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Chapter 23- The Epilogue


I lay in bed absorbed in a good book. The little light by the night stand was all that flickered in here. Bella was sleeping peacefully next to me and it grew really silent. Bella and I decided to move into a cottage located in the meadow. We rebuilt the cottage that burned down during the fight and now it was our peaceful getaway not more than 5 minutes away from Carlisle's house if we ran at our vampire speed. It also allowed Bella and I to hunt frequently without worry in the meadows while Alice, Jasper, Rosalie or Emmett came and looked after our baby. It was perfect.

Suddenly a loud cry reached us and Bella stirred next to me. I closed the book and put it on the night stand before kissing Bella's shoulder whispering
"I'll go." I got up out of the bed and walked into the next room where a small cot lay in the centre of the room that was covered in beautiful yellow walls and flower designs. I reached the cot and saw my 3 month old baby daughter crying and pouting sadly as tears were flowing down her face. Judging by her cute and innocent baby thoughts she was in a dark room without her Mummy and Daddy. She was scared and lonely.

"Awww Renesmee." I cooed and picked her up, rocking her. She whimpered in my arms so I rubbed her back gently before dancing around the room with her gently as I hummed to her. I felt her relax and her beautiful brown eyes closing gently. I danced in small circles taking in this moment of joy of having her in my arms when not long ago chances were she wouldn't survive. This beautiful thing in my arms may not have even existed. I pushed that thought aside and just savored this moment with my daughter.

As I turned around with her in my arms I saw Bella leaning against the door sleepily and smiling at us.


I vaguely heard an 'I'll go' from Edward and he disappeared to see what was wrong with Renesmee.

It was some time later and he still hadn't come back so I got up and went to see what was going on. When I opened the door my heart soared. Edward was dancing with her in his arms humming to her. He turned to see me and he smiled

"She was quite tense and lonely. Thought I'd keep her company." I walked up to them and wrapped my arms around them both. Renesmee was calm now. She gurgled and let out a small little smile when she saw me then closed her eyes and went to sleep. I started recalling the day she came into our lives, changing it forever....

Edward sat behind me with me between his legs on the bed to support me as I was covered in sweat and groaning in pain. He allowed me to grip his hands during the contractions and kissed my head

"That's it. Keep breathing Bella. I'm here." He whispered lovingly. Carlisle, who was kneeling between my legs on the edge of the bed smiled

"I see the head crowning, Bella. Get ready for another big push." Alice was next to the bed dabbing my forehead with a cold wet flannel. She was also encouraging

"Go Bella, that's it." She murmured. I pushed again, crying out as I squeezed Edward's hand. Carlisle smiled

"The head is out Bella, now just need one more big push and you have your baby. Ready? push Bella. Push." I gritted my teeth and pushed again. I pushed as hard as I could and cried out louder than ever just as another huge cry blended with my own. I looked to see a baby wiggling and crying in Carlisle's arms. He looked ready to cry as well.

"Congratulations. It's a healthy baby girl." I wept as I saw the most beautiful little thing getting wrapped up by Alice in a small blanket and being given to me. I leaned back into Edward who looked just as happy and near tears. We looked down at the little bundle in front of us as she calmed down and looked back up at us. It was like she was making out who we were. Her big brown eyes shone and she was showing traces of reddish bronze hair. She really was a combination of both of us.

"My family" Edward whispered proudly. Alice came to my side to look at her smiling

"Have you got a name for her?" I smiled knowing what I wanted to do. I looked up at Carlisle who was wiping his hands on a towel.

"We both said Renee and Esme would always be remembered. Now I mean that. Her name shall be Renesmee after those two strong and beautiful women." Carlisle nodded

"It's perfect." I looked back down at the sleepy baby girl in front of me that is wiggling around and yawning

"Little Renesmee" I kissed her on the head gently.

Edward kissed my cheek bringing me back my own thoughts. I smiled up at him and whispered

"I have never been happier." He shook his head

"Me neither." We gave each other a quick kiss and continued to sway gently around the room, with Renesmee in our arms, humming together in beautiful harmonies.


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