A/N: We were studying The Truman Show in English this fortnight and we had to write a creative piece about what happens after Truman leaves the dome.

The Truman Show

Life After the Dome

Once outside the dome Truman got the urge to turn around. Despite all he wanted, all he had fought for, this world was still new to him… and he was afraid. He knew no one in this world, but he soon noticed that they all knew him. As he had made his way through the wall he would run into people who he had never met and have his hand shaken by them. Disturbing as this was they were always happy to point him in the right direction. The puzzling journey only made him nervous, but when he reached a door that not only said 'EXIT' on it but had sunlight spilling in from the cracks, he grinned. Put a hand on the door knob and took a deep breath, preparing himself for whatever was out there. He slowly turned the handle and eased the door open, only to be met with an incredible sight…

Outside, hordes of people were clapping and cheering his name. Reporters were crowding around him, asking him so many questions that he struggled to hear them all. Then he saw her; Sylvia ran towards him, a grin on her face. He instinctively smiled back and pushed through the reporters to meet her – all the world watched them embrace.

"You did it!" she whispered into his ear. It felt good to hear her voice again… it felt right and yet at the same time almost too much. Like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time, and finding it too bright. He felt overwhelmed, not just by Sylvia, but by everyone around them; they were crowding the pair, jostling them, calling out their names.

Noting Trumans sudden leap in anxiety, Sylvia pulled him through the fans. They ran down the street, the reporters hot on their heels, towards a small black car. He automatically went to the drivers seat, but then remembered he had no idea where they were going. He jump in the passenger seat instead they they sped off, winding through the city to try and throw their followers off.

"You were never in Fiji?" Truman checked, curious.

"No, they just told you that as an excuse," she said apologetically.

"Where are we?"

"Hollywood." Truman wrinkled his nose. "What?"

"Not exactly where I was hoping to end up when I left," he said, smiling. She smiled back instantly. Eventually they pulled up to an apartment block and Sylvia excitedly dragged him inside, past the staff and up the stairs.

"Wow," he murmured as he noted the all the Free Truman posters she had pinned up in her living room. She stood to the side, nervously watching him take everything in. Finally he turned to her. "I really left," he said, sounding amazed at himself. She nodded but didn't speak. "I'm really with you," he whispered, closing the distance between them.


They barely left the apartment that month for two reasons; one reason was the fact that they were too wrapped up in the own happiness that, although Truman did want to travel the world, they felt no need for other places, other people. Another, more practical reason was that reporters had been waiting for them to leave and everytime Sylvia had to go out to by food she was bombarded. The phone had been ringing non-stop so they had decided to unplug it completely.

One night, relaxing with their take out in front of the TV, they noticed an interesting interview on TV.

"That's Christof," Sylvia murmured to Truman. He watched intently.

"So what have you got coming up for us next, Christof?" the pretty host asked him sweetly.

"We delved straight into looking for a new child to adopt and just last night, earlier than expected, little Emily was born…"

It's not the best thing I've ever written, but the student teacher liked it (turns out he's a fanfic writer too, lol).

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