Chapter 1:Robin's Dilemma

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Anime:One Piece

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Rated-T+ Romance/Humor
Pairing:Monkey D. Luffy X Nico Robin others later

Wrote Luffy and Robin story because my second favorite pairing next to Hancock and Luffy that will be my next story.

Summary-Takes place after Enies Lobbies

Robin was remembering her past. All the pain and and suffering she went through. She knew that was over now. All her darkness has been replace by light.

She felt she belonged in the world. She was at harmony with her new family. She smiled at this thought, a place where she finally belongs.

Although she cared for all her nakamas, one person stood out the most: Monkey D. Luffy.

To her, Luffy was what her childhood friend Saul told her about a true nakama to sail the sea with. He was someone who would protect her and give her a place to live freely. She wanted to get to know him better. Honestly, anytime she could spend with him would be blissful for her.

It did not bother her that Luffy was an baka: eating like a monster, being extremely optimistic about everything, and being incapable of reading. She liked him for him. He was special to her. She knew she loved him but was unsure if he loved her. This made her afraid.

She knew that she was beautiful. Sanji would always look at her in awe. Sanji's standards were very high for beautiful women. How she would wish for Luffy to stare at her like that. By her observations, she knew that Luffy never looked at women with hearts in his eyes and never got nervous around women either.

She knew that in order to figure out if Luffy loved or at least liked her would be a hard task. So with that in mind, she decided to ask the one person on the ship closest to Luffy; his first mate Zoro. Zoro, although very similar to Luffy in thinking, is quite mature at times.

She hopes he will have an understanding in all of this. As she builds up courage, she starts to climb the Thousand Sunnys' ladder to get to the where Zoro spends most of his day.

As she gains view of Zoro, she begins to laugh a bit, seeing that Zoro is sleeping while lifting weights. This reminds her of when Luffy slept and ate (his infamous technique). They are definitely one in the same.

Her first mission was to wake up Zoro which would not be an easy task since he sleeps heavily while on the ship. She started with a whisper, "Zoro-san, Zoro-san", then she called his name a little louder but there was no response. Annoyed, she then gave him slap in the face.

Droplets of sweat began to flow from her pretty face; she could not believe four attempts of this did not work! Annoyed now, she went to her last resort. All you could hear was Dos Fleur, a grab and a muffled "OWOWOWOWOW" from Zoro.

He looks at her with his devilish face and his white death eyes.

She just smiles and says, "Now that I have your attention I would like to discuss something important with you and if you do not mind keep it down."

Zoro replies with his typical "Eh…."

She takes that as a yes and pauses for a moment "Well you see Zoro, it seems you know Luffy the best since you were first to join and you are his first mate. I was wondering if you knew he was interested in women.

" A smirk grew across Zoro's face as he looks at Robin. Yawning, he replies, "Eh, and why might you be wondering?"

Figuring out a way to get him to answer without knowing it was her would be easy she thought.

"I was just curious because it seems that only you and Luffy have no interest in women, so I came to believe you guys had a thing for each other."

Zoro, a little annoyed at the smile on her face, had a vein popping out of his forehead. "Ah I understand now, you are asking this for Nami eh; I always knew her and Luffy would be together."

Numerous droplets of sweats emerge on her face, a slight sadness grew in her eyes, and a frown emerged.

Zoro burst into laughter and tears while rolling around on the floor. As soon as he stopped laughing, he yells,

"Baka! Don't you think I know you are asking for yourself!?! I see it every time you read a book! You always try to sneak a peek at him. You're lucky only I can see it! Ero-cook and Nami are always busy flirting while Franky works on his projects. Luffy, Ussop Brook, and Chopper are always playing silly games and I'm always here watching everything. Baka!"

Surprised at how insightful Zoro is, athough she grew tense she remained calm and put on a calm demeanor. She looked at Zoro directly into his eyes and asked

"are you sure no one else knows about this?"

Zoro was in a tough spot, the deadly stare has a fierce aura. It seemed like she was saying

"you lie to me and death awaits."

Zoro has been through plenty of battles with fierce opponents but he knew one thing, a furious woman was deadlier then any pirate at The Grand Line.

He simply says "hai hai" followed by a head nod.

Confident with that answer, Robin grew less tense. Her face began to clear up and a smile formed once again. A moment of silence grew between them so Zoro spoke up

"How in the world can you, Nico Robin, a beautiful twenty-eight year old archaeologists, like that baka Luffy?!?"

Avoiding one question with another, she responds, "Do you think Luffy would be interested in me?"

Picturing the image of Robin and Luffy, he let out an evil chuckle.

"Luffy is not as dumb as he seems. You will never know until you try. Make sure to be as straightforward as possible. You should definitely bring a piece of meat with you."

With his advice, she gained the much needed confidence in herself. Robin and Zoro friendship grew. She stands up and heads to the exit. Quickly, she says in a serious tone, "Oh, by the way Zoro, if you tell anyone about this, I will make sure that next time they will be no more. Thank you…" Hurriedly, she walks out with a smile.

An annoyed Zoro whispers, "One day I'll kill her."

With her new found confidence she goes in search for Luffy.

The first place she looks is the kitchen. As she opens the door, she sees Luffy sitting down alone with plates of food. A tingle rushes down her spine.

Luffy yells, "Oi! Robin come eat with me. Sanji left to go give something to Nami!"

Smiling, she proceeds to sit next to Luffy. She lost her confidence. She stares Luffy in the face and blurts out,

"Say Luffy, I was wondering if you were ever interested in women…"

Luffy with a full mouth of food smiles and says,

"wshast duyoo youh msadaean?"

She giggles while fully understanding what he said. With a more firm voice, she says,

"Have you ever been curious about women before Luffy?"

Luffy gulps his food and says, "Eh!?! I don't understand."

Remembering Zoro warning of being straightforward, she tries to figure out a way to symbolize what she is talking about. A bright idea pops in her head!

She grabs a piece of meat from his plate startling Luffy. While swinging it side to side, she says,

"Luffy, you know how when you see meat you always get excited. Do you get that same excitement when you see a woman?"

Luffy looks at her, then looks at the meat, and goes back and forth figuring out which one to choose. At the last second he grabs the meat from her and shoves it into his mouth.

"Ah, I might get excited, but that's a secret! Shhiii, shiii, shiii!" He looks Robin in the eye with a big grin.

She knew he was interested. She had a feeling that Luffy was interested in her but she was not 100% positive. Following Zoro's advice, she went with her impulse and tried to seal the deal.

Before Luffy could grab the last piece of meat and put it into his mouth, Robin placed her face right next to his. She closed her eyes and gave him a kiss.

She became hot and she grew an unusual red glow to her face. Luffy, on the other hand, stood there with eyes wide open not because he did not enjoy it but his attention was elsewhere.

Sanji walked into the kitchen the moment they kissed. He stared at Luffy. Luffy, in return, gave Sanji his trademark smirk and peace sign.

Seeing this, Sanji burst into flames ready to attack. Luffy closed his eyes and returned the kiss making Robin release a moan of pleasure.

Hearing the moan, his fire was extinguished and tears began to flow. He banged the floor while screaming,

'WHY!!! WHY!!!! WHY!!! WHY is it always him and not me?"

There was a sad aura around Sanji similar to when he had first seen his beautiful bounty poster.

Luffy had the biggest smirk on his face. Robin was happier than ever!

She thought that things would be more interesting between Luffy and her from now on.

To be continued......

Hope you guys like my first story ever if not I'll try harder next time