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Chapter 1- Hide and Seek

If Peter hadn't known Nathan so well, he might have been shocked at the turn of current events. But as he was his brother and this was far from the first time some twisted idea had become lodged in his head, he barely blinked as Noah Bennet warned him of his imminent demise if he didn't go into hiding with the others. This was not the first time Nathan had used tortured logic to justify his actions. Peter was sure that somehow it all made perfect sense to him, but he had learned long ago not to try and figure it out for himself; it would only end in tears and frustration.

He also knew that Noah was a man he could trust. Sure he had been involved in some questionable activities in the past and he even held Peter on level 5 at Primatech for a time, but that was a long time ago and the world had changed for both of them. Noah had lost everything that he had to his job and all he had left was his integrity. So if he was convinced that Peter was in danger and went to the trouble to track him down to tell him so, he thought he might do well to listen. After all, Noah was not the kind of man that could be blown off even if he wanted to.

Peter sighed and pulled on his boots, lacing them with a little more vigor than necessary. These days he found being a paramedic draining and some days he dreaded facing the long shifts, but this was not what he needed to hear before starting his day- or rather his night as he always seemed to get stuck with the graveyard shifts. Knowing that Nathan, his own brother, was actively hunting him with the intent to…God knows what his endgame was but it was a game Peter didn't want to play anymore. He had hoped Nathan had learned his lesson the last time he tried to capture specials and warehouse them, but apparently not. It all reminded him of a dog that never grew tired of chasing a Frisbee.

Noah watched the younger man with an uneasy look. "You still planning on going to work?"

Peter stood and smirked. "Yeah. People are counting on me." He slipped his jacket on that read EMT on the back in bold white lettering so people wouldn't shoot at him if he was called to a bad neighborhood. It was of little comfort to him not because he feared being injured, but a bullet hole and a bloodied shirt are tough to explain in light of no physical wounds. "I can't keep running from him. I just have to live my life."

"I can respect that, Peter. But this time you are enemy #1 because of what you can do. He is rounding up people with abilities and they are disappearing down some deep, dark hole somewhere." He paused and lowered his voice. "This time he means business, Peter, and there will be no free passes."

The innuendo was not lost on him. Despite being slightly mad at times, Nathan was not entirely inhuman. He did, at great peril to himself and his project, protect Claire and prevent her from being captured. In the end it backfired and nearly got him killed and could have ruined him politically, but Nathan was the master of survival. He spun it all like a pro and came out smelling like roses. Somehow he turned a defeat into a stunning victory and this political capital was no doubt funding his newest quest against his own kind. "How do you know his plan will work anyway?" He asked with a squint. "He has tried this and failed before. You know as well as I do that the future is not set in stone. Things change."

Noah smiled as though he had anticipated the question. "I do know, that is why I sent a scout to check it out."

"Hiro?" Peter asked with a smile. "You sent Hiro into the future to check it out?" Almost as an afterthought he added, "You do know that he has been having trouble with that lately…"

"Trouble how?" Noah was clearly not expecting that bit of news and he was not a man in the habit of not being in the know at all times.

"Not sure," Peter shrugged "just heard it through the grapevine. But knowing him he wouldn't have admitted to it even if you asked him. You know how he is," he smirked "he would have seen it as his destiny or something."

"That he did." Noah chuckled. He had to admire the Japanese man for his determination and he remembered the way his eyes lit up with purpose when he approached him. He just wished he knew beforehand about his difficulties. The last thing he wanted was to put him in danger and he sighed. It seemed he had quite a string of that trailing through his long history in this line of work.

"So," Peter said pulling him back to the present, "if Nathan is after me, why isn't he after Sylar? I would think he would want him as a trophy." Nathan's ego was sufficiently large enough that he would probably have him frozen like Han Solo and put on display in his office.

"He is." Noah replied matter-of-factly. "But you know as well as I so that he is not an easy catch." He almost hated giving him credit for his abilities because he really was a pain in his ass, but in this case his predatory instincts would keep him safe and that might just save the world.

Sylar would be a happenstance participant of course; the whole hero thing wasn't really his cup of absinthe but he could be convinced from time to time to lend a hand if there was enough in it for him. Problem was, there was almost never a deal sweet enough for him. He could do very well all on his own thank you very much even if the others couldn't. He wasn't what you would call a team player and it made Noah wish for the days when he was just Gabriel Gray the watchmaker. He was so much easier to control then. But if he was honest with himself- a bothersome habit that was becoming more and more frequent these days- he would have to take responsibility because in part he made Sylar what he was by using Elle. It wasn't in his plan for him to kill her, but he should have known better. He knew firsthand what it felt like to have your heart ripped out and stomped on and what that can do to a man.


