Title: Lost hearts

Disclaimer: Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways.... that still dun mean I own it!!!




A few homeless people were sleeping in the corners as the five-year-old walked hand-in-hand with her mother down the stairs to the subway station. It was very late and the girl rubbed her eyes to keep sleep at bay. As the subway clamored up, the pair stopped by a pole and waited while an older lady got off the train and walked up to them.


"Thank you for coming so late, Mrs. Alice," the girl's mother said to the woman.


"Of course, my dear," Mrs. Alice said in her British accent, "You must go. Don't prolong the departure. Your girl will be in good hands."


The girl's mother nodded and watched as Mrs. Alice took a few steps away to allow for some privacy. The girl's mother kneeled down and straightened her daughter's coat, trying to avoid looking into those large, questioning eyes.


"What's going on, Mommy?"


"Mommy has to go away for a while. Mrs. Alice is going to take care of you," the mother said, pointing to the lady," You can think of it as a big sleepover. It'll be fun!" she smiled, trying to put a brave face on for her precious little girl. But she could tell the girl wasn't buying it. She was too smart for that.


"Listen honey, I know you don't understand this but Mommy has a problem. I like to play games too much."


"Games are fun!" the girl said, her face brightening a bit.


"Yes they are, but mommy lost a lot of money on these games that she can't pay back. Now I have to go hide for a while until your daddy's men stop looking for me."


"Mrs. Love, you must go," Mrs. Alice said.


"Listen to mommy. I'll come back as soon as I can. But I must go now."


"Will I see you again?" the girl asked, tears welling up in her eyes. Mrs. Love grabbed her up in a big hug.


"I hope so."


"Mrs. Love!"


The train came clamoring up and Mrs. Love put her daughter on the ground, straightening her coat for a final time. She picked up her bag and stepped on the train.


"Good-bye Kaylee! I love you!" she said, and the subway sped away.


"No mommy! Come back! Don't go!" Kaylee said, but Mrs. Alice picked her up and walked out of the subway station, the girl crying on her shoulder.