Chapter 16: Explanations

Bella POV

"Ask away," I told the Cullens.

"How did you get turned into a vampire?" Alice asked.

"3 years after you left," I saw the Cullens flinch, "7 new students arrived at Forks high. Those people were actually vampires, who are now my family. I became close to one of them. That vampire is Dylan right here. A week after, he proposed to me, and the minute I asked him to change me, he immediately did so."

"How could you have been so selfish? What about Charlie or Jacob?" Edward shouted. Fucker.

"What about you huh?? How could you have been so selfish to not think about me when you decided to kiss Tanya back!! Jacob was happy with his imprint and I said goodbye to my dad before leaving. So don't assume that you know me because you don't!" during my outburst, Dylan held me back from attacking Edward.

"How did you and Dylan meet?" Rosalie asked.

"I was out in the garden when I heard a guitar playing. I saw him leaning against a tree playing his guitar. I started singing, then we locked eyes. It kinda went from there," I finished.

"So romantic," Rosalie sighed dreamily.

"And the Volturi?" Emmett asked.

"My family and I," the Cullens flinched again, "went to Volterra for a vacation. We ended up meeting the Volturi and we lived with them for a couple of years," I turned to grin at Demetri, Felix, Chelsea, and Heidi, "they ended up softening up to us. So I became the princess of the Volturi and Dylan became the prince."

"PRINCE?!?!" everyone shouted.

"You never told us that Dad was the Volturi's prince!" Alec shouted.

"Yeah mom!" Jane said.

"You told us no shit about that!!" Keanna yelled.

"What the hell??" Anna shouted.

"I've never heard of a prince," Carlisle stated.

"Yeah, it was supposed to be confidential. But who cares," I added.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Nick asked.

"Because, you're already living with the princess, aren't you. Your lives would be in greater danger if others found out that you had the prince too," I explained.

"That makes sense," Andrew stated.

"No shit Sherlock," Victoria commented.

"Anymore questions?" I asked.

"I do. If you Cullens really loved Bella, then why did you leave her? Who cares if Edward no longer loved her? You didn't have to follow his decisions. You could have stayed," Victoria hissed.

"It was complicated," Jasper said.

"Complicated my ass!! You had a choice. All of you. But you all chose to leave. And now you're all here asking Bella for forgiveness that none of you deserve," Vic yelled even louder.

"We thought it was for the best. We didn't want her to suffer seeing us every day as a remembrance of me," Edward said.

"Look how that turned out! It doesn't matter anymore. I should thank you actually. If it wasn't for you, Bella would not have the family she has now," Vicky finally finished.

"She has the Volturi," Felix said.

"And she has us," Stephanie said.

"I don't think she needs you any longer," Mitchy stated.

"Bella?" Esme asked.

"I'm sorry, but they're right. I just can't accept you anymore. Now that I think of it the way Vicky puts it, I do have every right to abandon you the way you did to me," I finally said.

"Really?" Alice asked. I nodded.

"You bitch! My brother has suffered for so long because of you and you're just going to leave him like this!!" she yelled at me.

"How dare you?!? What about me huh!! What about how I felt when the closest family I had, abandoned me without much of a goodbye?? All the pain I felt!" I yelled back at Alice.

"That was low Alice, and you know it," Rosalie said for me.

"Stay away from my wife, all of you. You don't deserve her forgiveness. The only people I accept is Rosalie and Emmett. Now leave," Dylan demanded.

"Can we stay with you?" Rosalie asked.

"What?" I stuttered.

"We don't want to live with them anymore. We've been pushed around for way to long. Rosalie and I wanted to stay here with you, but they wouldn't let us," Emmett pleaded.

"Is this true?" I asked Carlisle. He shamefully nodded his head.

"Yes you can. But only Rosalie and Emmett. I hate the rest of you. Now leave," I ordered.

They left my house with their heads hung low.

"So?" Vicky asked.

"Go ahead," I told her.

"Yay!! I'm so happy that you guys joined us!" Victoria said as she hugged Rosalie and Emmett. They tensed, bet returned her hug after a while.

"You don't hate us?" Emmett asked.

"Well, I did. But I think that it takes a lot of guts to abandon the family that you've had for so long. So I'm going to do my best to make you feel welcome," she exclaimed.

"Thanks," Rosalie said.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out together. This was where I wanted to be for the rest of my eternity. With a family that loved and cherished me.

"I love you," I said to Dylan.

"I love you too," he gave me a kiss.

Where my heart will forever be.


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"So I heard you kissed Ateara," Paul taunted.

"Yeah what about it," I hissed. I began to gather my stuff but he kept kicking them away.

"Just thought that I'd tell you to stay away from him," he laughed. He fucking laughed.

"Who the hell do you think you are?! You can push me around and mess with me, but you don't fucking tell me who I can or can't hang out with. Why do you care anyway?!" I shouted.

"You're not gonna steal another one of my friends. You already have my best friend wrapped around your finger. I'm not letting you take away Quil," he snapped.

"So that's why you've pushed me around all of my life. You thought I was stealing your friends? Newsflash!! I've been trying to keep them away from you, but no, it's fucking obvious to me and everyone else that they choose you. And you don't have to worry about me anymore Paul Meraz, because I'm moving. Away from you and this whole school. I'm going to Florida. So just stay out of my damn life!!" I picked up my stuff and ran to my first period.

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