Ever after

Summary: Happily ever afters are usually found in the end of a fairy-tale and rarely in the heart.

A blonde man sat in his car in the middle of the night. A suitcase full of his belongings in the backseat. The keys were in the ignition and the garage door open. Said blonde man was holding on to the steering wheel so tight that this tan knuckles turned white. He sat there for 2 and a half hours. This has been his routine for the last two months. 'Leave' was his main thought but he could never do it.

He was a very handsome man. He was the owner of one of his families businesses and corporations. He was beautiful, successful, and rich. He was also blessed with a family. He had his parents, his brother, his godparents and many friends.

But he also has a family of his own. A family that's been braking for a long time now and is now broken. His lover cheated and broke what was supposed to be an unbreakable bond. His 5 year old daughter was a spoiled brat who took after her mother. She had called him a demon just as she had seen her mother do many times. She told him that he wasn't a good father and a horrible husband. She told him he couldn't please her mother and that was why her mother cheated. That she was glad her mother was looking for a better man to come into their lives.

Her twin, his son, was the complete opposite. He was shy, timid, quiet, sensitive and less confident. He's the reason for staying. Otherwise he wouldn't bare through this abuse. His mother ignores him and prefers his more confident sister.

His sister had told him to just go ahead and die. They were twin and because they came as a set no one would care if one disappeared. But better it be the less useful one.

If the blonde man left his soon to be ex would take care of his daughter but his son…

He couldn't leave without him or he would risk breaking his son's fragile and innocent soul. He needs to take his son with him, then he could leave. Leave the traitor he once loved, leave their fake happiness they live everyday…leave everything that doesn't matter behind.

But he wasn't ready yet. If he left he needed to make sure that everything was set and that there'd be no way for his soon to be ex to find him, no matter the reason.

The blonde man pulled the keys out of the ignition and pocketed them. He kept his suitcase in the backseat and returned to the house. It was a chilly night. Just like the night he had first tried to leave. He remembered it very well. He had been working very hard lately and decided that for once he would go home early and try to relax with his family. Something that he doesn't have a chance to do often. But when he got there he saw a man with white silver hair leave his drive way. He knew him too. He worked in the companies research facilities. Being the kind hearted man he was he wanted to give his lover the benefit of the doubt. But when he reached their bedroom his lover was laying in the aftermath of his betrayal. He even confronted his lover about it but it didn't turn out so well.

.:Flash back:.

"Sasuke…why?" Naruto asked Sasuke who was sitting on their bed.

"Why what?" Sasuke asked indifferent as always.

"Don't play stupid. That bastard might've left before I came home but you could have at least cleaned up the damn mess!" Naruto's voice got louder as he started to lose control.

Sasuke looked away from Naruto and remained silent.

"How long?" Naruto asked in a whisper.

"I can't remember anymore." Sasuke said never losing the indifference in his voice.

"Can't you at least show a little remorse for betraying me?" Naruto asked getting angrier.

"I can't show what I don't got, dobe." Sasuke stated and Naruto became quiet.

"Why?" was all he could think of.

"I'm just sick and tired of being touch by something that's not human." Sasuke said with venom in his voice. Naruto didn't say anything. He just looked straight into Sasuke's eyes. A new emotion blazed in them that Sasuke has never seen in them before. Naruto turned and left without another word.

"Papa seems really hurt. Why is that Yue?" a little boy with dark eyes and black hair asked his older twin. A blonde girl with blue eyes.

"Geeze don't you know anything stupid? Father just realize that mother doesn't love him. But I can't blame him. After all father is a filthy demon. it's a disgrace that you look like mothers side of the family while I'm force to look like his. but as soon as I'm old enough I'm dying my hair black." Yue said.

"Don't say stuff like that Yue. Papa's always loved and cared for us. He deserves our love."

"Pathetic Sora. You really do take after him. Shame. You'll be eaten alive because you have no Uchiha pride."

"We're not Uchiha. We're Uzumaki!" Sora exclaimed.

"For now. But I'm sure mother will leave father and we'll get a better name. I mean what other name could be better than Uchiha? A name feared and admirable by all."

"I'd rather be known as Uzumaki. At least when people hear my name they wont be intimidated by me and not want to be my friends because their scared."

"Stupid Sora. Love and friendships are useless. See this is why father's parenthood skills are ridiculous. If you think love will get you happiness then your wrong. Here's a little tip little brother, fairytales are stupid because they fill your mind with nonsense. Life isn't as simple as bibbidi bobbedy boo." and with that Yue left her brother in the empty hallway.

.:End Flashback:.

Ever since then Naruto's tried to leave but couldn't. And always left the bed before Sasuke wakes up and gets in after he's asleep. He looked in and saw Sasuke on his side sleeping away. He walked on and entered his daughters room. She had many pictures of her family. Her grandparents, uncles and aunts, and cousins. She for some weird reason she didn't mind all of Naruto's family. Just Naruto. She also had pictures of herself and her mother. Hell, even a picture of the home wrecking bastard. But there were no pictures of her brother or him. With a deep sigh he left and went to his son's room.

His son was still just a five year old child. He tried with all his little might to ignore his families imperfections. Naruto couldn't help but smile. If it weren't for that little bundle of love he would've lost his mind along time ago. His love for his son was the thing that kept Naruto turning the other cheek and made him continue living in his happy lie.

He caressed his son's cheek and smiled fondly. Sora began to stir and onyx eyes met sapphire.

"Hey papa…what time is it?"

"Its still late. Go back to sleep." Naruto whispered to his son.

"Are you leaving?" Sora asked.

"Not for awhile. Just roaming the house." Naruto answered with a smile.

"No. I mean are you going to leave…home?" Sora asked while fidgeting with the blanket.

Naruto knew his kids weren't stupid. He knew they understood the turmoil's their family is facing. He wished they didn't but couldn't deny it either.

"Don't worry son…if I leave I'll take you with me." Naruto said as he stood up.

"Promise?" little Sora asked.

"Cross my heart and hope to die."