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An 11 year old blond boy sat on his swing in the academy courtyard. He had just failed his graduation exam for the second time. Now, he sat watching his classmates who'd passed their exams rejoice and celebrate with their families and loved ones. Some of the adults noticed him looking at the sadly and dejectedly, but their remarks cut him to the bone :

"Good thing that little beast failed."

"I know! Can you imagine that, THING, becomeing a shinobi? Too scary!"

He couldn't take it anymore. Rather than letting them see him cry, he stormed off to his classroom to collect his things and go home. On his way in, however, he accidentaly bumped into somebody, knocking himself to the ground. He stood up slowly, "Ouch...Hey, sorry about that. I just stuff on my mind." Naruto said apologetically. He looked at who he bumped into. It was Sasuke Uchiha, the first in his class and all around village heartthrob. "Not half as sorry as you're gonna be, DOBE." He sneered. " YEAH!! KICK THAT DOBE'S ASS, SASUKE-KUN!!" Rang out among his crowd of fangirls, who followed him around like lovesick puppies, one of whom had pink hair.

Sasuke gave them an arrogant smirk, then without warning, he backhanded Naruto with all his might. The blow caught him dead on his nose, breaking it. He soon followed it up with a barrage of stomps, kicks, and punches to his midsection, chest and face. His screams and cries of pain attracted the attention of another Uchiha fangirl, one Ino Yamanaka. She came out into the hall and froze, shocked and horrified at what her crush had done with such savage brutality.

Sasuke stopped and sneered down at Naruto once again. "Beg me to stop. Call me Uchiha-sama, grovel like the lowly trash you are at my feet, and I'll stop, dobe." Naruto slowly rose to his feet, blood oozing out from the various gashes all over his body and face, blood also flowing from his mouth and nose. He looked Sasuke in the eyes with a look of defiance.

"You feel better about yourself now?" He said unsteadly. "I've already apologized for bumping into you. I'll never beg or plead for ANYTHING from you, TEME." He spat out, with strength and defiance in his voice. Sasuke felt his wounded pride sting and was about to finish him off, but a string of earth shaking explosions rocked the academy, causing burning debris to fall everywhere.


A large group of missing-nins had attacked the village in an attempt to steal the forbidden scroll. This group was rather large, about 50 to 60 strong. The ANBU was already fighting them and wittled down their number to 40, but these missing-nin were considerably powerful, B-rank at their weakest. Suddenly, the skies darkened over the village and lighting started to crash all around them. A large black vortex opened up, spitting out a moderately tall young man with shaggy, scruffy blond hair. He had shinobi shoes like them, but wore no Hitae-ate. His clothes were a bit strange. He wore a long black coat with some type of armor vest underneath and black pants. He also had a long, large blade on his back with a smaller, shorter blade across his lower back.

Both sides stopped fighting to get a better look at this mysterious young man. Suddenly, one of the nuke-nin decided to attack a wounded female Leaf ANBU. She didn't have time to react and braced for death, but the blow never came. The blond stranger stood over her, single-handedly blocking the killing blow with his large sword. He then pushed the nin back with a burst of strength and killed him with a overhead slash, neatly slicing him in two. He looked back to check on her. "Are you alright?" He said with a surprizingly concerned voice. "Y-yes. I'll be fine. Thank you..." She said, fishing for a name while looking his mismatched eyes ' One blue eye and one green eye? Strange, but beautiful...' She thought. "Ichigo. That will do." He replied with a kind smile. He then turned his attention to the nuke-nin, pulled out his second blade in a reverse grip, and charged into them.

He moved in so quickly, he took out 3 with a single swipe of his blade before they acted. The ANBU watched in total shock as this stranger proceeded to tear the nuke-nins apart by HIMSELF, in a mad dance of blood and carnage. But even in the madness of the fighting, this stranger still kept awareness of the bystanders. Every enemy nin that got close to the crowd, he instantly targeted them and took them out quickly.

One ANBU who was watching noticed this peculiar habit. 'Hmm...It seems that he is trying to keep innocent casualties to a minimum if he can help it. These actions certainly do add points to his favor.'

