This was a request from sasukexnarutoforever, but was an idea I had been entertaining in the back of my mind for a while. Though I warn you it isn't quite like the stuff I usually write, as stated in the summary, this is a MPREG story. I'm not a huge fan of MPREG fics, but I always wanted to try my hand at it. So I figured that I might as well write one about one of my favorite slash couples - CHACK. In any case, I hope you all like it.

SUMMARY: When two people decide to have a child, it is usually as a sign of their love. But on the Heylin side, it's a little bit more complicated than that . . .

WARNINGS: Male pregnancy(impossible, but still entertaining), yaoi/slash/shounen-ai(whatever you choose to call it, it's still guys doing other guys), adult situations and language.

DISCLAIMER: Even after all these years, Xiaolin Showdown continues to be one of my favorite animated shows of all time, therefore Christy Hui and the people of Kids WB/Cartoon network deserve all credit due to them. I just wish they would put the rest of the show on DVD already!

An Intriguing Proposal by NINJA-RENKA

Why the hell did I agree to this?

Oh yeah, I know why.

A very persuasive and very attractive Heylin warlord asked me to . . .

Lying in bed, half awake and half asleep, Jack Spicer stares up at the ceiling of his evil idol's bedroom. Idly, his hands rub over the curve of his belly, feeling his child move inside him. It was a weird feeling to know that something was growing inside of him, completely dependent on him for survival. Yet, to the young villain, it was oddly comforting to have living proof that the nights of passion between himself and the dragon lord actually happened.

That's right, Jack Spicer - evil teen genius, was pregnant with Chase Young's child.

Five months pregnant, twenty-one weeks, to be exact.

How is that possible? Well like any good story, it would probably be best to start from the beginning . . .

Six months earlier

Jack had been in his lab, the place he spent most of his time, working on the experiments he had neglected due to the increase of revealing Shen Gong Wu. In his element, engulfed in the inner workings of his robots and developing new and more lethal inventions, the tech genius was truly enjoying himself. It was during this time that Chase Young had decided to visit his admirer's basement laboratory. At his appearance, the goth immediately stops his work with a surprised look on his face.

"Hey Chase! Uh, what brings you by at this time of night?" - asks the young villain, anxiously waiting for the evil man to explain his visit.

"Spicer, I require your body."-calmly states the dragon lord, forgoing any of his normal greetings.

The frank statement simply hangs in the air as the teen tries to figure out how to respond to it. Unfortunately his shock prevents the evil genius from thinking clearly so he simply replies with the first thing that comes to mind.

"For what?"-inquires Jack, scarlet eyes remain fixed on the dark warrior.

"I want to have sex with you."

"W-WHAT?! WHY?!"

"To carry my child, of course."-informs the Heylin as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"WHAT?!"-exclaims Jack, his eyes as large as saucers.

"I want to engage in sexual intercourse so that you may carry my child. Do you need me to reiterate myself?" -inquires Chase, his tone clearly indicating his aggravation at having to repeat his words.

"Oh I get it, this is some kind of Heylin practical joke . . . Haha very funny, Chase."-supplies the teen villain as he returns to his work.

"When have you ever known me to joke? I am being quite serious."

Turning back around, an indiscernible look is etched into Jack's face - a strange amalgamation of confusion, uncertainty, and a few other emotions that the warlord has never seen on the teenager.

"Look, I know that everyone likes to make fun of my girly screaming, but I'm a boy. B - O - Y, BOY. I have XY chromosomes and everything. So I'm sorry, but I can't have a baby for you."

"According to whom?"

"Oh, I don't know . . . the ENTIRE scientific community, Mother Nature, genetics, take your pick!"

"Spicer, calm down."

Unconsciously taking the dragon lord's advice, the teen takes a breath. The youth's mind is racing trying to understand the insane proposal that the evil man had offered. Using the opportunity, Chase nears the albino, his face set into a serious expression.

"I am well aware of the restrictions applied to human conception and gestation. However, if you remember - I am, for the most part, a dragon. A ancient species that isn't as . . . limited. To continue our species, males simply need a willing vessel that can provide the necessary genetic material."

"Well I, for the most part, am male! Even if I agreed to this, I'm missing a few vital parts, mainly a uterus."