Across town, Hiro smiled slightly as his best friend Ando predictably flipped out over Bennet's request. After all this time Ando still worried and fretted, but someday he would convince him that his ability to manipulate the time space continuum was a gift from destiny to be used for good. It appeared that now was not the time. "You can't keep this up, Hiro!" Ando exclaimed waving his hands wildly. "It is making you sick and you are losing the ability to control where you go! What if you teleport yourself to the moon by accident one of these days?" He howled.

Hiro tried to suppress his smile because it was not really Japanese custom to be impolite, but then again he was speaking to a friend. Ando technically had a point, but he was given to hysterics sometimes and Hiro always did think it was funny. "If I do not go," he began in Japanese although Ando yelled at him in English, "people like us may be gone. Mr. Bennet told me Mrs. Petrelli saw it in a dream that there were no more people with abilities. I must go to the future and see for myself." He placed his hand on Ando's shoulder when defeat filled his eyes. "This is a mission of great importance and I must go for all of us."

Ando knew there was no point in further protests. He knew his friend well enough to see that nothing he could say and no amount of logic would dissuade him from what he saw as a calling. He would have been concerned in any event, but lately Hiro's abilities were on the glitch and it seemed to be adversely affecting him. The last time he tried to force his power to work he ended up with a migraine and a nosebleed. Ando was just a cubicle jockey that pushed papers for a living. He wasn't a doctor, but even he could see the writing on the wall and he couldn't help but wonder if when in the blink of an eye he was gone that would be the last of him. "Then be careful," he warned, "you might end up in the middle of a lava pit or something."

Hiro chucked and pushed his glasses up on his nose. He wanted nothing more than to take Ando with him to show him everything was ok, but the truth was he wasn't sure himself that he would be successful. His powers were unpredictable and even if he managed to get to an appropriate spot in the future there was no guarantee he could make it back. Taking Ando along would worsen the strain and while he could accept death in the line of duty if it was his destiny, he could not willingly doom him as well. Deep down he knew that Ando was loyal to the end and would face death with him so he wouldn't have to do it alone and that made him smile. How many people could say they had friends like that?

He thought of New York circa 2100 and squeezed his eyes shut tight.


Sylar walked along the dark streets of Queens alone as always. It really was a miserable kind of night with a light drizzle and air cool enough to see your breath escape like the soul from the body. He watched with passing curiosity and wondered if he even had a soul. He probably had at some point, but he was fairly sure he had lost it somewhere along the way although he couldn't say exactly when. He took a bite of his ice cream and didn't waste another second on it. Whether he did or didn't, what mattered was the here and now and right then he wanted nothing more than to be back at his apartment in warm, dry clothes. Too bad teleportation wasn't a power he had. He didn't have super speed and he couldn't even fly. Of all the things he could do, none of his powers were of use for this particular problem and it irritated him. He was always on the lookout for new powers, but his lack of skills in the rapid movement department would have to be given priority.

He could have just taken a cab, but he would be damned if he was going to pay $40 to go seven blocks. Besides, the only cab driver he knew was Mohinder Suresh and it would be just his luck to get into the back of his car out of the millions in the city. He had a marked distaste for him and would have outright killed him just like his father except it was too much fun for Mohinder to know that he had indeed murdered him but could never prove it. Sylar would never deny he wasn't a bit of a sadist at times. It seemed to be one of the few pleasures he got out of life anymore.

He paused by an electronics store when he saw a familiar face on the display of plasma televisions in the window. He blinked his dark eyes rapidly partly to clear them from the water that dripped down off his hair and partly because he couldn't believe what he was seeing. On the screens larger than life was his photograph alongside Senator Nathan Petrelli giving a speech in front of an American flag. Sylar wouldn't normally give a damn about politics- he wasn't a registered voter mostly because he didn't want jury duty… and because it generally wasn't a good idea for a serial killer to have a confirmed address- but the closed caption ticker that crawled just below Nathan's chin streamed his words. "…is considered to be highly dangerous and a great threat to the security of this nation. He is not alone, there are others like him that must be captured before they can use their knowledge and resources to undermine the safety and security of our neighborhoods. I would ask every citizen of this country to look closely at your neighbors and to have the courage to notify authorities if you notice any unnatural behaviors. We, as a nation, must stop the spread of this threat to our way of life. I can't do it alone. Goodnight and God bless." He flashed a smarmy smile that made Sylar cringe inwardly.

He glanced around quickly to see if anyone had noticed his photograph on display, but the streets were almost empty. He put his head down and walked quickly toward his apartment. Just when he was getting comfortable, he would have to run again. This time, he wasn't sure if he could go far or fast enough because behind that million dollar smile was the promise that he wouldn't rest until he got his man. And with the entire country now watching, he had very few options.