Chapter 4

Author's Notes:

This chapter contains some text from Harry Potter and the Philosphere's Stone

Harry arrived at King's Cross just in time to see the Weasleys go through the barrier to get to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. Harry went through the barrier and once through, saw the bright red steam engine. After boarding the Hogwarts Express, found an empty compartment and sat down, hoping Ron would join him soon. It felt so odd to be on the train again. The last time he rode the train was in the old timeline and the end of sixth year after Dumbledore's funeral.

What was odder than being on the Hogwarts Express was seeing Ron as an elven year old again. The last time Harry saw him, Ron was a twenty-five year old auror that just finished his training due to him entering the Auror academy a few years after Harry. After Voldemort's defeat, Ron had helped George out with running Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes for a bit, until enough assistants were found.

"Can I sit here? Everywhere else is full..." Ron said standing in the doorway to the compartment.

"Sure, go ahead," Harry replied, glad to see one of his old friends. In all the years in this new timeline, he never had seen anyone from the Wizarding World. If he did, they blended into the crowds of Muggles very well.

"I'm Ron Weasley by the way. You are?" Ron asked.

"Harry Potter."

Ron's reaction wasn't the same as Harry remembered. Ron seemed to get rather nervous and remained oddly silent for a few minutes. Harry couldn't figure out what could have possibly have caused Ron to be so uncomfortable around Harry. Asking Molly how to get onto the platform shouldn't have to have been so vital to Ron's behavior around Harry on the train. It didn't make any sense. Harry thought through everything that had happen thus far in the timeline and couldn't think of anything that could logically explain this change in Ron. Still, if Harry played his cards right, he could still be Ron's friend.

"Are you OK, Ron?" Harry asked, not being able to stand the silence any longer.

"Yeah. Just I didn't think I'll be in a compartment with you, you being the Boy-Who-Lived and all that," Ron explained. It was then Harry realized that since he had no contact from the Wizarding World, he wasn't supposed to know he was the Boy-Who-Lived and everything related to that. Harry didn't want to be caught as a time traveler, even if it was an accidental one; with so many Death Eaters that had the Ministry's ear, any knowledge of the future falling into their hands would be disastrous. Harry had to pretend to be ignorant of everything related to the Wizarding World except for Hogwarts.

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked, doing his best to pretend to be confused.

"Did Fred and George put you up to this?" a shocked Ron asked. "You're the Boy-Who-Lived!"

"Who are Fred and George?" Harry questioned, tilting his head. "What do you mean, the Boy-Who-Lived?"

"You're Harry Potter! How can you not know about being the Boy-Who-Lived!? And please don't say you don't know who You-Know-Who is..." Ron half shouted.

"I really don't know," Harry kept his act up, trying not to raise his voice or shout in frustration, because he knew about Ron's temper. "But maybe you could explain it to me?"

Ron, apparently frustrated or convinced it was all a joke, got up and left the compartment without another word, making Harry sigh and look out the window. "Well, that went smoothly," he muttered to himself bitterly as he wondered if he would have the same friends this time around.

The Weasleys had been the closest thing to a family Harry had ever had and he just somehow managed to alienate Ron. Harry thought of other ways he could be friends with Ron, but none of them had any chance of working if Ron refused to even tell him the time of day. Harry just hoped he would have more luck with Hermione.

Professor Minerva McGonagall more or less barged into Dumbledore's office unannounced as Dumbledore was talking with the Ancient Runes professor about Peverell House.
"Albus! What in Merlin's name is going on!? There are five tables for students in the Great Hall! Not only that, but five hourglasses to keep track of points!" McGonagall panicked. "If Hagrid wasn't getting the students at the train station right now, I would say Fred and George Weasley have gone too far this time!"

Professor Dumbledore paled somewhat.

"Well, I guess that answers the question if this is real or not, doesn't it?" the Ancient Runes teacher said, unable to hide a bit of amusement from his voice.

