Ever After

Summary: Happily ever after is usually found at the end of a fairy tale, and rarely at the heart.

Most fairy tales are the same. There is always a bad guy who wants to ruin the good life that the good guys have. Some innocent person who has done nothing wrong to the world who gets used by some wicked person. And a good civilian that needs an amazing noble hero to save them from a horrible monster.

These same fairy tales always begin with Once Upon a Time and they end with Happily Ever After.

But really...Its never just once upon a time. It happens constantly. And happily every after?


Yoruki set her pen down next to her journal as she looked towards the door. She had an idea at who it was. Only one person would be up as early as her on a Saturday was...

"Come in," she said.

"Ohayo Ruki-nee-chan," little Kyosuke greeted as he approached his big sister and gave her a good morning hug and kiss which she kindly returned.

The little chubby cheeked chibi was the exact mini replica of their papa and older brother Sora. Except his eyes. His eyes were a dark royal blue which captivated a lot of people. Since it was morning and no one had changed him yet he was still in his baby blue Ramen imprinted footy pajamas. He loved the salty noodles just as much as their father did. The little boy was more hyper today than usual and Yoruki knew why. Today was little Kyosuke's fourth birthday and he had been looking forward to this day since he was first told. He remembered his previous birthday and was fascinated by what happens in them. Also it meant that he would have his parents attention on him the whole time because it was his day. Of course every other day their parents attention was mostly on their youngest, not out of favoritism but because his curiosity can be dangerous sometimes. Like the time he wanted to be like daddy and fix something but couldn't find anything to fix so he threw a picture frame at the TV. Yeah...the Uchiha 'I can do this' attitude plus the Uzumaki 'I wonder what this is' attitude were evenly mixed inside of Kyosuke but that isn't always the best thing.

"Ohayo Kyo-chan. What are you doing here so early?" Yoruki asked faking she didn't know what today was.

"Don'cha member what today is nee-chan?" Little Kyosuke asked with his big blue eyes widening a bit.


"You's no member?" little Kyosuke's eyes began to tear up actually believing that his big sister forgot.

"Well...other than being the most important day of the year other than Christmas? Happy birthday Kyosuke!" Yoruki exclaimed.

Uber happy that his big sister didn't forget Kyo jumped into her arms for another hug. Yoruki held Kyosuke in a motherly hold and combed through his dark locks. Kyosuke closed his eyes and smiled at the rhythmical and peaceful act.

"So what are you doing here so early birthday boy?" Yoruki repeated.

"Well I's wake's up early cuz I's too cited to sleeps. So I's gets outta bed and Ruki-nee-chan only one wake dis early. Yue-nee-chan don't wakes up til munch later. Sora-nii-chan scawy if wakes up. And daddy and papa door is lockeded in the mornin!" Kyo said with a pout.

Yoruki giggled at the memory of the time her parents learned the ever important rule of locking their door. After Kyosuke learned to walk he soon learned to escape his crib. One night after having Kaji baby sit and having given Kyosuke too much candy little Kyosuke was unable to sleep and decided to escape his "baby prison" as their uncle Kyuubi liked to call his crib, and go play with his parents. At the time Naruto and Sasuke never thought that they would be interrupted by any of their children.

The only time they ever expected a visit from their children was then there was horrible weather, one of them being sick, and on some nights with unexpected nightmares, but on those occasions their children would knock and wait...they might have been kids but they knew what could be behind those doors considering how they grew up.

Kyosuke was different. After everything that happened in the past the upbringing of Kyosuke was very different. They were all determined to change their lives for the better and bringing up the youngest of them in how they wished they would have done in the beginning. There was always a family dinner with everyone present. Both of their parents were there to say good night and tucked everyone in. Sasuke would make them breakfast in the morning and Naruto would make them lunch, they would all play in the afternoon and play music in the evening.

The love for all of them was obviously there and also their parents new found 'honey moon phase'. After those two remarried they were like bunnies. So all three of the children learned that when their parents disappeared to not go looking for them and just order some food and watch a movie. But little Kyosuke didn't know that, and he loved to play with his parents very much.

So he opened the door without any warning and saw what was inside and asked with his childhood obliviousness, "Why are you's wessling naked?"

That night Yue, Yoruki, and Sora were woken up by their papa yelling at their father and by the context of the conversation had a good laugh. Ever since then they always locked their door.

"Well everyone should be awake soon. It is a special day after all. But even though its hours away I think I might have something special for you..." Yoruki trailed off.

