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Chapter 1

„Michiru, if you are not careful you will fall over board!" a disapproving voice scolded behind her. Michiru sighed and turned towards the dark haired woman behind her. They had been on the ship for nearly two weeks now, but her companion was still feeling as seasick as she did on the first day. "Let's go back to our cabin, it's safer there." Michiru just rolled her eyes. That's all Betty wanted to do. Sit in their tiny cabin and wait for this voyage to be finally over. All Michiru wanted to do was to walk around on deck, feeling the wind play with her hair and listening to the sound of the waves crashing against their ship. She could completely lose herself in the sight of this endless green ocean. The sea could be so calm and yet it held so much power. She longed to just jump into the water and swim away like a fish, forgetting the purpose of this voyage, that dreaded event which would take place next month. These were her last few days of freedom, how could Betty expect her to spend them in that suffocating little room of theirs? Suddenly she felt a surge of irrational anger and a deep frown marred her beautiful face. Without saying a word she just walked away from the older woman. "Fine, do as you please. I am going to lie down." Her companion gave an exasperated sigh and marched off all the while fighting hard against her nausea.

Many sailors stopped doing their various tasks to watch the aquamarine haired beauty stroll across the deck. Even though a fair number of them enjoyed fantasizing about her, no one would ever have dared to even talk to her. After all, she was the daughter of Lord Kaioh, one of the most influential merchants in the East India Trading Company, and she was about to get married to the son of the governor of Jamaica. But it was still nice to have the beautiful sea goddess on board, even if it was only a visual distraction.

Michiru could feel several eyes following her progress across deck, but she didn't care. Let them stare their eyes out, she had bigger problems. While trying to ban any thoughts about the future, she now felt guilty for being so cold towards Betty. It wasn't Betty's fault that she was about to marry the biggest prick in the northern hemisphere. On the contrary, Betty had tried everything to cheer her up. She had even agreed to leave London and come to live with her in the colonies, although she hated being on a ship. 'And all I do is making her feel even worse.' Michiru scowled. Betty had always been a mixture of older sister and surrogate mother to her, while her own parents hardly ever had time for their only daughter. 'I will have to apologize to her later.'

Michiru looked out on the sea, but she no longer enjoyed the sight. She knew she should have been grateful for the privileged life she led. After all there was so much poverty and suffering in the world. But she couldn't rejoice in her fortune. She felt empty, cold, drained from all emotions. She wasn't sad, she wasn't anything anymore. Anger seemed the only emotion she could still feel. 'Maybe that's why I am so irritated lately, because it's better than being just an empty shell. I function, but I don't live anymore.' She suddenly felt an urge to scream. She was suffocating, damn it, she needed air. 'Just scream…' But that wouldn't have been appropriate…


Haruka Tenoh smiled triumphantly as she read the letter in her hands. The Sea Empress had left London and was expected to deliver her precious "cargo" at Port Royal in a couple of weeks. Haruka smirked. The ship might arrive at its destination, but as for its cargo… She had waited for this for a long time, many years in fact. But now she would finally have the chance to pay back the man who had destroyed her life. 'Revenge is so sweet…'

"Captain Tenoh?" A young man entered her cabin. His long brown hair was braided and he had a boyish grin on his face that made him look younger than he was. His bright blue eyes always looked very innocent, a fact that let many people underestimate him, for in reality he was a ruthless fighter and also very cunning. His name was Tim and he was her first mate. "The crew are wondering how much longer we will stay on this island. Even though some of the local girls are great fun, most of our men are getting restless."

Haruka grinned at her first mate. "And what about you? Last time I heard you were having quite a lot of fun with that cute red haired kitten who kisses like a nymphomaniac. Don't tell me you are already bored?"

"Ah, Lydia, she's a sweet thing, but I need some more action. And why do women always have to become so needy? She is asking me to stay or at least come back again soon. Next thing will be children and marriage." Tim looked horrified at the mere prospect of such domesticity.

"Does she know you're a pirate?"

"Yes, that's the worst about it. She wants to turn me into an honest citizen of the British Empire. She thinks it would be so romantic, if Ichanged my wicked ways for the woman I supposedly love."

"Well, this is your lucky day then. We're leaving tomorrow."

Tim looked at his captain in surprise. There was a strange glimmer in her eyes and a cruel smile on her lips. She was still holding a letter in her hands.

"So I guess something has come up then." He looked at her expectantly.

Haruka's smile grew even more evil as she answered him: "Indeed. We are going to abduct the daughter of Lord Kaioh."


"Michiru, I think I am dying" Betty choked. Michiru looked down at the pale woman. The weather had been stormy for two days and Betty had been throwing up constantly. Michiru was starting to get really worried for her friend. "How can you bear this constant up and down" the older woman asked feebly. "This is the worst experience of my life. Why did I ever agree to set foot on this awful – " And once again retching noises filled the cabin.