"I told you it was! Seems like hardly anyone listens to us portraits anymore," Gryffindor's portrait complained.

"Well, we'll be sure to listen more often. Perhaps you could tell us where the Chamber of Secrets is?" the Ancient Runes teacher replied as Dumbledore got up out of his chair to go investigate the latest development.

"Salazar never told me anything specific. Just told me to look for tiny snakes..." Gryffindor replied, trailing off, his face seeming as if he were thinking quite hard indeed.

"Anyway, Minerva, we have a rather odd situation caused by a thousand year enchantment being accidentally activated. It's causing the school to think there are five houses instead of four. I do not know what to do about this situation. I suggest for the time being go along with this odd change. If any student gets sorted into some house that doesn't exist—"

"Peverell house does exist," Gryffindor protested.

Dumbledore continued speaking as if uninterrupted, "—send them to the new table. I'm planning on having a meeting with the board of governors tomorrow about the current situation and hopefully we'll come up with a solution."

"There is no solution to come up with!" Gryffindor said as McGonagall and Dumbledore left the office. He looked at the Ancient Runes teacher who looked back at him. "Why don't they just listen?"

"... Some people have to experience reality for themselves, no matter how harsh it may be," the teacher replied softly, and Gryffindor knew he was speaking from experience. "But I'm sure things will work out fine. Ignotus Peverell was allegedly the wisest of the three brothers in the old tale, I'm sure he thought of ways to make sure his house would remain safe."

Harry got out of the train. His encounter with Hermione on the train played out like how it was the first time around minus Ron. Hermione was too busy helping Neville look for Trevor to explain the Boy-Who-Lived stuff to him making Harry wonder if Hagrid was meant to be the one to explain it to him.

Draco Malfoy showing up and asking for Harry's hand in friendship was rather interesting. Draco said something about helping him fulfill his destiny. Harry was taken a bit back by it but told Draco he would consider it, hoping that would avoid a fight. It had, which had been a relief; a three-on-one fight didn't seem pleasant, especially without his wand.

Harry was getting more nervous by the second. He didn't have anything with him as he more or less ran away from home. He just hoped he wouldn't be in trouble for that.

"Fir - Why aren't yeh wearin' your school robes?" Hagrid's familiar voice asked rather loudly. Being about twice as tall as the average sized adult, Hagrid could probably see Harry was just wearing some baggy hand-me-down Muggle clothes from Dudley from a distance. Harry turned to where Hagrid's voice came from. Hagrid was practically right next to him.

"My aunt and uncle couldn't take me to Diagon Alley," Harry lied.

"Well, we'll be seeing Professor McGonagall shortly. She'll conjure some up yeh can use until yeh can get some," Hagrid replied. Knowing how stern and assuming McGonagall was, Harry hoped she would believe him. In the old timeline, she didn't believe him about someone wanting to steal the philosopher's stone. He had no reason to think she would believe him about his aunt and uncle not wanting him to go to Hogwarts, let alone not taking him to Diagon Alley.

"First years! Come with me!" Hagrid shouted.

The boat ride was nice even if Neville and Hermione asked why he wasn't wearing school robes. Now, Harry was inside the castle, walking up some steps. Hagrid had Harry stay close to him so McGonagall wouldn't have to call out his name to everyone. He could see Professor McGonagall in her emerald green robe standing at the top of the stairs. Harry went from being nervous to being scared at the sight of her. Once they reached the top, Hagrid bent over and whispered something to McGonagall who seemed rather surprised at seeing Harry with no school robes.

"Thank you Hagrid. I'll take over. Will please excuse us for a moment?" McGonagall asked the first year students and pulling Harry off to some room out of sight of the other students and closed the door, causing Harry to get even more afraid.