Kyosuke jumped off of Yoruki's lap and began to bounce up and down, "A present? I's want it I's want it!"

Yoruki giggled and headed towards her drawer and dug inside it. She pulled out a small box wrapped in blue wrapping paper with a silver bow. "Happy birthday, buddy."

Kyosuke took the box and looked at it and then at Yoruki with begging puppy eyes, "Can I's open it now?"


Without another second the bow was untied and the paper gone. Kyosuke pulled open the box and saw that it was a necklace of a comet.

"Was this?" Kyosuke asked.

"Well...we all have a special necklace. Daddy has the sun and papa has the moon. Before I used to but we decided that it was more fitting for the family if we got it like this. It's like the sky. So...daddy has the sun and papa the moon. Sora, Yue, and me have stars. On the back they have a name engraved. The three brightest stars. Sirius, Canopus, and Rigel. When you were born we decided to get this one for you at an age when you'd be able to understand. So we thought that this year was good.

"Instead of just a star we decided to get you a comet...or a wishing star." Yoruki explained.

"Wishin Staw?" Kyo asked.

"Yup. Something rare and amazing and beautiful to look at. And...it makes a wish come true," Yoruki said.

"I's like that?" Kyosuke asked happily.

"Yeah you are. With you everything just got so much better for our family," said Yoruki.

"Also a wishing star causes a lot of commotion...just like the little runt."

Yoruki and Kyosuke looked at the doorway and saw a groggy Sora standing in the doorway.

"Sora-nii! You wake!" Kyosuke ran to his big brother with a huge smile. No matter how much Sora scowls or complains or gets scary or goes into his Uchiha attitude modes Sora was Kyosuke big brother and his hero.

And despite of being the bad boy of the school who only showed his emotions to his family, couldn't hide the fact that when it came to his sisters and baby brother he loved them and had a big brother complex when it came to them.

So when Kyosuke approached his with arms raised Sora picked him up and held him close as if it were second nature. Which it was. Kyosuke smiled and rested his head in the crook on Sora's neck and snuggled in close.

"Happy birthday baby brother," Sora whispered.

"Thank you big bwoder..." Kyosuke replied and gave Sora a kiss on the cheek.

There was flash and both ravens blinked and looked in the hallway to see their father smirking behind a camera.

"Awe...moms gonna go all crazy over this," Naruto said.

"Daddy!" Kyosuke squealed and squirmed out of his brothers hold and ran to his father.

Naruto picked up his youngest and rubbed their noses together and made the younger giggle. "Morning birthday boy! Making your big brother a pile of mushy goo?"

"Pft...whatever. I at least hope that you were considerate enough to let papa walk and not limp today," Sora scoffed.

"If that's the best you got then your slipping son. I can tell you stories that will most likely traumatize you," Naruto answered with his smirk back in place.

"You will do no such thing. Sora take your brother and get him ready for breakfast," Sasuke ordered and he grabbed Naruto by the ear and pulled him away.

"Don't talk to the children about stuff like that," Sasuke chided.

"Sorry love but it was just too easy," Naruto replied.

"Our family is doing great and it will continue to be like that especially today. Is that clear?" Sasuke demanded rather than asked in his 'I'm an Uchiha don't question me' voice.

"So dad didn't give you any last night at all huh?" Sora asked causally.

"Bath. Now!" Sasuke gritted through his teeth and glared at his son until both were inside the bathroom.

Once they were out of sight Yoruki said she was going to go wake up Yue. Naruto came up behind Sasuke and hugged him from behind, "Is that why your cranky? If you really want we could..."

"No. Today is Kyosuke's birthday and I want to be able to walk without a limp and enjoy the celebration," Sasuke stated.

"Fine...but after the guest are all gone, the kids are put to bed, and our little birthday boy is tired out from all of the running we know he's gonna do, you and I aren't gonna sleep until sunset," Naruto murmured seductively.

Sasuke smirked and leaned up to kiss Naruto when they heard, "Gross."

Sasuke and Naruto looked to see Sora standing in the hall, "I thought I told you to go give your brother a bath?"

"You did but Kyo-chan wanted his bath toys...you two are worse than teenagers you know that?" Sora asked as he headed towards his baby brothers room.

"That kid..." Sasuke breathed.

"Is just like you," Naruto finished.

"Is not!" Sasuke protested.

"Uh...yeah he is. I mean there's a bit of me in there but its mostly you," Naruto said.

"Whatever. Did you get Kyosuke that present we saw at the store?" Sasuke asked as they made their way through the hall.