The mixture of double sword kenjutsu and taijutsu he used intrigued the ANBU who witnessed it. He managed to keep up his fast and furious pace throughout the battle. Next, he switched tactics, using multiple clones to herd the invaders into a cluster. He then proceeded to unleash a massive ninjutsu they never heard of before. "FUUTON: KYO TATSUMAKI KAIMETSU!!!" He screamed out, as a trio of massive tornados erupted in the center of the cluster of nuke-nins, the winds ripping, slashing, and tearing them apart. After a good minute, the deadly twisters died down. The bodies and parts of the attacking nins that were caught in the jutsu rained down and landed with a sickening crunch. A dog masked ANBU watched in sheer shocked amazement. 'That was the most powerful Fuuton jutsu I've ever seen!! Just how powerful is this guy?! I'm just glad he helped us out.'

The mystery nin discovered the last two running inside the now burning building they were near to make a final stand. He quickly gave pursuit, rushing inside. An injured Iruka grabbed his arm and made a request : To save as many students as possible.

His eyes widened. ' There's kids in there?! DAMMIT!! I need to hurry!!' "Right! I'll do what I can!" He shouted. Ino and Hinata Hyuuga watched the whole battle with awe. Now this mysterious nin was rushing in to save as many lives as possible.

"Good luck. Please help Naruto..." Ino said, saying a silent prayer.


Naruto was on his third trip inside the burning building. First, after his beatdown, he found Ino trapped by burning debris. Sasuke had fled in a hurry, leaving them both there to die. She was near unconsciousness due to the smoke, but she knew that it was Naruto that rescued her. She was amazed at his resiliance, all of those ghastly wounds and he still had the strength to save her. He carried her out on his back, set her down gently and ran back inside. This trip, he found Hinata, her leg trapped by a burning beam. He summoned what strength he had left and lifted the beam to free her, badly burning his hands and arms in the process. She was unable to escape on her own, so he scooped her up bridal style and carried her out. Now back to his current trip. He heard cries for help coming from his classroom. What he saw there froze his blood.

Sakura Haruno, the girl he had a crush on, was about to be killed by a strange ninja. Something inside of him snapped and before Sakura or the nin knew it, he had plunged a kunai in the top of the nin's head, killing him instantly. She collapsed right afterward and Naruto felt his wounds getting worse. ' I'm running out of time and strength. I can't keep this up much longer...' He thought as he picked her up and carried her away.

He was on the first floor when he ran into the last nuke-nin. The nin prepared to strike a killing blow to kill them both, but a large sword came from the side, impailing him and killing him instantly. A tall blond man who was carrying an instructor on his shoulder retreaved the blade. " You alright, kid?! " Naruto nodded. " Good! Let's get the hell outta here!" He said as they ran at full tilt toward the exit. They made it out a scant second before the entrance collapsed. Naruto set Sakura down in the grass as gently as he could manage, stood up and tried to walk away, but collapsed. He was caught by his new companion and laid him gently on the grass beside her. The last thing he heard was the stranger saying "You did good, kid. Good job..." Before blacking out.

Seconds later, a team of ANBU landed next to where the blond sat resting. " Hokage-sama requests that we bring you to him. Please come quietly." The dog masked ANBU stated. He looked back to Naruto and the others. " What about them? They need to get to a hospital immeadiately!" He replied, with obvious concern in his tone. The ANBU assauged his worries. "Don't worry. Medical teams are already on their way. Let's go." He said. The blond looked back at Naruto and then nodded as them took off towards Hokage tower.

Sasuke, swaggered over to Naruto's unconscious body, sneering down at him with a nasty look. "Hn. You stupid dobe. Now, I'll finish what I started!!" He roared as he prepared to stomp on the helpless Naruto. Suddenly a fist came from nowhere and connected with the side of his head, sending him tumbling back a few feet. He looked over to see Ino, one of his most rabid fangirls, standing protectively over Naruto. " DON'T YOU DARE, YOU COWARD!" She snarled at him, rage burning in her eyes and gut.

He charged in again, screaming,"Get out of the way or you're next, you stupid bitch!!!".