Placing a gloved hand on Jack's lower abdomen, Chase locks eyes with the youth. The sudden physical contact from the warlord freezes the young villain and any higher level brain functions he had at the moment.

"When a human is genuinely attracted to a humanoid creature such as myself, the mortal's body becomes very receptive. That human will then begin to exude pheromones that attract said creature, letting him know that the human can become a potential vessel for his offspring."

With his hand still on the teenager's belly, the dark warrior circles around the thin body, stopping directly behind him. The Heylin lord leans in to inhale the teen's scent presently wafting from his crimson hair. The intoxicating aroma awakening the more primal side of the dragon's personality. When Jack shivers at the close proximity, an evil smirk tugs at the immortal's lips before continuing his explanation.

"Most of my kind have used females as their vessels since they already have the necessary parts. However, there are cases in which young men have developed a womb in order to successfully gestate and give birth to healthy children."

"H-How did they give birth?"

"The sire either removed them physically or through a transference ritual. It depended on the situation."

"Physically? . . . Like they ripped it out?!" - asks Jack, his face turning a sickly green.

"Don't be so macabre. Removing the child physically is very similar to the Cesarean procedure that modern humans perform. When done correctly, the body heals and returns to normal within a few weeks."

Processing the information he was just given, the teen genius closes his eyes for a minute and then re-opens them. Once he chooses to accept his idol's explanation of male pregnancy the genius' mind is then assaulted with questions of an entirely different nature.

"Okay, you've explained the technical part. . . But you still haven't explained why you want me to carry your child. And while we're on the subject, why do you even want a child in the first place?"

Behind the thin youth, Chase lets out a small chuckle.

"If I answer your questions will you agree to do it?"

"That pretty much depends on your answer, doesn't it?"

"Very well. Having a child would provide me with the opportunity to properly nurture and train him in the ways of evil from the very beginning of life."

"So, you basically want another apprentice?" inquires Jack with bitterness tingeing his words.

"If all I wanted was another apprentice, I wouldn't be asking you for such a momentous favor, Spicer. What I want is a student that I can instruct in dark magic and sorcery. What I want is to create another entity that can inspire true evil and eventually join me when this world becomes mine. I have learned from the mistakes of the past, and by deceiving a person into an apprenticeship I leave room for betrayal. However, a child, who naturally learns from the behaviors of their parent and seeks approval, will be less inclined to pursue such traitorous actions. At the very least, the child would be influenced by evil based simply on his heredity. After all, my son or daughter will inherit my evil traits as well as my draconic abilities. . . Besides, I'm sure you can extrapolate what eighteen years under my dark tutelage would do to their impressionable, young mind."

God I love it when he monologues . . .

"As deliciously evil as that sounds, you still haven't explained why you picked me."- states Jack while mentally "shooing away" that last thought. "I'm sure you could get plenty of willing females to bear your children. Hell, you could get a willing guy if you went to the right place."

"True, but I want you."

The meaning behind his words causes Jack to look over his shoulder and face Chase. Ruby eyes see golden ones staring down at him, awaiting a response. The pale face shifts between looks of shock, confusion and finally . . . hope. Shaking it off, the evil teen wills himself not to read too much into the dragon's promising words and turns away.


"Isn't it obvious? Your high intelligence and physical features are traits I'd like my offspring to possess. By blending our genetic information, I believe we could create a physically and mentally perfect child."

"Was that a compliment?"-asks Jack, a light blush on his cheeks.

"It's a theory. There is really only one way to see if I'm right. Now, I believe I have sufficiently answered your questions, so what is your answer to mine?"

"I-I have to think about it." - whispers the teen, still reeling from the immortal's proposal.

"What is there to think about? Are there some concerns of yours that I have not addressed?"

"Having a baby is a huge commitment, Chase! You're asking me to turn my entire life upside down so that you can have your perfect, evil child. What do I get out of this besides some stretch marks? Will I even get to be a part of this kid's life or will you just take the baby and never acknowledge me?"

"Don't be ridiculous." -begins the ancient warrior. "For all intents and purposes you will be the child's mother, I will not deny your right to be a part of their life. In fact, that brings me to the second part of this endeavor. Through out the gestation period, I'd like you to live with me."

"Now you want me to move in with you?!"

"It would be for your own protection, Spicer. My enemies will not rejoice in my decision to reproduce."

