Incredibly vague references of season 7. You'd have to hold a magnifying glass to this in order to see them. So I'll give a spoiler warning, though I really don't think there are any spoilers.


Memories and Steps;;

So much has happened, the memories still float between them and it's like a thick wall standing in the middle of what was once their relationship. Moments are strained now, but it isn't with the awkwardness of the present. The moments are strained because the memories of the past cannot be forgotten and because of this, they can't move forward.

The harsh memories plague them, the sweet memories warm them, and the funny memories amuse them; but out of all three, it is the harsh memories that stick with them above all else. It floats just below the surface stopping them from taking the steps they so wish to take.

The memories that plague them seem to fade with whispered words of "I'm sorry" and glances that say so much more. And it's within the following days that new memories can be made without the constant ache in their hearts.

When they laugh it feels lighter, and the need to cry is nearly nonexistent. Things are better now and the slow steps they were taking have become great strides.

Alright so really this is really nothing; it was originally a piece of another story gone wrong so I cut it out because this would have taken the story in the opposite direction of what I was going for. That other story may or may not be posted soon as it sits with only a few lines now.