Before he got within striking range, he was stopped cold by a vicious jyuuken palm strike to his gut, courtesy of the normally timid, now enraged Hinata, making double over in pain. " Don't even think about it, UCHIHA." She snarled, spitting out the name. "Naruto-kun saved my life. He ran in there, regardless of the danger and his own wounds, rescued me and carried me to safety." She finish, her pale eyes wet with tears and ablaze with fury.

Ino spoke up as well. " Naruto rescued me, too! You ran off like a coward, leaving me trapped. He got up and ignored all of the injuries he received from your act of senseless violence and bravely rescued me, risking his life to do so! I won't let you hurt him anymore!!!" Ino screamed out at him in fury. The Uchiha recovered and to hers, Hinata's and Iruka's horror, he ran through some handseals, stopping on tiger. He started out "KATON: GOUKAKYU NO..." He didn't get to finish, being knocked out by a Medic-nin that came to treat Naruto. Iruka looked to see who it was, then relief washed over his features. " Rin!! Thank Kami you're here!!" He cried in relief.

The brown-haired woman looked over to him with her light brown eyes. " Iruka-san, hello! I wasn't about to let this little bastard hurt my little kit if I can help it. He's like a baby brother to me." She said softly as she handed out marching orders to the other medics who came with her to work on the other wounded. She glanced over to Ino and Hinata with a grateful look on her face. "Thank you for defending him. He's a pretty tough little guy, but that fireball would have killed him." She said softly as one hand gently stroked his whisker-marks and the other was glowing green, attempting to heal him.

Ino started to cry. " H-he saved me, Hinata, and Sakura. He risked his life..." She said, sobbing lightly. " Naruto-kun, please...Please be all right!!" Hinata sobbed loudly into Naruto's chest. Iruka came and took the two kunoichi-to-be aside so that Rin could work. Sakura woke up with a start. The first thing she noticed was that she was outside and that her precious Sasuke was lying near her, face down in the grass. She ran over to him and shouted at Rin, " Why are you helping that dobe?! You need to help Sasuke-kun!!" She cried.

Rin stopped working on Naruto for a moment, enraged. "LEAVE THAT COWARDLY UCHIHA BASTARD THERE!!!! THAT SO CALLED DOBE SAVED YOUR LIFE!!!" She roared, leaking out a hefty amount of killer intent with it. Ino came forward, " Sakura..." Ino began to explain the whole situation : The senseless beating of Naruto, the rescues, and the subsequent murder attempts by Sasuke. She dropped Sasuke's head on the ground in shock, backing way from him fearfully.

"B-b-but why? Why did Naruto do that? Why did he risk his life for me?! I've never been nice to him! I've always insulted him, beat him, and ignored him, so why?!!?" She yelled out as she began to cry herself. She then remembered that she was the one who called for Sasuke to beat Naruto up only moments ago. "Oh my god, what have I done? Please be alright! I want to apologize for all of the mean and cruel things I've done and said to you! I want to atone for all the times I broke your innocent heart!!" She choked out.

Rin's eyes suddenly went wide with alarm. " We're losing him!! His heart stopped beating!!! Kaiza, shock him! Start cardiovascular defib!!" She barked out.

"NO!!!! Please don't go!!! I haven't told you that I'm really sorry!!! NO!!!!" Sakura cried out hysterically. She had to be held back by another medic from getting in the way.

Kaiza, the other medic nin, used a light Raiton jutsu to shock Naruto's heart in an attempt to revive him. " No effect! Again!!" Rin cried. "Come on, kit! Hang in there...Don't give up on me!!" She said, brushing a tear of her own away.' Obito, sensei, if you're listening, please let this boy live...He's earned that and so much more.'

Hinata was becoming frantic. " No... not Naruto-kun... He can't die...My hero can't die...He can't!! It's not fair!!!!" She wailed onto Iruka's chunnin vest. Ino was barely holding together.

"Naruto...no. Naruto-kun, you can't die yet. The three maidens who you saved haven't thanked their hero yet. We still need you, and want you here, with us. So please...please come back to us." She sobbed quietly. "Whatever gods are listening out there, please...I'm begging you, please let him live!!!!' She thought out in prayer.