"Yes. Along with other toys and things. Add the gifts he'll get today from our friends and family our little boy will be one spoiled little brat," Naruto answered.

"As it should be," Sasuke said with a smile.

Naruto shook his head and made his way to his study. The perfect hiding place for anything secret. The kids were under strict orders to never ever go in there without permission. As Naruto headed towards the closet to retrieve his sons gifts Sasuke sat himself on top of his husbands desk. Sasuke watched absentmindedly as Naruto stacked wrapped box after wrapped box from the closet. Then he looked down at the files that covers the blonde's desk top. Opening one out of curiosity Sasuke voiced out loud, "What's this?"

"What's what?" Naruto asked without interest.

"This!" Sasuke said sounding annoyed which caused Naruto to look up. And just as he had heard it Sasuke was irritated to the verge of anger. Naruto tilted his head to the side in confusion. "These are plans to move a casket into our families cemetery. Why?"

Then it clicked to what Sasuke was getting upset about. Even though Sasuke tried to keep his jealousy in check this was something that crossed the line. Their cemetery was for their family members only and other very close people. For Naruto to be bringing someone into their dead ground meant they they were very special to him. And it didn't matter if they were dead, its the principle that matters.

"They're Yoruki's parents," Naruto answered gently.

Suddenly the anger inside Sasuke disappeared.

"Her parents?" echoed Sasuke.

"Yeah...I thought it'd be nice if she ever...you know...wanted to visit them or something, she could. Plus...I owe Menma that much," Naruto replied.

"Menma? Why does that sound familiar?" Sasuke asked.

"He was one of the guards that helped me escape. He saved me...and now I'm repaying him by taking care of his daughter." Naruto replied.

The anger from his jealousy and any other reason from that morning vanished completely and Sasuke's eyes watered a bit.


"A few years ago I had Kyuubi look into it for her because I knew she'd be curious. I wanted her to be happy and to be able to answer any questions she may have. So Kyuubi looked into the orphanage she used to live in and found some information. Turns out that her parents were murdered. Looking at murders that occurred around there around the time Yoruki was born with at least one of the parents having Yoruki's characteristics...I never thought it would have been Menma's daughter. At first I didn't know...I didn't want to know. There was a chance that she could have been taken away from me and I couldn't lose any one else...so I let her have the file without looking at it.

"She burned it because she didn't want to leave either. I let it be for awhile but curiosity got the better of me and well..."

"You are one amazing person Naruto Uzumaki...you may have earned yourself a reward," Sasuke said softly.

Smiling Naruto asked, "What did you have in mind?"

"Well...the party doesn't start for a few more hours and our moms will be here soon to cook with the chefs...I'm sure they won't miss us too much," Sasuke leaned up and kissed Naruto.

"I like the way you think..."

They deepened the kiss but Sasuke stopped and breathed out, "Door..."

Kyuubi and Itachi walked into the kitchen with Kyuubi carrying a few wrapped boxes. Kyosuke's face lit up and ran toward his uncles.

"Unca Tachi! Unca Kyu!"

Itachi picked up the mini Sasuke while Kyuubi placed the gifts on the counter.

"Hey brat. Where are your parents?" Kyuubi asked.

Normally Kyosuke would pout and complain about being called a brat but he knew that that was his uncle Kyuubi's way.

"I askeded Sowa and he said that they was wessling in daddy's office," Kyosuke replied with a somewhat confused look. He didn't really understand why his parents would wrestle on his birthday. But he dismissed it. Maybe his papa stole his daddy's Ramen. That'd make Kyosuke want to fight someone.

Kyuubi smirked, "Is that so?"

"Kyu-chan don't taint Kyo's little mind," his mother chided.

"Hello to you too mom," Kyuubi deadpanned.

"Happy birthday Kyo-chan," Itachi said.

"Thank you! What I get?" Kyosuke asked looking at the boxes.

"Nah uh...not until after cake Kyo-chan," Mikoto said firmly.

Little Kyosuke pouted and squirmed to be let down. Itachi did so and went to help his mother and mother-in-law.

"So...how long exactly have they been at it?" Kyuubi asked again.

"Well when I finished giving Kyo-chan his bath they weren't in the kitchen like I thought they'd be and their bedroom door was open...they kept Kyo-chan gifts in dad's office since no one is allowed in there and I assume that something adorably heartfelt must have happened and well...if dad doesn't keep any condoms in his office then we might have another little brother and sister in some 8 to 9 months," Sora said.

"Papa and daddy are getting me a widdle bwoder or sister?"