"You're right about that. I can't exactly see Hannibal Roy Bean throwing you a baby shower."

With a sigh, Jack places his hand on top of the large one that is still resting on his stomach. His thin fingers trace gloved ones as he thinks over the entire proposal. He had to admit that as weird as the situation was, it was very flattering to have your evil idol ask to bear his children. Not to mention that the dragon lord's kid would probably be ridiculously cute.

Sensing the genius' weakening resolve, Chase dips his head lower and starts to gently kiss the long neck before him. The affectionate action practically makes Jack melt into his arms with a small moan. Grinning evilly against pale flesh, the Heylin prince starts to whisper into his ear between lingering caresses.

"Jack . . . let me have you."

Does he know how seductive he sounds right now?

"I know that you will enjoy yourself. I'll make sure of it."

Obviously, if what you're doing right now is any indication . . . Stop it Jack, he just wants to use you.

"Why are you resisting me?"

Because, I don't know if I can trust you . . . Who am I fooling? It's more like I don't know if I can trust myself around you.

"Why do you insist we continue this game? I see the way you look at me . . . And it's more than obvious that we are both attracted to one another."

Wait, you're attracted to me? . . . No, stay strong, Jack. . . Damn it, he needs to stop kissing you! How on earth does he know you're sensitive right behind your ears? ARGH! Stop it, Jack. You need to focus!

"Jack, I need you." - states the dragon in a husky voice that practically dripped with lust.

I hate that he knows just what to say to get what he wants from me . . . But I love that he' s so damn good at it.

Turning around, Jack locks his eyes with Chase's once again. This time, scarlet eyes are hardened with resolve and something else. Reaching a hand up to grab hold of the elder's neck, the teen pulls him closer. Surprising the elder, soft lips are pressed to the warlord's in a chaste kiss. It is more experimental than anything else, as the teen takes the time to fully taste Chase. Enjoying the gentle contact, the Heylin returns the gesture. His own lips enjoying the softness of Jack's. In that instant, the genius knew he just lost whatever shred of willpower he still had.

Damn it.

"You better be a great father." - whispers Jack, averting his eyes.

Smirking at the positive response, a gloved hand turns the young face towards him. Cerise eyes widen as Chase runs his hand down a pale cheek, the simple action confusing the teenager more than anything the dragon lord had said that evening.

"I promise."

With that, the dark prince kisses him once again. This time in a effort to distract the teen as they are transported to his lair, and unceremoniously dropped onto the immortal's bed.


Remembering that night, and the ones after it, Jack smiles to himself. Despite the horrible cramps and chronic nausea the pregnancy induced, it was well worth it. And if staying barefoot and pregnant meant keeping Chase Young as his lover, the aspiring villain would seriously consider putting up with it. The perks were just too good to pass up.

In the past few months, the warlord had become more affectionate with his new house guest. Even going out of his way to make Jack comfortable by indulging in the teen's ridiculous requests. Changing the bedding because it wasn't "fluffy enough" and stocking his lair with strawberry Fanta soda being some of the more reasonable ones.

Basically, now that the youth was pregnant with his child, Jack Spicer had become the warlord's top priority. No doubt, a sign that the dragon's paternal instincts to protect his offspring were kicking in . . . and the evil teen was far from complaining about it. Especially when Chase would carry him around the lair to keep him off his feet, or the way the man would feel his belly to make sure their child was active. But the true joys of being pregnant with Chase Young's child came when Wuya had come to visit the warlord a few days ago.

Oh, Jack remembered that day well. . .

The confused witch had stood there sputtering when she had seen the boy's swollen stomach and practically had a heart attack when Chase told her the reason behind it.

"Chase, I don't see why you would go to such lengths to have Jack bear your children . . . especially when you have a more convenient option available to you."-the sorceress' offer dripped with suggestiveness.

"I never was one to act out of convenience, Wuya. Besides, I prefer to have my child gestate in a warm and healthy environment, not a cold and most likely barren one."

The evil overlord barely kept the sadistic smirk off his face as the words left his mouth. He had then turned his attention to the pregnant villain beside him while the witch seethed with rage.

"Now, if you excuse us, Jack needs his rest." -stated the warlord as he wrapped an arm around the youth and gently pulled the teen to his side. "My warriors will show you the way out."

