome home party waiting for you."

"What?" I blinked. He kissed me gently then and my mind went blank. Oh he was good. And now that he knew the way he affected me I was sure this would not be the last time he did this, and truly I prayed it wasn't.

I moaned and the sound surprised even me but I didn't, no couldn't stop.

Edward chuckled as he pulled away leaving me wanting more. I opened my eyes again when I felt the car pull off smoothly.

I frowned and sat back when I realized what I just taken place. "You're not supposed to do that." I stated my face the color of a red rose. "You mentioned Alice. What did you say?" He never answered my question; only continued to laugh.

When we reached my apartment he parked the car across the street. Even though I didn't feel comfortable leaving his shiny new toy in this neighborhood he didn't seem to care as we walked across the street. Probably because knew he could just buy a new one if anything happened to it.

Rich people, no cares in the world. (A/N: Not true, but us poor folks have different problems)

"Honestly you're not going to tell me?" I asked shoving the key into the door of my apartment. He just smiled with his hands in his pant pockets.

I groaned and gave up. I opened the door, then dropped my keys, clutched my purse to my chest and gasped when they shouted,


"Welcome home." Another came.

Almost everyone I knew was standing in my living, excluding the friends I had left in Forks. But I did spot my mother, whom I was very surprised to see standing next to Phil, a glass of wine in her hands. She was grinning head to toe and I knew that she had had something to do with this.

There was a large WELCOME HOME sign that hung over the doors that led to my balcony.

"Oh my god," I stated. Ever one laughed at my reaction. My mother rushed forward, Alice not far behind.

"Bella," my mother shrieked as she pulled me too her.

"Oh Bella,"

"What are you doing here? " I couldn't hide my surprise.

"Do you really think that I wouldn't come when I heard," Even though she said that I hadn't known she was hear until now. My mother suddenly pulled back serious before she hit Edward over the shoulder.

"What took you guys so long?" She frowned up at him.

"Sorry, Renee, it took a while to get Bella in the car." I didn't miss the fact that Edward had just called my mother by her first name.

She pouted before she grinned. "That sounds like Bella,"

"Wait, since when are you guys on a first name basis. " I glanced between the two of them. They turned to me. "Have you two even met?"

"Honey, of course we have. Who do you think it was that called me when you collapsed in the street?" She poked at my shoulder. Then she pulled me into another hug.

"I'm so glad you are okay," I sighed unable to say anything else until I spotted Alice waiting patiently behind her.

"Alice, what is all this," I asked pulling away from my mother.

"Oh, just your congratulations and welcome home party." She beamed. I raised an eye brow. I understood the welcome home part, as ridiculous as it was, but the congratulations? What did she have brewing in that mind of hers?

Alice must have read my mind because she motioned to something behind me with a large grin. I turned to Edward before I noticed the sign with lots of hearts on it that hung above the door. I read it out loud.

"Congratulations Bella and Edward" and then in small red letters down in the corner, it read 'finally.' I gasped and cupped my mouth. No way. Everyone burst out in to laugher again.

"Honestly, about time, you two," I knew that had to be Emmett.

I turned to Edward who appeared way to calm for me. Did nothing shock him? Why was he always okay with stuff and I was the only one freaking out.

"Just go with it," he stated before he kissed my forehead and walked off peeling his jacket off.

"Whom do I owe a shot?"

"That would be me," Alice called bouncing from my side.

I on the other hand was so embarrassed that I couldn't even move. I just stared at the sign. Hadn't Alice done enough? I mean was there no end to her schemes. I sighed when I realized that I should just take Edwards advice. 'Just go with it', he'd said. Was that how he'd grown up with her and had stayed sane? I let out another breath and relaxed. I turned back around taking in the scene that was my living. The low hum of indie rock could be heard from my speakers, and laughter that filled her air. I spotted Nicki and Angela in the corner talking to Mike and Tyler. They all looked over at me and smiled. I waved back. They actually, including Mike looked happy. Then I saw him look at Nicki and I understood why. Well the cat that I was dating my boss was out of the bag. I sighed again. I needed a drink, a large, very strong drink. Suddenly I felt a body next to me and turn to find Rosalie standing there. She was so beautiful that she looked out of place standing in my loft. Everything was perfect about the blonde but I very notably didn't take a hit to my self-esteem.

"This may be a little too soon, but I'm really glad Edward found you." Her words took me by surprise and I wasn't able to control my reaction.

"Really?" I asked. "I didn't think you liked me."

"I didn't." She stated before she smiled. I noted the use of past tense, as in she didn't like me before but she was okay with me now even though nothing had really changed.

"But you make Edward happy and that's all that really matters to me." She handed me a glass of wine.

"Thanks, I think" I took it slowly and put the glass to my lips hoping it wasn't poison.

"And Eddy's right you know?"

I raised a brow.

"Just go with it. The Cullen's are great, and they can be a lot at times. But honestly-," She glanced over and I followed her gaze to where Edward, Alice and Emmett were throwing back shots of vodka in my tiny kitchen with my mom and Phil. They laughed and yelled, well Emmett yelled. They looked happy.

"-I wouldn't want to marry into any other family." I understand where she was coming from. The Cullen were the type of family that anyone would want to have. They loved and respected each other more than any family I had ever known. I didn't know what the future held for Edward and I but if I was to become part of their family I would be extreme happy and proud. And Alice would really be my sister, well sister-in-law but to me there would be no difference.

I smiled just when Emmett spotted me.

"Hey Bella, your turn." He grinned holding up a shot glass filled to brim.

I put up my hands defensively. "Oh no," I glanced at Rosalie, she just smiled and uttered, "Just go with it."

I glanced back at eveyone waiting on me. I sighed before I shrugged.

"Oh what the hell!"

I crossed the room in three short strides, took the tiny glass, threw it back and pulled Edward in by his loose tie for the kiss of his life as hoots and yells sounded throughout the room.

In that moment I knew that this was forever.

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