Everyone looked at where Kyosuke's voice was coming from only to see him covered in frosting.

"Kyosuke! What have you done?" exclaimed Kushina.

"You's said I no have pwesent til afta cake...so I has cake and now pwesent!"

Everyone chuckled at the little ones logic and Kyuubi leaned down to his eye level and wiped some of the frosting on Kyosuke's cheek with his thumb.

"Yeah we did say that didn't we? But what we meant to say that not until we serve cake to the guest at your party. Sorry bud."

"Awe man..." Kyosuke pouted.

"Don't worry little man. You'll see soon that you'll be opening mountains of gifts soon," Kyuubi promised.

"So...where are Yue and Yoruki?" Kaji asked as he entered the kitchen.

"They went to go fetch Haruki. They have a present for Kyosuke and they want to keep it a secret until the actual time to open presents," Sora answered.

"Well enough dillydallying. We have a party to set up and all of you are going to help! Grab an apron and do as I say!" Kushina ordered.

After remaking the cake that Kyosuke stuffed his chibi self into, along with other various foods the garden was set up and the tables filled with food and plates and drinks and anything else. The stereo was placed near the entrance to the house and various CD's were placed in there. From Yue and Yoruki's taste of Cascada and Carrie Underwood to Sora's taste of AC/DC and whatever other music Kyosuke wanted at the ready.

It took some time to get Kyosuke into his formal clothes. Even though it wasn't a formal party per say it was still somewhat formal. Nothing stuffy and too high class but they were families of importance to the world so they had to dress that way. Kyosuke was dressed in some black shorts, a white dress shirt, a black blazer and a bow tie. He didn't really like it but his papa loved the way he looked and it made him happy so...Kyosuke would put up with the itchiness for one day. Besides...there were mountains of gifts he had to open that day.

So later the backyard was full of friends and families. The Uchiha's, the Uzumaki's, the Hyuuga's(though Sasuke made sure that he was with Naruto at all times, especially when around the Hyuuga's), the Subaku family, the Nara's, the Yamanaka's, the Akimichi's, the Inuzuka's, the Lee's...everyone came.

About noonish Kyosuke cut the cake and as soon as everyone had a piece he attacked his mountain pile of gifts, which took him about an hour and some to open everything. After the last gift in package form was opened the girls yelled 'SURPRISE' as they entered the yard with a pup. Kyosuke squealed and spent the rest of the evening playing and showing off his new puppy who he named "Toothless". The dog was a Siberian Husky pup with pure black fur. It had teeth but Kyosuke loved "How to Train your Dragon" and named his dog as such.

The rest of the time everyone just talked and enjoyed this new era of peace.

"So Sora...have a girlfriend yet?" Kyuubi asked as he approached the oldest Uzumaki male of his little brother's family.

Sora sighed and rolled his eyes, "No uncle Kyuubi." as of lately everyone but his parents have been bugging him about it. Wasn't it supposed to be the other way around?

"So Sora...have a boyfriend yet?" Kyuubi tried again.

This time Sora didn't answer just crossed his arms and began to walk away, only to be pulled by the hem of his blazer. "Hey!"

"Not so fast Romeo. What's his name? Is he older or younger? Or are you the same age? Are you seme or uke?"

"UNCLE KYUUBI!" Sora screamed making everyone look at them. The little blush he had at hearing his uncle's questions intensified until he looked as red as a tomato.

"Hey Yue come here for a second," Kyuubi called his niece.

"Yes Uncle Kyu?" Yue asked.

"What can you tell me about Sora's secret lover?"Kyuubi asked with a smirk.

Yue looked at her uncle's devilsih face and her brothers look of defeat and secretly begging her for help. "Sorry Uncle Kyu but I have no idea of what you are talking about."

"Oh don't be like that Yue. I know you know," Kyuubi pouted.

"Even if I did I wouldn't say anything," Yue answered and Sora mouthed her a 'Thank you', which she smiled and nodded to.

"Oh come on! Whatever happened to brothers and sister taking any chance they had to embarrass each other?" Kyuubi demanded.

"It doesn't work like that with twins," Yue answered and walked away to Haruki.

"Kyuubi leave my son alone," Sasuke said. Sora sighed in relief at seeing his papa.

"May I go?" Sora asked.

"Sure hon," Sasuke said.

As Sora sped off Kyuubi said, "Your son has a boyfriend. Aren't you curious? He could be at risk at getting someone pregnant...or getting himself pregnant. Kids these days are moving awfully fast in intimate ways...On the plus side dad could actually live to be a great grandpa," Kyuubi said with a feral fox like grin.

