Ch 5

*2 months later*

"Miss Love!"

Kaylee walked into Mr. Ross's office, a weary expression on her face.

"You barked, sir?"

Trowa concealed a laugh as a cough, and he could see the mirth in Heero's eyes. The 2 boys were with Mr. Sasaski finalizing the ad specifics. The project was nearly over. Mr. Sasaski's business was booming and Mr. Ross was trying to get more money out of the man. Mr. Ross just glared.

"Will you please get us some coffee." It was an order, not a question.

"It's right behind you. I don't know why you can't pour your own." Kaylee said, but she went to make the coffee anyway. 'I'm not going to lose my job over this,' she thought, 'breath girl. Oh DAMN that man!' While Kaylee poured, her mind reverted back to one horrible night three weeks ago:

Jen and Kaylee had become best friends. They had given each other keys to their houses and made sparkly 'Do Not Disturb' signs to let each other know when not to go in. Out of habit, they still didn't talk about work, but the pact had been forgotten.

Kaylee walked up to the door, and since there was no sign, went in.

"Hey Jen?! You home? I'm just gonna grab a snack! I was thinking we could go see that new movie!"

*thud* Kaylee chuckled.

"Was that your bowling ball you just dropped again? I take it that means you want to go bowling instead?" Kaylee laughed again. There were muffled noises coming from the bedroom and then: 'Yeah, that sounds great!"

"Are you ok? You sound funny." Kaylee said as she started towards the door. She thought maybe Jen was hiding Kaylee's birthday present. Kaylee burst through the door, but the 'boo' died on her lips as quickly as the grin did. Sitting with Jen in bed was Michael.

"Kaylee, now, I know we said we would go out tonight, and we will as soon as I get dressed. I should have put the sign up, I just forgot. I honestly forgot about everything, and I'm so sorry." Jen said. Michael was just sitting there looking a bit uncomfortable.

"Well, this just figures," he muttered. Hot boiling rage filled Kaylee and the fear of God was put into Jen as she looked at her friend.

"Yes, it does just figure, doesn't it Michael? Who would have guessed that the two people you were screwing over would have been best friends.?"

Jen looked in shock at Kaylee and Michael. "You…me…her…who else, your secretary?" Jen said sarcastically. Michael squirmed at the last comment, and Jen and Kaylee paled.

"Why you ignorant son-of-a-bitch! You mother fuckin' ASSHOLE!" Kaylee shouted. Jen pulled her shirt and pants on under the sheet and scrambled out of the bed. Michael got up, apparently unconcerned that he was still naked, and his eyes had hardened.

"Well, if you two are such good friends, then why didn't you know about me, huh? Geez, don't freak. It was only sex."

"AHHHH!!!!!" Kaylee screamed and threw herself at him, but Jen snagged her by the waist and held her back.

"Kaylee! It won't do any good!"

"The hell it won't! I'll feel great! Oh fine!" And Kaylee grabbed up Michaels cloths and shoes (he already had out his boxers on), headed to the hall, and chucked them down the stairs.

"Get out of my house!" Jen screamed. Michael smiled evilly.

"It's ok. I'll be the only thing you whores will have ever had." And he strode out the door, Jen slamming it behind him. She went into the bedroom to find Kaylee ripping the sheets. She went over and helped her friend finish them off. They both looked at each other. Seeing the question is Jen's eyes, Kaylee said, "I'm his main secretary and Katie is the other one."

"He was right about one thing," Jen said, "And from now on, no more secret about any aspect of our lives." Jen said. Kaylee nodded and then they both burst into tears.


Kaylee smiled inwardly as she served the coffee. Luckily it hadn't caused a riff between her and Jen. They had told Katie what had happened, and she had immediately quit her job and went to live with her parents in California. But Jen and Kaylee had both agreed that it was best if Kaylee didn't quit her job. It paid too well, the prestige was high, and it was a good punishment for Michael to see what he was missing day after day. Michael couldn't fire her because they both knew he needed her secretarial skills. And he couldn't lower her pay because of a new law that was in effect. So he was screwed. Kaylee slammed the coffee down in front of her boss, and it splashed over the sides. Shooting a scathing look at him, she left the office. Heero's eyes followed her out, and Trowa and Mr. Sasaski noticed this. Trowa smiled to himself. On the way out, Mr. Sasaski left a note in Kaylee's hand when he shook it goodbye. It was in perfect English. 'Then why would he need translators if he knows English?' Kaylee thought. But as soon as she went to read it, Mr. Ross came out of the office, and she quickly hid it.


"You like her, admit it." Trowa said. He and Heero were in their Gundams deep in the woods doing simulation battles. There had been an increase of armament shipments lately, although not enough to fall under investigation according to the new law, but all the pilots could feel something was coming.

"Damn!" Heero said as he messed up for the third time. Trowa smiled.

"Just as long as you don't do that in real battles, then it's ok to mess up because of a woman. It means your human."

"I AM human! I know because I can get hard just thinking about kissing her. But that doesn't excuse the fact that she could be the enemy." It was at that moment Duo walked up.

"Oh geez, not the girl-talk again."

"What do you want, Duo?" Heero snarled.

"Hey, hey, don't bite my head off." Duo said, hands up in surrender. "But do you want my opinion?"


Duo plunged on anyways and Heero rolled his eyes. "If Kaylee were the enemy, and in collusion with this Ross guy, she would be dead right now. You don't go against your boss outright like that if you're supposed to be on his side. Especially if Ross is the dangerous guy you think he is. Think about it." And Duo walked away. Heero did think about that while he fought. 'He's right, as much as I hate to admit it. She would be dead. Ross is too dangerous a man to let her defy him, especially in public.'

"All enemy's defeated." Wing Zero said to him. Heero smiled to himself. 'Mission accepted.'