Michiru longed to escape the small room, but she couldn't leave Betty in such a state. She didn't know why she herself had absolutely no trouble with the wild movements of the ship. She felt at home at sea. This was definitely her element. Unfortunately, it wasn't Betty's element at all… (More retching is heard).

Suddenly the floor jumped violently and Michiru was slammed into the wall. What was that? It seemed like the ship had just changed its course. Just as she was getting back on her feet, there was a deep bang and the floor shook. She could hear people shouting and feet were running on deck. "What do you think is happening?" Michiru asked her companion, a tight knot forming in her stomach. It was the first time she felt afraid on this ship. Betty opened her mouth to answer, but at that moment the door flew open.

"Miss Kaioh, you'd better hide." It was one of the officers. He was still quite young and he had a scared look in his pale face. He grabbed her arm and tried to pull her with him.

"Excuse-me, what do you think you are doing?" Michiru stopped him. "I demand an explanation of what is going on." She said in her most authoritative voice.

"There is no time for explanations. We are under attack. You have to hide!" He pulled her out of the cabin.


"Pirates. Believe me, Miss Kaioh, you do not want to be found by them. I've heard the stories about young women captured by pirates. Being killed would have been more merciful than the fate that awaited them."

Michiru's face lost all color. "Wait!" she yelled. "What about Betty? She is too sick to move, but I can't just leave her. What if the pirates find her?"

"You have to think about your own safety first. Please, Miss Kaioh, follow me."

Michiru shook her head stubbornly. "I won't hide without her!"

"But – "

"Then help me to move her, don't just stand there!" Michiru run back to the cabin. "Hurry up!"

They had just gotten Betty in a sitting position, when they heard loud noises from the stairway to the deck. The officer jumped up and darted out of the cabin. Immediately she could hear the clashing of swords. Michiru pressed Betty's hand tightly. Never had she been so scared in her life. Her heart was beating hard against her chest. Suddenly she felt very sorry for having yelled at the young officer. He had only tried to help her. The fighting noise outside her door died down. The silence that followed was even worse. Betty and Michiru exchanged terrified glances. Who had won the fight?

The door was slammed open and their question was answered. Three uncouth men stood in the doorframe. They all looked as if they'd never had a bath in their entire life, one of them was covered with tattoos, one was missing several teeth and the third had an ugly scar on his cheek. They were heavily armed. The one with the scar whistled and grinned.

"Seems like we hit the jackpot, lads." The other two laughed at his words. The tattooed pirate pointed his sword directly at Michiru's throat. "You're Michiru Kaioh, eh?" Michiru's eyes widened. How did they know her name? "Of course that's her" the one with the tooth gap said. "Or how many women with aquamarine hair do you know?" He leered at her. "Now, Miss Kaioh, unless you want us to cut that pretty throat of yours, you will follow us without making any trouble. Understood?"

Michiru gulped and nodded. With shaking knees she started walking, feeling the cold iron of the pirate's sword brushing against her delicate skin. "Please don't hurt her" Betty pleaded, but the scarfaced one hit her viciously and she lost her consciousness. 'Betty… Please be okay.' As they approached the stairs Michiru saw the crumbled form of the young officer lying in a pool of blood. 'I yelled at him just a few minutes ago…' Quickly she averted her eyes from the horrible sight.

The fighting on deck was already over. Most of the crew of the Sea Empress had been tied up and were watching helplessly as the pirates emptied their ship of all valuables. Several lifeless bodies were lying on deck. Michiru tried not to look too closely. She didn't want to know who was dead and how they had died.

The pirates had tied their own ship to the Sea Empress and built a bridge between them with a wooden board. They forced Michiru to climb on to the board and go to the other ship.

'"I have heard stories about young women captured by pirates. Being killed would have been more merciful than the fate that had awaited them."'

Panic filled Michiru's heart as she remembered the dead officer's words.

'Weren't you the one complaining about not having any emotions earlier? Well, now you're feeling panic and also, you will probably never have to marry that pompous ass. See, that's what happens when you wish for things to be different. Well done, Michiru.'

She argued with herself just to keep from breaking out in sobs. She was on the pirate ship now. It wasn't as big as the Sea Empress, but it was far more suitable for battle than the heavy trading vessel. The pirates seemed all busy with loading the stolen goods into their store-rooms.

Suddenly Michiru noticed a blonde man standing alone on the navigating bridge. His arms were folded and he was leaning lazily against the rail. Despite her panic Michiru was wondering who he was. Somehow he had an aristocratic air about him which didn't fit in with all those uncouth men on the ship. He seemed lost in thought and not at all interested in the commotion on board.

Meanwhile, Michiru's captors had dragged her to a stair that led to the inside of the ship. Just at that moment the blonde man suddenly looked at her. Cold teal eyes locked with scared blue eyes for a second. Then Michiru was forced down the stairs and locked into a small dark room.

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