"For your information I already know about Sora and his interest. He actually came to me for advice. Something I can probably assume Kaji's never done with you," Sasuke said feeling smug because he knows that for a fact.

"Maybe...but that's because my son doesn't need advice. He's got natural skills. Just like his dad," Kyuubi gloated.

"Pft...you never had the chance to have 'skills'. You were asexual until you met my brother. And the only reason you met him was because of me and Naruto, and my brother had an obsession with you. That's not skills that's luck," Sasuke said.

"Why you little..." Kyuubi murmured.

"And while I'm at it, you say Sora's in risk of having a baby. Well he talks to me because he wants everything to go okay with him and his interest. If Kaji doesn't talk to you how do you know he isn't at risk, hm?"

"Okay okay that's enough you two. We all have great kids who know how to act and if they make a mistake no matter how big or small we're there for them...because we're a family and that's what family does," Naruto piped in.

"Thank you Dr. Feel-better," Kyuubi said as he rolled his eyes.

Itachi came up to the group as well and pulled his ear, "Listen to Naruto Kyu-chan. Unlike you and my baby brother he actually has some sense."

"Hey!" Kyuubi protested.

"Hey!" Sasuke complained.

"Thank you Itachi-kun." Naruto said.

The next morning everyone was asleep and it didn't seem like anyone would wake up soon. The only one awake was Yoruki...or so she thought. Having already dressed for the day she was about to continue writing in her journal like she did every morning when there was a knock on her door.

"Come in," she answered.


"Kyo-chan...What are you doing up so early. I thought for sure you'd be tired after yesterday," Yoruki said.

"I's is but I's needed to let Toothless go pee," Kyosuke answered as he went to the window and looked outside, "Wooks wike he's sleepin in da shade."

"I'll let him back in for you. You go back to sleep," Yoruki offered.

"Nuh uh. Daddy says we's going somewhere," Kyosuke said.

"Where?" Yoruki asked.

"Daddy no tell. He says it surprise!" Kyosuke said excited about the idea.

"Come on then, lets see what the surprise is," Yoruki held out her hand and together they made their way downstairs where their father was waiting.

"Morning you two," Naruto greeted with a goofy smile.

"Morning dad," Yoruki replied.

"Hi daddy!" Kyosuke yelled as he ran to his father's open embrace.

"So...what's the surprise?" Yoruki asked.

"Not here. Come on we'll go for a walk," Naruto said.

"Can we's take Toothless?" Kyosuke asked.

"Sure. Go get him bud," Naruto said as he placed his youngest down.


After getting Toothless on his leash they set out. For a while it was quiet. It was early and a Sunday so the walk was peaceful with nothing needed to be said. Both Kyosuke and Toothless stopped a few times to look at something that caught their interest. It wasn't too far to where they were going. Apparently they were going to their families cemetery. Yoruki wanted to ask what they were doing here until they stopped in front of two tomb stones.

She looked at the names but didn't recognize either. Kyosuke was learning barely to read and was trying to pronounce the names engraved on the stones but finally got frustrated and decided to ask his father. "Who are's they daddy?"

"These people here son...are Yoruki's parents," Naruto replied softly.

"Ruki's...pawents? But you and papa Ruki's pawents!" Kyosuke protested.

"My...parents?" Yoruki asked in disbelief and moisten eyes.

"Yeah...see hon," Naruto knelt in front of Kyosuke, "We found Yoruki and made her a part of our family. She was born with these people...these very nice people who once saved my life. It's because of Yoruki's mom that I met your papa and had you and Sora and Yue...and now I take care of Yoruki...with all my love and affection because it was something that was meant to be."

"How...?" Yoruki asked.

"I found where they were burried and decided to bring them home...I hope you like it sweety," Naruto said.

Yoruki ran to Naruto and hugged him as hard as she could with tears running down her face, "I do like it daddy! I love it...thank you! Thank you so much...I love you and papa and Sora and Yue and Kyo-chan too, and thank you for giving me a chance to get to know them."

"We love you too babe but I know there are bound to be questions and I want you to never be afraid to ask them..." Naruto said as he returned the embrace.

"Thank you's for Ruki-chan. She's a weally good sister and I's love her berry munch! Pwease wook afta her from heaven...we'll do it from here."