And with that, the Heylin couple had walked away from the ancient sorceress, letting the jungle cats usher her out of the citadel . . .

Smirking at the fond memory, the teen rolls onto his side and snuggles back into the warm covers. The scent of the dragon lord trapped in the blankets threatens to lulls him back into a comfortable sleep. Yawning wide, Jack barely notices that he isn't alone in the room anymore.

"Spicer," -begins an amused tone. "Do you intend on spending the entire pregnancy in bed?"

"I dunno . . . Can I?"

Rolling his eyes, Chase casually walks to the side of the large piece of furniture. As he sits down, amber eyes rove over the form of the teen, silently making sure the teen's breathing and heartbeat are normal. Satisfied, he rests a hand on the child steadily growing inside of Jack. Feeling the fetus move under his touch, a pleased expression crosses his face.

"How come everytime you touch the baby, he always starts moving?" - asks a tired Jack. The movement in his abdomen effectively waking him up.

"He recognizes his sire."


Looking at youth, golden eyes see the fatigue in his already pale features. Leaning forward, Chase brushes a few pesky strands of red hair out of his eyes.

"How are you doing?"

"I'm fine, just a little tired."

"Any morning sickness?"

"More like 'middle-of-the-afternoon' sickness. I'm fine in the morning."

"Cute. You need to eat something, so what would you like?"

"I dunno, but the baby wants something . . . bready."


"Yeah, something like bread, but not bread. Just bread-like . . . and crunchy! Do you know what I mean?"

"Does anyone?" -observes the immortal humorously.

". . . Are you making fun of me?" -Jack asks, though his question sounds more like an accusation.

"No, am I doing something to make you think otherwise?"

"Well, your tone sounds like you are."

"My tone?" - repeats Chase as he raises an eyebrow in confusion.

"Yes, your tone! You know, if you're just going to keep talking down to me, then maybe I will stay in bed for the next four months! I'm carrying your kid in here and I already feel like a beached whale! I don't need this!"

"Beached whale? . . . What on earth are you talking about?!"

"And now you're angry with me?! Is this the type of father you're going to be?" -asks Jack with a hard glare.

"Excuse me?"

"It's a simple question, Is this the type of father you're going to be? Are you going to just yell at our child when he asks you for something? If it is tell me now . . . Jeez, The kid isn't even born yet and you're already getting angry with him!"

Quickly recognizing the mood swing, Chase thinks back to what started this tirade about his parenting skills. Realizing that the boy was probably just hungry, he quickly suggests something to appease his insane craving for bread-like, crunchy food.

"Jack, would you like some toast?" -the dark lord dryly responds.

"Toast? I could totally go for toast. Why didn't you just say that before?"

With that, Jack swings out of bed wearing only an over-sized t-shirt. Still surprising graceful while carrying a child, he pulls on a pair of pajama pants as Chase watches. In the last few months, the only thing that really changed about the thin body was the growing bulge of the pale belly. If anything, the pregnancy had made the youth look better, as his alabaster skin and red hair had never felt softer. Despite those benefits, the overlord's brain was starting to hurt from the stress of deciphering the teen's sudden and sporadic mood swings. Seeing the tension on the older man's face, Jack goes over and starts to gently massage his temples.

"Is that better?"


With the close proximity, Chase pulls Jack even closer to him. The youth is still standing so the dragon's head rests just above the growing form of their child. His arms wrap around the younger villain who responds by running his hands through the elder's dark hair. Looking down at the man he idolized, a small smile crosses Jack's face.


Bump Bump


Listening to the child's steady heartbeat, Chase can't help but swell with pride.

Who knew that he could actually get the goth to agree to this request? The dragon lord was sure that the teenager would have laughed right in his face when he made the proposal, or at least resisted him more. Perhaps he had underestimated the depth of the boy's feelings towards him.

Then again, a few months ago he had came up with this completely insane idea to obtain Jack Spicer for himself. So, maybe the evil teen's feelings weren't the only ones he had severely underestimated.

It had taken quite a few advanced levels spells, a considerate amount of dark magic, and a bit of luck to get the boy pregnant, but it had worked. The dragon lord had the perfect mate and had made it so that said mate could produce him children despite being male.

So yes, Chase Young had quite a few reasons to be proud at the moment.

