Summary: One-shot – Sometimes he wished he could just take the hourglass and stop time forever.

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters featured in this story. They all belong to the inventive Square Enix.


It's going to end soon.

They all know it even if they don't say anything. The looks, the touches, the half-hearted battles — it is all leading up to that day where they all return to their own world.

The thread between them is growing thinner and thinner and Tidus is afraid that when they leave it will finally snap for good.

He doesn't want that. He doesn't to lose them. He lost so much already—Mom, Dad, Auron, Yuna, his future, his life—that he now clings desperately to the few things he has left. Cosmos's warriors are his friends and family now, and he can't lose them.

Each of them has affected him in some way. Each one was something special to him in a unique and different way.

Light is all stern and mature and guidance and advice. He's the big brother Tidus never had. He's like a mix of Auron and Wakka together, only better.

Firion and Cecil have to be the bestest friends a guy could ever ask for. Loyal, understanding, caring and supportive. They helped keep him balanced and focused on his mission.

Terra is soft and sweet and easily breakable. She brought out all the protective instincts in him that he hadn't felt since he was with Yuna. It was the same with Luneth; the little knight was so young but so incredibly strong. He could only wish he was that strong when he was his age.

Squall was the guy he always secretly wished he was like. Mature, cool and always calm, he brought people to him without any effort and at the same time kept them all away.

Cloud was like both a big brother and a little one at the same time. Sometimes he needed guidance and protecting, and other times he needed Cloud to guide and protect him.

Bartz and Zidane are his buddies in crime. Pulling pranks and teasing the others, they helped keep everyone's spirits up when things got a bit too bleak.

Each of them was his light, his path. To lose anyone of them is like losing the moon. He can live without them, but it's hard and their lack of presence is felt all the time.

Sometimes he wished he could just take the hourglass and stop time forever. Make the moment stay the same like someone had hit the pause button, or something. He's even half-tempted to throw away his crystal just to delay the inevitable end they are slowly but surely approaching. Not that he does but he has thought of it. He would do anything just to get a few extra minutes with them. Just to be with them for a little while longer…

Everything is going to end soon.

And Tidus can't stop it.