Take Me Away

A/N: I only own Carmi, Vio is belongs to NellyLove. This takes place when Vio returns.

John laughed at his girlfriend and best friend as they horsed around. They were in LA at his house. They though they had been in California they past couple of weeks, on their days off. He wondered when they were going back to Smithville, he knew that his girlfriend missed being home and with her family. But it was nice it being just the two of them. "Mike don't hurt my girl please." John stated as he watched Carmi tangle dangerously over his former tag team partner's shoulder. "I won't. because I know my ass would be kicked if I did." Mike said.

Carmi went back into the house leaving Mike and John outside. "How is she holding up?" the chick magnet asked looking over at John. "She is hanging in there the best she can. The whole fight with her brother and then Jamie announcing they were engaged was the last straw for her. I have never seen her that upset. She cried most of the night, man, I have never seen her like this ever!" John stated. Mike nodded his head, he had heard that Violet left, it shocked him that she would just up and leave like that. He had grown extremely close to the Southern family after Carmi joined him and John as their manager. "Heads up, here she comes." he muttered as the woman walked out of the house. "What's wrong?" John asked. "Nothing." Carmi answered. That wasn't the Carmi that Mike remembered, she was full of life, cracking jokes and trying to dye his Mohawk. For all their sakes he hoped that Mamma Vio came back soon.

The next day they walked into Staple Center, John pulling Carmi behind him with his hand, she was in the dark match and Jeff in the main event. "I don't know why the hell they are putting me in this stupid match, We all know that Beth is going to win anyways." Carmi whined. Mike and John laughed at the woman. "CARMI!" Carmi turned around, "SHAN!" she shouted seeing her childhood friend, she let go of John's hand and took off to him.

Shannon hugged her, "You need to come home more, it's kind of lonely without you and Mama home." Carmi nodded her head. "Carmi baby!' Matt's familiar voice came as he walked over to them, she pulled herself out of Shannon's arms and hugged Matt. "You need to come home." "I know Nemo, I talked to John last night and we are flying home with ya'll next weekend." Carmi stated. "What about me do I get a hug?" Shane asked. Carmi rolled her eyes and walked away towards the family locker room. "Baby Helms get over here!" Ron said holding his arms out to her.

She smiled and hugged him. "ME NEXT!" Jimmy stated elbowing Ron out of the way. That was one reason why Carmi loved her family. "Mike you staying with us?" Carmi asked turning to the chick magnet. "Yes." Mike answered. Carmi nodded her head, at least he was willingly to stay away. Natayla came into the locker room and smiled at Carmi, "Shall we get ready for our 5 minutes in the ring?" Carmi nodded her head and stood up from the couch were she was sitting between John and Mike.

Carmi, Natayla and Eve walked out of the locker room after three were dressed and ready to go. "Well, well if isn't the Slut, the Sea witch and the Baby Bitch." Michelle McCool's voice came from behind them. Carmi stiffened. "Carmi don't." Nattie said putting a warning hand on Carmi's arm. "If anyone is a slut here, it's you and your two skanks. And yes Maria, I am talking about you when I say that. Now trust me if you think the ass kicking that Violet gave you two hoes before she left was bad, wait until you fuck with me and Nattie. Because we would love to fuck you up." Carmi stated, Nattie crackled and Eve grabbed a hold of her elbow too just to be on a safe side.

'And you will fuck with me too." Melina stated as she walked over to them as well. Michelle, Maria and Layla walked away. "I am so going to kick her fucking ass again.' Carmi stated glaring at the tall blonde. "You and me both sister." Nattie stated causing Carmi to giggle. "I wouldn't mind seeing you do that again that was funny as hell. Just the looks on the guys' face was well worth it. When you knocked Michelle to the ground as well worth it." Melina laughed. Carmi giggled and nodded her head, "That was fun."

"Come on, I will walk down there with you." Eve said, Carmi nodded her head. As much as she liked Eve she wasn't Vio. Carmi sighed as they walked down towards the ring. At the same time her and Nattie hit the floor. Carmi's hazel eyes narrowed dangerously at Maria. "At least we got two of the fucking hoes out." Carmi stated as they walked backstage. "HELL YEAH!" Nattie crackled. Nattie and Carmi got Michelle and Layla out of the ring.

The pay per view matches had started, the family had taken to seating in steal chairs watching the big screen. Carmi sat between Mike and John. The southern woman fidgeting with her hands until John grabbed a hold of her hand and laced his fingers though hers to hold it in his. Carmi leaned her head against his shoulder. Shannon flicked her ponytail as he walked past to her going back to his seat. "You should have took a swing at McSlut." Nattie said. "What?" "Michelle tried starting shit with me before the battle royal." "Carmi cussed her out and threaten to kick her ass again." Nattie answered. Carmi crinkled her nose and grinned.

It was time for the TLC match, "Oh my god, I am so worried about this." Carmi muttered burying her face into John's shoulder. "Don't worry about Jeff, Carmi baby he has been though these matches before." Matt said looking over at her. Carmi moved herself closer to John as Punk made his entrance. Then Jeff made his entrance. "Babe, they are going to announce the special guest ref now." John whispered to her. Carmi pulled back and straighten herself up, a new song hit the airwaves. "I have heard this song before, where have I heard it before?" Carmi asked. "Mikey you listened to at the gym yesterday." Mike answered, "It's Nickelback." "Oh yeah!" Carmi stated nodding her head. A woman walked out onto the stage. "Is that?" Matt asked. "OH MY GOD!" Carmi and Nattie stated at the same time. "SHE IS BACK!" Carmi squealed. John and Mike laughed at the now excited baby Helms. Shane stood up and walked away from his family shaking his head. Carmi's happiness was slowly replaced with anger how could she do this to them? You bet your ass Carmichael Shea Helms was going to find out. For three months she worried about Violet. For three months she fought with her family, for three months she cried and wanted to rip her hair. Now Violet was back hopefully their family will go back to normal.