Naruto and Yoruki smiled. Kyosuke folded his hands together and said a little prayer he learned in church and then picked up Toothless. They all stayed there a little longer as Yoruki and Naruto said their prayers. After a few more moments of silence they made their way back home. Once there Naruto took Kyosuke back to his crib with Toothless in tow. He passed Sora's room and saw him talking on his cell. To his boyfriend most likely. He passed Yue's room and saw her and Haruki still asleep and holding each other. Naruto smiled as he looked at those two. He saw how they acted with each other and knew that someday he and Shikamaru would end up being in-laws. He then went to his room and snuggled to his beloved raven. With a kiss that Sasuke murmured to they fell back to sleep together. It was Sunday and they weren't needed for anything that day...their lives were now peaceful now and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Yoruki picked up her pen and opened her almost full journal and began to write...

Most fairy tales are the same. There is always a bad guy who wants to ruin the good life that the good guys have. Some innocent person who has done nothing wrong to the world who gets used by some wicked person. And a good civilian that needs an amazing noble hero to save them from a horrible monster.

These same fairy tales always begin with Once Upon a Time and they end with Happily Ever After.

But really...Its never just once upon a time. It happens constantly. And happily every after?

Well Happily Ever After happens in the end of fairy tales and because of that are considered to be wishful thinking because real life never happens like a fairy tale...or at least that's what people usually think. There might not be anymore dragons or knights or actual magical witches around but the scenarios still happen.

Take me for example. I had nothing but I was found by a king and a prince and became a princess. We battled an evil and wicked monster who had been torturing people and won. The king and queen who had fallen for the sinister tricks of the monster's henchman were reunited and I met the kings daughter, his princess and now my sister and we became a bigger family full of love and care...and years later another piece of love was added to our family.

Happily ever after usually happens in the end of a fairy tale and rarely in the heart...

But where the fairy tale end, real life begins. And in the real world nothing ever ends. The ending to the adventures of people's lives ends when they die. Until then the experiences someone goes through is just another chapter...so until we die we won't know if it'll be a Happily Ever After...I used to always want to live in a fairy tale but those are filled with witches and trolls and dragons...Now I like living in the real world. Because...because in the real world I have everything I want and nothing I could ever find in a fairy tale.

This is my last entry in this journal. I've had this since we first got back to Konoha nine years ago...With our family finally complete and happy I can place a Happily Ever After for this journal. And I think I'll start my next one without the Once upon a time...

My next one will probably be about love. Finding mine. Observing the love my brother and sister found. Commenting on families reactions and so forth...I've completed my childhood and now I'm entering my teenage years...Now that's an adventure I'm not sure anyone is ready for. But no matter what happens there's one I want to make clear...

I can always recall past events to help me make decisions. I can look back to moments that I loved. I can use what I learned to help my little brother as he gets older...But I cannot go back and relive those moments. I already lived them once and they led to all of this. Even though there are times we wish we can change something we can't. Time only moves forward so wasting time wishing about going back is useless. The only thing you can do I is keep moving forward...Eventually you'll see the pattern and be able to make choices for the better. And remember: Live for today. Look forward for tomorrow...and whatever happens, don't forget.

Don't forget to smile.

Don't forget the ones you love.

Don't forget where you came from.

Don't for get to dream.

Don't forget to be happy.

Whatever happens just don't forget. Because all of those thing are what makes you the best of who you are.

Yoruki closes her journal and places down her pen. She gets up and stretches and takes a moment to listen. The house was quiet and calm. She walks towards the window and opens it. A gentle breeze passes by and feels cool on her skin and the sun feels warm. It was a perfect Sunday morning...She smiled. Deciding to change back into her pajamas for some more sleep she dressed quickly and returns under her covers. She turns to her side and looks at the picture of when they became a full family. The picture being of the day at the hospital when Kyosuke was born.

"Happily Ever After usually happens in fairy tales and rarely at the heart...I guess our family is one of the rare ones."

With that thought Yoruki closed her eyes with a content smile on her face. In a few hours everyone will be awake and they'll have chocolate chip pancakes...Yeah, live is good.


Thank you and I hope you enjoy the ride. Please be on the alert for additions to this story. Like Sora and his boyfriend. Or Yue and Haruki getting together and other stuff like that...Not like red alert...more like...uh, a less urgent color. like blue or green. I have A LOT of others stories to update but if you think I should make like one shots to answer questions that you want answered please let me know. I know for a fact that since I didn't mention who was Sora's boyfriend I'll need to make a one shot to explain that one. I mean can you imagine Sora asking Sasuke for romance advice? Or something with Kaji?

Later and be on alert for me and my stories! And not just on this account!