Title: His abusive past

By: Namikaze Naruto, tenma no ouji

Revised and Rewritten

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis does not belong to me...But I do own my OC's/

Warning: Shounen ai (Yaoi, boys love...), Language, mentions of abuse and Not for Rinko fans!


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The Beginning...

Groaning, a young boy about seven, pulled himself into a sitting position, his back pressed tightly against the wall behind him. Beads of sweat trickled down his face mixing with blood and tears.

A single golden eye that had green flecks dancing around his pupils, peeked open to stare at a woman standing in front of him, a hand planted firmly on her hips.

Cold brown eyes glared down at him in anger and resentment. Mouth locked and set in a fierce scowl of distaste. And a cold, angry aura was emitting from her every single pore. "You ungrateful, brat!" yelled the woman as she raised her hand slapped the boy again.

The only warning he was given before he was smacked again was the sound of the air in front of him making a whizzing sound before pain exploded. His head jerking to the side making contact with the wall behind him.

Coughing, the boy felt the warm copper liquid raising up in his throat, burning it. Opening his mouth, he spat out the liquid that was pooling in his mouth.


The woman was about to strike out again when the sound of the door being opened halted her hand, turning her cold eyes towards the boy she commanded him to leave and get cleaned up.

Struggling to his feet the boy left as swiftly as he could as soon as his bedroom door was closed a man entered the house a smile on his lips. "Rinko, honey. Where is that seishounen at?"

The woman, now identified as Rinko, turned her back to her husband and made a move towards the kitchen, a scowl marring her expression. "Ryoma was being bullied in school again. He went to his room to get cleaned up."

Nanjirou frowned worriedly. He couldn't understand why his beloved son was being abused constantly in school. Beaten so badly that he would be coming home with huge black and blue marks on his lightly tanned complexion.

Sometimes even shallow and deep cuts as if someone had been slicing him with something sharp. Ryoma refused to speak about what was happening to him or who was responsible for it.

And the thing that truly worried him was that lately his outgoing and cheerful son was slowly disappearing and being replaced by a withdrawn and anti-social boy. And the only ones who get him to even smile these days were him, his brother, his friends and his pseudo family.

Not even Rinko got a smile anymore. Nanjirou couldn't understand why Ryoma seem so, he couldn't think of a word, but if he had to pick one, it would be jumpy. And he didn't like spending anytime alone with his mother often making excuses before running off towards his friends.

With a soft sigh, Nanjirou proceeded to walk towards his sons room. Knocking on the door, the 'samurai' turned the knob and walked inside after getting a soft, 'come in'.

Ryoma stood beside his vanity shirtless with a wet towel in his hand. His golden gaze was locked on his reflection in the mirror as he wiped the blood and sweat off his face, wincing every once in a while as he accidentally hit a sore spot or at the open cuts that burned.

Tears filled his eyes before he willed them away. Crying wasn't going to help him, so there was no sense in doing it, beside it would only aggravate the wound more if he were to cry.

A knock on the door caused him to glance over, already knowing who the person was he allowed him access.

Nanjirou stared at his son for a few seconds before walking over and gently grasping his arm, ignoring the slight flinch that the simple gesture caused, and vowed that if he ever found the people or person responsible for hurting his son so badly he would make them pay.

He guided the boy towards the bed and made him sit down before taking the wet towel from the boys hand and wiping the rest of the blood off his face. Placing the towel on the bedside table, Nanjirou grabbed the first aid kit set out and took out a packet of antibiotics to clean the open cuts, before placing a band-aid over it.

Rinko gritted her teeth, as she clutched at the handle of the knife. 'That damn brat! How dare he...One day I will finally rid myself of his troublesome existence.' Brown eyes glittered in madness.

Slamming the knife, a little harder than what was intended, she barely missed chopping her fingers off, instead the sharpened edge sliced her thumb and index fingers, drawing a steady stream of blood.

Cursing softly, Rinko released the hold she had on the knife and walked over towards the cabinet beside the sink and pulled out a dish towel to wrap it around her fingers to stop the blood.

Leaning against the counter, Rinko closed her eyes and tried to steady her breathing. It would not due to let her beloved husband see how much she hated their son. No, it wouldn't due at all. After all she knew how much her husband loved that brat and she feared he would leave her if he ever found out she was the one hurting their son and not some school bully. Yeah right, she had been to his school and all of those kids are awestruck and was seemingly in love with that..that..that thing. Even the teachers praised him and it was sickening. Having to force a smile while listening to them prattle on and on about how lucky i was to have such a talented kid. And on and on. Everything was always about Ryoma. Ryoma, Ryoma, Ryoma, well damn it, what about her. She wanted attention to.

Growling Rinko narrowed her eyes as murderous thoughts invaded her mind. Thoughts of how to kill that... thing... without anyone knowing it was purposely done. An evil smile drifted upon her lips. 'Maybe they could be of some help in this situation, after all that is what they are paid for' Humming a cheery tone, Rinko removed the dish towel from her fingers and stared as the blood started dripping from the wounds. 'Soon, my beloved, soon that brat would be out of our lives and than you will be mine once again. I will free you from that monsters hold and everything will go back to how it was before. Just you and me. Soon.'

Walking over towards another cabinet located on the other side of the sink, Rinko opened it and pulled a drawer open, quickly grabbing the first aid kit, she opened it and pulled out two finger band aids before closing the kit making sure that the latches were shut and slipped it back into the drawer and closing the cabinet door afterward

Nanjirou sat on the bed beside his son and gently stroked his sons black hair. Tears forming in his eyes but he refused to let them fall. Clenching his free hand, Nanjirou swore he wouldn't let anything else happen to his son. And no one was going to stop him.

No one.

After making sure that his son was asleep Nanjirou stood up and placed a light kiss upon his forehead. "Rest well, little prince.' he whispered, before quietly leaving the room.

Leaning against the door, Nanjirou heaved a sigh and shook his head. He didn't know how much more of this he could take. He was angry and upset at the treatment that his son was getting at school. He was sad that his only son would not tell him who was responsible for abusing him. He feared that the next time this person got their hands on his son, it would be the last time to. He knew, he could feel it, the person who was hurting his son was aiming to kill him and they wouldn't stop until they succeeded.

And that's what truly frightened him.

He had no idea what would happen next or why this school bully would want to hurt, possibly even kill his son. He was only seven for gods sake. And how could a school allow such a treatment to happen to their kids. Do they not pay attention to them. Sighing and shaking his head, Nanjirou turned and headed towards his room. He had things to do and the first thing on the list was calling the old hag for advice. Sumire always knew what to do. And hopefully she'd be of help this time as well.


(To be continued)