"I'm correct in assuming you're Harry Potter?" McGonagall asked sternly, to which Harry mutely nodded. "Can you explain why your aunt and uncle couldn't take you to Diagon Alley?"
Harry, now petrified, thought for a few seconds before answering. His thoughts became panicked—he was just a runaway, and nothing he said could change that. He had done so many things wrong, and so many things had changed in the timeline already... What if she didn't believe him and sent him back, not wanting a liar as a student? Harry remembered when he had been fifteen, how the Ministry had tried to ruin his name—he knew that people in authority didn't always see what was right in front of their faces.

"My aunt and uncle, they..." Harry managed to before he got too scared to say anymore. Planning things out seemed so much easier than doing them all of a sudden for Harry. McGonagall seemed to see Harry was scared.

"Calm down and try again," McGonagall said, though Harry couldn't get a hold of himself. The fear of not being believed and/or being punished was getting more than he could handle. He feared if he was sent home, his aunt and uncle would kill him for making it this far. Harry than realized Charlie and Rhea could be in danger, assuming they weren't already dead for supposedly helping Harry escape.

"They hate magic, they didn't want me to go to Hogwarts, I... I ran away..." Harry started to cry. "Please don't send me back, they'll kill me, I don't want to die!"

McGonagall knew the small frightened boy in baggy clothes had to be Harry Potter he looked so much like James Potter as a child that it was impossible for him to be anyone else. On that night Dumbledore left Harry on the Dursley's doorsteps, never did she imagine the next time she saw him, he would be terrified for his life. There was no way the boy was faking it. The baggy clothes, significantly shorter than others his age—combine those with the fact Harry was terrified of going back and he said he ran away meant only one thing: child abuse.

It didn't make any sense because Dumbledore had said the wards were strong, indicating Harry felt loved. She didn't want to believe Dumbledore would blatantly lie to everyone. From what she understood about how the wards work, Harry needed to feel love from one of Lily's blood relatives—except there was someone else. Harry had a cousin. If Harry's cousin loved Harry, it would still make the wards strong, even if Harry was being abused by the adults in the house. She needed to speak with Dumbledore immediately. Before, she had thought that Harry's aunt and uncle were the worst sort of people imaginable. Now she had proof other than her words and eyes.

"Harry, everything is going to be alright. I'll make arrangements for you to go to Diagon Alley and get everything you need," McGonagall reassured Harry, giving him a handkerchief from her pocket. "Here Harry. Its going to be all right."

Harry took the handkerchief and wiped the tears on his face. McGonagall took out a spare one she had and transfigured it into school robes.

"Harry, here are some robes you can use for today and tomorrow. They'll turn back into a handkerchief after that. I'll take you back to the other students and then I'll talk with Professor Dumbledore about going to Diagon Alley," McGonagall said to a calmer Harry.

Harry took the robes and put them on over the baggy clothes he was wearing. McGonagall just couldn't believe Harry's aunt and uncle would let him wear something that obviously didn't fit him. If all his regular clothes were like that, she decided if Harry didn't get any different ones the next day, she would buy him some herself.

McGonagall escorted Harry back to the rest of the first-years, who were whispering about Harry not having any school robes and being pulled aside. They fell silent when the two returned.

"In few minutes, you'll walk through these doors and be sorted into your houses," McGonagall stated, gesturing to the large doors that lead into the Great Hall. "While you are at Hogwarts, your house is like your family. Any good behavior will earn your house points. Any rule breaking will lose points. The house at the end of the school year with the most points will be awarded the House Cup. Now, if you'll excuse me while I get things ready."

Normally she would be telling the truth but when she had been in Dumbledore's office earlier that evening, due to that extra table and hour glass appearing in the Great Hall, she had decided to save herself a trip back there by taking the Sorting Hat with her back to the Great Hall. This time, however, she was leaving to inform Dumbledore about what she had learned about Harry.

McGonagall walked through the Great Hall's doors and hurried down the aisle in between the new table and the Hufflepuff table toward the staff table.

"Is everything all right Minerva?" Dumbledore asked, confused as soon as McGonagall was within normal voice range of the staff situation.

