Ryoma was enjoying himself, not only was he listening to two of his favorite singers, but he was sharing this experience with all of his closest friends. He was really happy that he had such great friends. A smile formed on his lips as Shirota took the stage and opened with Mienai Kizuna, which caused most of the Seigaku regulsrs to sing along much to the amusement of their guest. "Haha, thank you for singing along, it warms my heart knowing you love my music." Shirota joked as the song came to an end.

Yuya rolled his eyes playfully while Yanagi giggled. Kimeru shook his head trying to stop the chuckles from spilling forth while the others laughed good natured, "Just sing your next song Shirota." Yuya called out.

"Fine! Fine! Be a killjoy Yuyan." Shirota whined, causing the young teenagers to laugh at their antics. It was refreshing to see a group of famous actors and singers being so natural in their presence. "Anyways here's the next song, forever." gripping the mic, Shirota began humming the tune before opening his mouth allowing the words to pour forth.

(Shirota Yuu: Forever)

'Dare mo ga omoi egaku yume no yo da koi yori

Futsu ni arikitari na koi de ii kimi to nara

Kaze ni fuka re tara sugu ni me wo toji te shumau okubyo wa kimi mo

Dare ka no tame ni kokoro kara namida nagaseru kirei na kimi mo

Iro na kimi no kao wo itsumademo mite itai

Iro na kimi no kao wo itsumademo kitte itai

Iro na kimi no yume wo futari de kanaete ikitai

Iro na kimi kara do ai wo zutto kanjitai eien ni

Zutto datte ii omoiinda tomedonaku afurete

Yagate kotoba ni kawari koe ni naru

Ai Shitteru

Dore dake jikan kakete mo tarinai kimi he no ai wo arawasu no wa

Shiawase sugite fui in ni kowkaku naru dakara

Boku wa tada

Nigitate no nukumori nandomo tashikameteru

Minareta kimi no egao itsudemo kamishimeteru

Setsunai hodo itoshii kurushii hodo koishii

Kotoba ni dekinai kono omoi wa eien ni eien ni

Tatoe koe ga karetemo kono inochi ga hatetemo

Kimi ni wa mienai kutemo minna mo taku yo zutto

Nagareru toki no naka de kawa te yuku mainichi

Bokura no kono ai dakara itsumademo kawarazu ni

Setsunai hodo itsoshii kurushii hodo koishii

Kotoba ni dekinai kono omoi wa

Eien ni, Eien ni

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

Shirota smiled at Ryoma once he was finished, "I heard you, you have a very beautiful voice. Have you ever wanted to, or ever considered, becoming a singer? if so, you could always open for me, I wouldn't mind." Ryoma blushed at the praise and shook his head. It actually never crossed his mind, he didn't even know he had a good voice, lease of all one that would warrant someone as talented as Shirota pointing it out to him. "That's too bad. Oh well, if you ever change your mind, you can always contact us." Kimeru nodded his head in agreement. Even he had to agree the child had a great voice.

Eiji giggled, "We told you, you had a good voice ochibi-chan, you should have more faith in your senpai-tachi, nya." the redhead poked his tongue out, teasing before he was hushed by Oishi. "But Oishi..." Eiji never got to continue because the vice captain found a different way to occupy the acrobats mouth, much to the shock and elation of several people in the room.

"Ii data, I didn't know Oishi could be so straightforward." Inui murmured as he took out his notebook and a pen and began scratching notes under Oishi's sections. How this will help him in tennis, no one knew and none wanted to question the data man, fearing for their sanity should they do so.

Tezuka was about to put a stop to his teams foolhardiness when a knock interrupted him, "Yes, come in." the door slid open to reveal the butler. "What is it, Sebastian? Is there something wrong?"

Shaking his head, Sebastian offered a small smile, "My apologize for interrupting you Ryoma-sama, but there is someone outside wanting to visit with you. I told her you were busy but she insisted, quite loudly might I add, that she be able to see you."

Ryoma blinked and stood up, "I'll see what's going on. You guys can just hang out around here until I get back." he stated as he made his way towards the door but paused briefly when he felt both his captain and the tensai beside him, "The both of you don't need to come with me, you know. I'll be fine."

Fuji smiled, "Kunimitsu and I want to come with you Ryoma, besides if it's someone you don't want to see, we can always scare her away." the brunet chuckled causing several people to shiver at the sadistic sound as they left the room.

"Your Fuji brings a whole new definition to the words beautiful but deadly. He's the type of guy you would never want as an enemy, right." commented Sota, "I wouldn't want that guy as an enemy anyways, there's just something about the kid that scares me."

Eiji smiled and nodded his head, "Fujiko is nice to his family and friends but he's very mean to those who hurts those close to himself. So as long as you don't harm anyone he considers family or friends then your free from his revenge." Sota rubbed his nose with a nod of his head, he believed that.

Hyotei and Rikkaidai

-A while ago-

Atobe scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest, blue eyes narrowed as he stared at the game going on between Oshitari Yuushi and Mukahi Gakuto vs. Marui Bunta and Jackal Kuwahara, currenrly, the Rikkaidai duo were winning, 5-1. "Game Rikkaidai's: Marui and Jackal, 6-1."

"I'm so bored!" a whine caused everyone to turned towards the voice, "Mura-buchou can't we go and visit with Echizen-kun, I want to see if he's alright!" the Rikkai's baby pouted, lower lip protruding and eyes wide, resembling a small puppy.

Yukimura chuckled, patting the boys head, "I don't know Akaya, Seigaku made it quite clear that they were going to be having some type of party for him and didn't want us interrupting their time with him, maybe we should respect that." Sanada nodded his head in agreement, he may not like the thought of both Tezuka and Fuji being close to the younger boy, but he did understand their reasoning.