"I'm sorry about all the mood swings and stuff." - states Jack interrupting the immortal's previous thoughts. "I know you're going out of your way to be nice to me, and I just want you to know that it's appreciated."

"I asked you to bear my child knowing full well what that would entail, Spicer. It's fine . . . Besides, I haven't always been this hospitable to you in the past."

"Still, I'm sorry. I don't really mean any of the stuff I say, it's just the surge of hormones. Having this kid is like going through puberty all over again . . . I kinda have the urge to yell at my parents and blast hard rock music in my room."

Making a sound of acknowledgement, the dragon nuzzles his head against the warm belly housing his child. A part of the Heylin master feeling slightly guilty about tricking Jack into being his mate.


As far as the evil lord was concerned, the results far outweighed the means in which he obtained the pale youth. He only thanked his luck that Jack's complete naiveté concerning his idol hadn't dissipated yet. If it had, the genius may have caught onto the few details Chase had omitted from his proposition:

(1) Jack Spicer was actually the only known case in which a male successfully carried a child - human, part dragon or otherwise.

(2) If Chase wanted Jack to carry his kid, he could have simply implanted his seed with the help of modern science or a rather simple spell. The copious amounts of incedible sex they had weren't truly necessary.

(3) By physically impregnating Jack, Chase had marked him as his mate. If any other male even tried to touch Jack, the dragon would be fully justified in ripping the offending arms right off.

(4) The initial reason Chase wanted a family was to fill his life, although the whole "evil heir" idea he fed Jack definitely had an appeal.

(5) Despite his dark nature, Chase Young would never conceive a child with someone that he didn't at least have genuine affection for.

Shaking off his thoughts, Chase pulls his unknowing lover into his lap. The overlord then claims the teen's lips with his own in a passionate and bruising kiss, without giving Jack any kind of warning. Using the opportunity, the immortal slowly explores and tastes every inch of the willing mouth offered to him. Large hands rub up and down the youth's back to ease and massage the sore muscles. After their lips part, a smile works it's way onto Jack's face and his ruby eyes darken with arousal. The expression stirring the Heylin to think of more amusing activities to do in their shared bed.

"After this child is born, we should start working on his siblings." - comments the dragon as he kisses his mate's neck.

"Siblings? Wouldn't that mean we'd have to . . . well, you know, again?"

"Do you have a problem with that? Judging by your reactions, I was under the impression that you were rather fond of that part of our arrangement."

"I am!"

"Good, I'd hate to be the only one enjoying myself."

The Heylin's statement is followed by an all-knowing smirk on his lips, the action only adding to the confusion on Jack's face. Cerise eyes search golden ones in an attempt to discover anything that would help the teen figure out the cryptic villain.

"Chase, I have the feeling that there's something you're not telling me."

"Well, you could try to uncover whatever secret that I may or may not be hiding from you . . . or you could enjoy the breakfast that is currently cooling on the dining room table. It's your choice."

Remembering that he was indeed very hungry, the goth sighs in defeat at the warlord's teasing behavior.

"You're lucky I'm pregnant."

"I'm fully aware of my good fortune, Jack."

With an acknowledging sound, the irritated genius stands up and makes his way out of the room and towards the kitchen. Chase remains behind and watches the teen leave with a smirk.

I think I'll wait a little longer to tell Spicer of my deception . . . Although, in a few more months, he won't be able to do much about it.

Standing up, the ancient dragon goes to eat breakfast with his young mate - entertaining himself with the look on Jack's face and following reaction when he discovers the truth behind their current arrangement.

I really like Chase and Jack secretly manipulating each other, don't I? Although, I don't think that either of them would mind.

So, like I said before, Mpreg is a tough thing to tackle as you have to make something impossible seem believable in whatever world the characters happen to be in.

In most Chack mpreg fics, Jack is impregnated via convenient spell, shen gong wu, or it's just never explained. When it came to this fic, I was just trying to add some originality to it, and this is what came out. If you liked it cool, if not that's cool too.

Comments, Questions, and Creative Criticism are appreciated!

BTW, This was inspired by an episode of Bones I watched in which Dr. Brennan AKA Bones(Emily Deschanel) asked Agent Booth(David Boreanaz) to father her child. It was definitely one of my favorite episodes, especially since Stewie from Family Guy makes a cameo appearance.

ANYWAYS, I hope you enjoyed this fic!