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'Son……..we're here for you' I look up and I see my family surrounding me.

'Alice, WHERE IS ISABELLA RIGHT NOW AT THIS MOMENT WHERE IS SHE!?' I was seeing what Alice was trying to see. Nothing blank, blurry, no real image.

'I can't see her, must be the wolves. Edward, Bella has done what you have asked of her. She's moved on' Alice shown me a vision of Bella in her wedding dress with Rene.

'Alice but I love her, I can't live without her' I need to find her. She's not safe with a werewolf, especially not with one who is so young. Carlisle, please tell her they are not to be trusted.'

'We have a long history with the tribe here in Forks and it is true the wolves are known to lose their temper and hurt those around them.' Carlisle remembered Ephraim Black and our history together. 'We've always worked at remaining civil with them at keeping the treaty. Edward, they have done nothing wrong, we have no right to invade their land in search for Bella.' I saw what Carlisle saw – war.

'I will not break the treaty Carlisle, but I will block the only exit leaving Forks. Bella will not leave here today with that MONSTER!' I was getting beyond furious, I needed to protect Bella why was I so stupid to think Bella could remain out of trouble and safe? How could I be so foolish, I've always told her she was a magnet for trouble; it naturally finds her and I her guardian vampire abandon her. I will never forgive myself for leaving her.

I was done discussing our history with them. I took off running in the direction of the freeway. I could hear my family following close behind me. Maybe I can stop her, maybe I can beg for her forgiveness…….maybe she still loves me. I making a straight path through the woods, I'm faster than any car and I'm taking the most direct route. I must see her, I must explained that I lied, that I only did it because I loved her and foolishly thought I was doing the right thing by leaving her. I told the blackest lie and I have suffered dearly for it. Finally, I see the freeway and I can smell the purest of smells that only could come from one person. I push myself to run faster, faster I must catch her. I run ahead and stand in the middle of the road waiting what I believe is Jacob's car.


'Everything is loaded onto the car's roof, we are ready to go' Jacob gives me a smile and hugs me close to him.

'Okay, well I guess that's it. We should get on the road now before it gets too late.'

'Don't worry Bells, you can rest most of the way there I'll do most of the driving.'

'Jacob I want to help please let me take the first shift. I'll let you drive after a few hours. You haven't slept in several hours, please let me take care of you.'

'Bella you have taken care of me, you are here with me. My heart is full of love and hope.'

'Please' I begged

'Fine Bella have it your way, but as soon as you feel tired you pull over and I'll take over.'

'Okay' I'm so glad he agreed. Jacob was running patrol before our wedding just in case some unexpected visitor decided to join the party.

I haven't been visited by any more vampires since the day Edward left. I did not want to dwell on the past. I turned the car radio to my favorite radio station. Looked at Jacob who had a blanket over him and was looking like he was falling asleep. I opened the window just a tiny bit to let some cool air in. I started to picture sunny California with its great weather, beaches, mountains and other cool places to visit. I can see Jacob and I exploring every single place. As I thought about what I wanted to do and the fun we could have I saw a shadow in the far distance. Jacob was snoring profoundly, should I wake him? I gasp as the shadow became clearer. It's …….no it can't be….It's Edward?? I stop the car. I'm in shock ….. the car is still running, should I go around him, why is he here? My heart is beating a mile a minute and I can't think. Jacob starts to stir as I sit there gripping the steering wheel wondering what I should do. Those golden eyes are staring profoundly at me.


My life is sitting there in that car gripping the steering wheel. Before she has time to process everything I remove the car door and take off running with her through the forest into the woods. The beast was sleeping and waking up, there was no way he can catch me with the distance I have put between us. I hear Bella's heartbeat; it's fluttering like a humming bird. I smell her scent and I rejoice in the burn in my throat. I clutch her to my chest like a talisman.

'Bella, Bella, my sweet Bella are you okay?'

'What... I don't understand Edward what are you doing?'

I heard her mumble, 'I must be dreaming, this can't be real I need to wake up.'

'Bella you are not dreaming sweetheart, you are here with me. I know I have a lot of explaining to do. I know I need to apologize for a lot of things, but right now I need to keep you safe and away from here.'

'No, this can't be happening. He left me, he didn't want me. I have finally pushed my brain too far' she whimpered and lost consciousness.

I was taking Bella to our home in Alaska. I wanted her to rest, but I wanted more to lie next to her and watch her sleep.

It took me less than an hour to get there. Bella in my arms, I quickly took her upstairs into the master bedroom, placed her in the middle of the bed and started the fireplace. I decided to undress her. I removed her shoes and jacket as well as her pants and sweater. I only left her with her camisole and her underwear, but I did place her under a thick plush blanket. I laid next to her watching her sleep, caressing her hair and hoping she would call my name in her sleep.

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