"But I want to see Koshimae as well." Another childish whine broke the five second silence, and Shiraishi sighed, murmuring something that sounded like 'four year old's' and 'babies'. "Please! Please! Please! pleeeeaaaaaseeeeee!" The only answer the monkey like teen received was Shiraishi raising his bandaged arm. silently threatening the redhead. Seeing this, Kintarou immediately silenced himself, hiding behind Gin, "No, please Shiraishi-buchou, I'll behave, I promise!"

Shiraishi shook his head. "Enough Kin-chan." the boy nodded vigorously, causing several people to wonder if the boys head will fall off if he continued.

"Hey!" All eyes turned towards the voice, "Technically speaking, that chibi is my step brother, ne, I could use that to go and visit the gaki, beside I honestly do want to get to know him." Zaizen whispered, "But perhaps it would be better to wait for tomorrow, I don't know about you, but messing with both Tezuka and Fuji can't be at all sane."

Oshitari Yuushi nodded, "Zaizen-kun does have a point, let's all wait until tomorrow, beside Seigaku can't stop us if we do decide to go." that last bit was said towards Atone, who looked as if he was about to object.

"So, it's settled, we'll go and visit the following day." Yukimura smiled, "Let's get back to our game, I believe we are up to doubles 1, right." the group nodded as Niou, Yanagi, Ohtori and Shishido entered the courts, taking their position.

Echizen House

-Ryoma, Tezuka and Fuji

As the three arrived at the door, Tezuka took the lead and opened the door and blinked, "No one's there." he stated blankly, "Could be a prank, beside we took long enough to arrive the culprit most likely already left."

"Couldn't be, the butler said someone wanted to speak with Ryoma, maybe they got scared and ran off." the blue eyed teen stated, crossing his arms. "Strange, I wonder what that person wanted."

Ryoma frowned, "What's that?" he asked, walking forward he picked up an envelope and flipped it over, "It doesn't have an address, only says my name." he stated blankly, flipping it over he slid his thumb against the fold but gasp and dropped the envelope, red droplets escaping his finger, staining the white surface red.

"Ryoma!" Fuji and Tezuka called out, the latter grasping the boys hand while the former peered at the injured finger before bending down and grabbing the envelope, blue eyes glared at the edges of the envelope. "This was done on purpose, whoever came, wanted to be seen by the butler but they must have left afterwards knowing that he was coming and left this knowing it would be picked up and opened by Ryoma."

Tezuka glanced at the envelope, "Hidden blades..." the stoic teen grabbed the envelope and tore the sides, grabbing the letter from within, "I can see some things never changed, still the demon you were as a child, even shooting you doesn't appear to work. Anyways, by now, I'm quite sure you already know about the hidden blades, so they'll be no need to say anything about except to let you know that was just a warning, next time, I'll make sure you're really dead, what better way then to slice your head off. Enjoy the remainder of your time on Earth for soon you'll return to where you belong. Hell.'

Fuji grabbed the letter and tore in to it, shredding it into tiny pieces. "Ignore it Ryoma, we won't let that bitch anywhere near you." he wrapped his arms around the younger boy, "Let's return to the ballroom. We'll talk about this after your guest leaves, alright, for now, just have a good time." Ryoma nodded his head, Tezuka closed the door, locking it before the trio made their way towards the ballroom. Hopefully, everything would be alright.


With an unexpected person

Cinnamon colored eyes narrowed as a body pressed against the wall, lightly tanned arms rose, hands covering her mouth to stop the gasp that wanted to escape. 'What is going on? Who is that person? She can't be my best friend.' Shaky legs moved away from the wall, stumbling down the stairs, she made her way towards the door.

"Tomoka, are you alright? You look as if you've become ill."

The usually loud girl turned, wide eyes towards the elderly woman who just entered the foyer. "I'm fine Ryuuzaki-sensei. I was just about to leave."

"Are you sure you're alright?"

Tomoka nodded quickly, "Yes! Yes! I'm alright, but I really should get going. I need to babysit my younger siblings after all, so I really should get going. Thank you for your concern though." With a hasty bow, Tomoka fled the Ryuuzaki house, leaving a confused tennis coach.

"Teenagers." The woman shook her head, paying no mind to the girls weird behavior as she returned to her study. She had some work to finish, before she had to meet up with Nanjiroh to speak about Ryoma and what happened to him. She wasn't about to be uninvolved with something that all of her team was involved in.


(To be continued)

I like Tomoka a lot more then I like Sakuno or An, just not with any of the males. Personally, I believe she'd make a great friend to Ryoma, she's opinionated enough to talk to Ryoma and the others, and she's not afraid to speak her mind. Beside it'll be interesting to have Tomoka act as an overprotective older sister.

*Forever Lyrics translation: These are loosely and might not be accurate.

No one can ever describe the feeling of being in love

My heart stops when I'm with you

Against the strong winds, just close your eyes.

With your beautiful heart, my tears are removed.

I always want to see your face

I always want to hear your voice

I want to fulfill your dreams, we'll be together, always.

I'll love you forever, don't you know? Forever!

My feelings overflow

In this moment, I'll voice a word that will never change

I love you!

The times we spent together is not enough to express my love for you

The sudden happiness in this moment, scares me so I just want...

When I'm about to see your smile, it makes me anxious.

The sorrow of knowing the one you love might be hurt

Words are useless against this feeling which will last forever, forever.

Even if my voice fades and this life ends

And you couldn't see me, I'll always be above the clouds.

Each day the streams of the river slows down with time

But our love will never change

The sorrow of knowing the one you love might be hurt

Words are useless against this feeling which will last forever.

Forever. *

**Remember this isn't a direct translation, I couldn't find any but I tried to translate it as best as I could, I know some places don't make much sense but it's as close as I could get it. **