The rest of their class ( Minus the remainer of the Uchiha fan club ) watched on in trepedation and anxiety. Even the normally calm Shikamaru and Shino sent up silent prayers to whatever gods that would hear them, praying that their brave classmate would make it.

As if their prayers were answered, Rin finally called out in relief, "I've got a pulse!! He's alive and coming around!!!" She cried out happily as Kaiza let out a relieved sigh. "That's one tough kid." He commented as he got up to got help in other areas. Naruto slowly opened his eyes, noticing Rin. "R-R-Rin-neechan... I-is S-S-Sakura-ch-chan, Ino-chan and Hi-Hinata-chan okay?" He asked, his voice weak and raspy.

Ino and Hinata cried out in unison, "NARUTO-KUN!!!" Rin sighed, then smiled. 'Even after he very nearly died, he was still more concerned about them. I'm VERY proud of you, my little kit.' "Even after a broken collarbone, 5 broken ribs, a punctured lung, cracked femur, Kami knows how many gashes and bruises, and second and third degree burns all over your upper body, even the toughest jounin would have been too busy writhing in agony, not rescuing people. I'm so very proud of you, Naruto." Rin finished.

Sakura just stood there, her fists clenched so tightly that she drew blood. She sunk to her knees next to Naruto and looked him in his cerulean blue eyes. "Why? Why did you save me?! Why did you risk so much for me?! I've always treated you like dirt!! Filth!! Scum!!! Why did you nearly die for me?!?!" She cried, her guilt easily readable in her voice.

Naruto simply looked her in the eye and said, " Why not? Do I need a reason to save someone's life? It's just something that felt right. My heart told it was the right thing to do. Besides, nobody'll miss a dobe like me if I died. I'll just disappear like I never was..." His still weak voice trailed off, tears now present in his eyes.

Sakura looked on in sadness and compassion.'He's so selfless. Oh Naruto, I...I...' " I'm sorry!!!!! I'm so sorry!!! All these years I've mistreated you, but you still saved me!! You're not the idiot, I am!! You, you're a hero. A much better person than I'll ever be." Sakura said, her voice a mixture of sadness and guilt.

"Don't worry, Sakura-chan. I forgive you." He said softly and gently. The relief was too much for her, as she broke down, wailing her heart out on the shoulder of the young blond she once hated, now admired.

He put his still injured arms around her to give her at least some form of comfort. "Shh. It's okay. It's okay. Just let it out." He said in the most soothing voice he could muster. She gave him a peck on his cheek as she pulled away lightly, "Thank you. Thank you..." She said as she calmed down. ' If I hadn't been so obsessed with Sasuke, I would have seen what was right in front of me the whole time. Naruto's so sweet. I think he deserves a chance, more than Sasuke ever will.'


'For once, I totally agree with you. That brooding asswipe has so many girls around him, and he ignores them all. I swear he's gay or something. Naruto had nothing, but he never gave up. He's really someone very special.'

Ino stepped in, " I'm sorry too, Naruto. I wasn't much better than her or Sasuke. Sakura and I even trashed our friendship over that jerk. Now, you proved to me that you are far more of a ninja and a man than Sasuke could ever hope to be. You've also proven your kindness to me when you forgave Sakura. I just want you to know that I...I really do admire you." Ino finished, a look of sheer admiration in her Baby Blue eyes. Naruto smiled warmly and serenely at her, making her feel as though the weight of her sins commited against him were completely lifted from her.

" Don't worry about it, Ino-chan. I forgive you, too. I really do. Thank you for wanting to be my friend. I really means alot to me." He said kindly. Ino held her composure much better than Sakura did, but she still couldn't hold back her tears. He gently wiped away her tears and gave her a gentle embrace, with made her both blush and overjoyed. " Thank you, thank you so much, Naruto-kun." She said, smiling with tears in her eyes as she gave him a quick peck of her own. 'This is the boy I could fall in love with, give my heart to. The boy who would love me back just as much. He is the one.'