"No. We have a bad situation. Harry Potter showed up and didn't have any school robes. His aunt and uncle apparently not only didn't take him to get his school supplies but didn't want him to come to Hogwarts altogether. He was terrified that we would send him back home. Albus, I know you said the wards show Harry feels loved but I think he's been abused and that the feelings he and his cousin have for each other may have misled us," McGonagall whispered. She was upset over the possibility of Harry being abused. It may have been Dumbledore's idea to leave Harry with his aunt and uncle, but ultimately it was Harry's aunt and uncle's fault for abusing the poor boy.

Dumbledore looked at her in the eyes. The blue twinkle was completely absent from his eyes and expression of shock took over his face, quickly replaced by a fury that few people had seen.

"Severus, come with me. I'm going to pay the Dursleys a visit and I may need someone to restrain me from doing something I might regret," Dumbledore said to the Potions Professor.

"Yes, sir restrain you from acting. Of course I'll do that," Snape replied, standing up and following Dumbledore through the staff entrance. McGonagall watched the two for a second before turning to bring in the first years, hoping that Harry would never have to go back to the Dursleys' again.

Harry waited with the other first years out side the doors to the Great Hall. After what seemed like an eternity, McGonagall was back telling them they were ready. Immediately upon entering the Great Hall, Harry knew something was wrong. There was an empty table in between the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables. Harry apparently wasn't the only one wondering what the new table was for. All of the students were whispering something about it and about what could have caused both the Headmaster and Potions Professor to leave.

Harry looked at the front of the hall and saw that both Dumbledore and Severus were gone. He wondered why they weren't in the hall. When they reached the front of the hall, the Sorting Hat, which was sitting on a stool, sprang to life and started to sing.
"A thousand years Peverell has been forgotten,
waiting for the heir,
the heir of Ignotus,
for only the heir with the three Hallows,
would remind Hogwarts of her last House.
Brave and noble Gryffindor sought help,
the other three agreed,
so the wise Peverell joined the team,
and four became five.
Years passed with the five united,
until the house died with its Founder,
but Peverell promised to return,
when the Hallows,
those Deathly Hallows of legend and shadows,
would number three in the sanctuary of Hogwarts,
the three in the hands of the proper heir.
And now the heir has returned,
the Deathly Hallows are in reach,
and Peverell House can once again be seen."

The Sorting Hat sung nervously, as if it didn't practice the song enough times, causing everyone to exchange whispers about what was going on. McGonagall looked a little surprised and nervous. Harry, on the other hand, was sure that hat was referring to him since he had the Resurrection Stone in his pocket.

"Uh..." the Sorting Hat continued as if it was thinking. "Oh yes!" Then it started singing a lot more confidently:
"Oh, you may not think I'm pretty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.
You can keep your bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.
There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.
You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;
You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;
Or yet in Peverell,
Where the overshadowed and talented,
Get the special attention they need,
And will always stand united,
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;
Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means
To achieve their ends.
So put me on! Don't be afraid!
And don't get in a flap!
You're in safe hands (though I have none)
For I'm a Thinking Cap!"

After the hat was finished, everyone gave a nervous applause, not really sure what to make about the information regarding Peverell House. Harry felt if this were some sort of sick joke; he had really managed to mess up the timeline—the changes had already been worrying him, but now he was downright scared.

"I know this news about Peverell House is confusing, and I assure you this was something that staff didn't know would happen until earlier today. We only have a vague idea of what has caused this. Professor Dumbledore has given instructions to go along with it for the time being. We are assuming this empty table is for Peverell House," McGonagall said, her face and voice seeming a bit concerned as she stared at the empty table and at the students.

Her voice, though, when she spoke, was back to normal, "Well then, first years, when I call your name, I will place the Sorting Hat on your head and you will be sorted into your house." McGonagall explained before she started calling out names. "Abbott, Hannah!"

"Peverell!" the Sorting Hat announced after a few seconds on Hannah's head.

"Bones, Susan!" McGonagall called out looking concerned about Hannah's sorting as a confused Hannah sat down at the empty table.