Hinata stepped forward. " Naruto-kun, thank you for saving my life. I've always watched you train. Your strength and courage have inspired me so much. You never, ever gave up on anything. I want to be just like you, Brave, Strong, and Loyal, Like a Knight in a fairytale. The world or even the gods may be against you, but please know that we will stand by you." Hinata said softly, with a serene, loving smile graceing her lips, giving him a warm and loving embrace, with her own kiss.

Iruka stood up painfully and walked over to Naruto. " Naruto, you're no dobe in our books." Iruka told him, ruffling his hair playfully. " I'm so, so proud of you. Now maybe more people will see the real you, and give you the respect you truly deserve. You'll be a fine ninja someday, I know it." Iruka added, his pride for his student overflowing. " Thanks, Iruka-sensei. That really means alot to me. I've been fighting for every scrap to respect I can for my whole life. Thank you." Naruto said calmly. Rin cleared her throat to get their attention. "Well kiddo, I'd better get you to the hospital. After all, there's only so much I can do here." Rin said, signaling another medic-nin to carry Naruto. "We'll come visit you, Naruto!!" Ino shouted, with Sakura and Hinata waving and agreeing with her.

Suddenly, Sasuke snapped back to consciousness. He looked around wildly. " WHO STOPPED ME?!?!?" He snarled, causing even his fangirls to back away in fear. His eyes fell on Hinata. "You... You Hyuuga bitch!!!! I'll kill you!!!!!" He screamed, a mad, uncontrollable rage burning in his dark eyes as her bore down on the Hyuuga hieress. Iruka snagged Sasuke in a full nelson hold to restrain him. " Sasuke!! Stand down at once!!" He commanded. "Let me go!! That dobe must die!! He made me look like a coward!! My pride will be avenged!!" He screamed madly.

Sakura had heard just about enough. She got up and walked over as calmly as possible to him and let loose a resounding smack. The look on her face was one of pure rage and anger." YOU made yourself look like a coward! YOU beat up Naruto for no reason, then you ran out on all of us, leaving us to die while saving yourself!! YOU then had the nerve to try and finish off Naruto after he collapsed from his wounds and exhaustion, all from rescuing us!! After Ino and Hinata wouldn't let you have your way, you tried to KILL all three of them!! Sasuke Uchiha, you are nothing but a cold blooded monster and pathetic coward hiding behind your name!!! DAISUKINAI !!!!!" Sakura screamed at him, releasing all of her pent up fury and anger. Ino walked up behind her and gave her a comforting hug." Ino, I'm so sorry. Will you be my friend again?" Sakura asked hopefully. " Of course. I wanted my friend back just as badly." She said. She then looked over to Hinata. " Hinata, would you like to be our friend, too?" Ino asked. Hinata was overjoyed to the point of tears. "Y-yes... Oh, thank you, Thank you!!" She cried as she happily embraced her new friends.

Sasuke, however, wasn't done ranting yet. "Let me go!!! Damn you, you pathetic teacher!! How dare you do this to me, an elite?! I am an Uchiha!! You should be groveling at my feet, you insolent common trash!!" He raged. Iruka, however had heard enough. "That's it... I've had it with you." Iruka said with a very rarely heard tone of rage in his voice, as he hit a pressure point to render him incapacitated. ' I need to speak with Hokage-sama about this boy and his attitude. He nearly intentionally killed 4 people, myself included, over his petty pride.' He huffed, but his thoughts wandered over to Naruto. ' At least Naruto showed people the nobility, strength and courage in his heart. Hopefully, this will be a new beginning for him, a better one.'

A/N: Now, my OC got that name for a reason, which you'll find out in the next chapter. As for Rin, she's not an OC, she is, or was Kakashi's teammate in their younger days. I know that in canon, she's either dead or missing, butseeing as this is MY fic, she's here. I have a feeling that she would have tried to care for Naruto if she were around, especially since his personality and mannerisms almost mirrors Obito's AND her sensei's, two people she held in much affection, even if the former was only post mortem. See you around.

Daisukinai - I hate you

Teme - Bastard

FUUTON : KYO TATSUMAKI KAIMETSU - Wind Style : Great Dragon Tornado. S-Rank. Creates a trio of twisters that orbit a central point with the diameter of 20 meters, ripping anything caught inside of them to shreds.