"Peverell!" the Sorting Hat announced.

"Boot, Terry!"

"Peverell!" the Sorting Hat announced once again, causing Harry to be concerned.

"Brocklehurst, Mandy!"

"Ravenclaw!" the Sorting Hat announced causing Harry to breathe a sigh of relief; his actions hadn't caused the Sorting Hat to get stuck on one house. The sortings went back to the way Harry remembered them until Justin Finch-Fletchley, who also got sorted into Peverell. Soon it was Hermione's turn.

"Peverell!" the Sorting Hat announced, not surprising Harry one bit since Hermione excelled in so many areas. Harry wondered who else would be in Peverell House. Daphne Greengrass was the next to be sorted—she too was in Peverell.

After a few more minutes and names, it was Neville's turn to be sorted. The Sorting Hat proclaimed Neville a Peverell, once again, not suprising Harry at all since Neville's grandmother was always comparing him to his parents. It was no wonder Neville had a problem with self-confidence; never feeling he could live up to his parents' reputations. Harry forced away his smile, remembering all of the things Neville had done during the war and how he had become a well-liked teacher afterwards. He hoped he would be able to be friends with Neville again this time too.

To Harry's disappointment—and Draco's as well since he groaned after the Sorting Hat's decision—Draco was sorted into Peverell. Harry didn't know how he was able to handle Ron and Hermione's bickering before. And now Draco was in the same house as Hermione. If Harry was sorted into Peverell with those two, which he was sure of, he didn't know how he would keep his sanity intact. Hermione being a Muggleborn that surely was going to outscore Draco in every subject and Draco being a pure-blood raised to hate all Muggles and Muggleborns would not fit together well. After a few more sortings that went the way Harry remembered, Padma Patil and Sally-Anne Perks were sorted into Peverell.

"Potter, Harry!" McGonagall called out. Harry walked up to the stool and sat down. McGonagall clearly wanted him to be in Gryffindor as she quietly wished him good luck. The hat, however, barely touched his head before proclaiming Harry a Peverell. Harry could tell McGonagall was slightly disappointed. Harry noticed that being the quickest sorting thus far caused many in the hall to exchange whispers about if he was the Heir of Peverell the Sorting Hat mentioned.

Harry watched the sortings continue. Zacharias Smith was sorted into Peverell House. Harry remembered how rude Zacharias was when providing commentary for Quiddich games, especially for the one Harry played in during his sixth year. Harry hoped if Peverell House was here to stay like the Sorting Hat said, and was allowed to have a Quidditch team, Zacharias wouldn't accuse whoever was captain of the team of playing favorites.

After Lisa Turpin was sorted into Ravenclaw, it was Ron's turn to be sorted.

"Peverell!" the Sorting Hat shouted. Curious, Harry tried to see what was going on at the Gryffindor Table and he could clearly see Ron's twin older brothers Fred and George giving Ron the thumbs down. Harry couldn't believe his luck—Ron, Hermione and Draco all in the same house with him? It was a recipe for disaster. The sortings finished and Professor McGonagall announced the start of the feast, since Dumbledore and Snape were still away.

Chapter End Notes:

Draco in the same house as Harry, Ron and Hermione? I think Hogwarts needs to have an evacuation plan. I will tell you now Peverell House is something that is permiment. As for how the points and quidditch stuff for Peverell House is handled, you'll find out later on.

Also, before anyone asks, he's a list of everyone in Peverell House:

Hannah Abbot

Susan Bones

Terry Boot

Justin Finch-Fletchley

Hermione Granger

Daphne Greengrass

Neville Longbottom

Draco Malfoy

Padma Patil

Sally-Anne Perks

Harry Potter

Zacharias Smith

Ronald Weasley

Also, I'd like to give a big thanks to my friend starludev who's been proof reading this story since my normal beta is still MIA (I haven't heard from her in weeks). My friend also gave some very helpfull suggestions about some of the dialoug in this chapter.

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