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The Breech Chronicals

Past, Present, & Future


A long time ago, when the Earth had first been created by the White Dragon, there was peace throughout the land. Every creature that flew, walked or swam was at peace with one another, and great joy spread to every corner of the Earth. But it would not last.

A door was built in the land that the White Dragon had ordered to never be opened, as it held a great evil behind it. There was seven great years of peace before, out of foolishness and disobedience, the people opened the forbidden door.

A great evil was soon to descend upon the land, a creature of darkness, who must only be known as the Black Dragon, for speaking his name would bring death. The creature, in his cruelty and hatred, descended upon the land and its people. Darkness spread across the Earth, tainting the hearts of the creatures like a deadly poison.

After their disobedience, people turned away from their creator, the White Dragon, completely and followed after the creature of Darkness. Their hearts became bitter and black, and they turned on one another with knives and hatred. Great battles raged for days between them, till the sky's rained blood, and the grass grew red. The White Dragon felt burning sorrow as his children fought one another, killing their brothers and sisters. He soon devised a plan, to free his creatures of the Black Dragons evil, if only for a time, until the day he would slay the evil being.

The White Dragon hunted down the creature of Darkness, breathing his light into the people he passed, though most soon went back to the bloodbath. When the two dragons stood face to face, the White Dragon offered himself as a sacrifice, if his people where released from the Black Dragon's curse. A deal was struck between the two, but the Black Dragon was a crafty liar, and war still raged between the people as the White Dragon drew his last breath.

However, the White Dragon had already foreseen this move and was not without a plan. The sun soon broke the horizon after the mighty dragon's death. A small child could be seen on the very peak of the mountain's crest, one of the many whom the dragon had breathed his light into, and the only one whom had not returned to the fighting. The eyes of every creature were soon drawn to the boy, whom held a small dagger in one fist.

He called out to the Black Dragon, "One of Darkness, my master is gone, yet the people still fight! You've broken your vow! Return the people or I must banish you to a darkness even you cannot withstand!"

The two soon engaged in battle upon the mountain, fighting for three days straight, baring wounds. Neither the boy nor the Black Dragon surrendered.

Just as it seemed the boy had lost as the third day neared its end, a dragon's roar broke through the clashing of weapons against claws, and cries of the dying. Where the slain body of the White Dragon had once lain, was now vacant.

The Black Dragon was flung backward away from the boy by the giant talons of the White Dragon.

"You were dead!" the Black Dragon hissed, scrambling to its clawed feet.

"Yes," the White Dragon said with a nod of its majestic head, as it sat back on its haunches, wrapping its tail around the injured boy. "But to crucify one who has done no wrong… you're a fool to think you can trick me."

"You planned this," the Black Dragon hissed, outrage in his voice.

The White Dragon only nodded. "Now, it is time for you to pay the price of poisoning my people," He answered, holding one clawed hand towards his enemy.

The Black Dragon screeched, before disappearing like mist into his prison, beneath the mountain on which they stood. The people soon stopped their fighting, but the White Dragon knew it wouldn't be long before they would fight again, for the poison still lingered in their blood. He turned to the boy, his warrior, the one whom would remain eternally loyal, the one he would bless a thousand times over.

"It is time that I leave," He murmured.

"What!" the boy gasped, reaching out to grab the Dragon's leg.

"The people abandoned me for the ways of Darkness. I cannot remain with them, however, I will watch over them," He answered, watching as his people dropped their weapons, only now morning the deaths they had caused as they realized what they had done. The Dragon continued, "I want you to watch over them, and protect them for me, in my absence. You have been the only creature to remain faithful to me, thus you will be the only one I shall reveal myself to. You and your heirs will be my messenger to this world, my world. I have already given you what you require for this task."

"But Master," the boy said, reaching out to touch the Dragons leg. "You've yet to give me one thing. What is my name?"

The White Dragon chuckled, and gently rested a clawed hand on the boy's head. "Your name is Izan Breech, and you and your offspring will carry on the sacred name of the Breech's till the end of time."

The boy gave a single nod, and smiled. The White Dragon smiled back, before spreading his seven sets of wings, and leaving for his home in the stars.

Chapter 1

Of Life, Death, and Dragon Eyes

The new mother was still panting and screaming as her second child was brought into the world. She had known for a long time that she was with child, but never in her wildest dreams, imagined she was with twins. The first to come was a beautiful girl, with soft ebony tufts of hair. Her body was small, and fair, and would one day be the envy of every woman alive. Thus she was named Zelda.

The second child came only minutes after the first. A brilliant baby boy, with golden locks like its fathers. Even as an infant he was strong looking, a child built for battle and destruction. Thus he was named Kasimir… but something was wrong with the poor mother's son.

The doctor turned to her, sadness upon his sullen face. He did not wish to bring such news upon the poor exhausted woman, but there was no way to help it. The woman stared at him, seeing the pain in his eyes, and looked down at her infant son in his arms. "Miss Windcraft," He began, as she pushed herself up on the bed, despite her pain and exhaustion. "Your son is a still-born."

Tears welled up in the woman's eyes, and she screamed her pain, as her mother stood beside her, trying to comfort her. The infant girl began to cry as well, though not because of her screaming mother. She could feel her dead brother's soul in the room, passing off into the world without her. She already missed him, her womb mate, and the loneliness was quickly setting into her heart.

Not far away, Logan Breech sat at his desk, scribbling meaningless notes to royals. He knew his child was being born at this moment, he could feel its strong energy in the air, though he didn't know he'd sired more than one offspring. He wanted, more than anything, to be with his beloved, as she brought his child to this world, but he couldn't. She had cast her love for him aside, choosing her parents and brother over him. Thus, the joy of feeling his child's life spread through the air, was bittersweet.

A small smile was spread across his lips, as he continued to write, but it was then that he felt it. Death. Death filled the air like a horrible smell, telling him his child was dead. His whole body froze in shock, and horror. "No," He whispered, as every Breech Ghost in the house stopped. His dead mother across from him, sprung from her seat sending the wood chair sprawling across the room. He stayed frozen where he was, hardly believing his child was dead, and his heart refused to beat.

Through the pain of his loss he failed to feel the life of his first child still pulsing through the air. There was too much despair to feel the joy, and he jumped from his chair, dashing out of the castle. Once outside, he stopped, staring up at the sky. There was the typical Celestial Lights flickering like multicolored flames, that were always present during the birth of a Breech… but every star in the sky was gone, and the three moons were blood red. A Breech was dead.

The man's knee's went weak, something that had only happened twice in his whole life, and he fell to the ground. He could not fathom the reason behind this loss, why the White Dragon had allowed it to happen, nor did he want to. He tipped his head back and screamed his pain to the world. He roared so loud that it split the cords in his throat, but he didn't care. The sound of his pain reverberated across the entire continent, for what felt like hours. Though time seemed to disappear in that moment, so it was unclear how long he truly cried.

The pain in his heart was more than he could hold, even for a creature as strong as a Breech. He'd lost his love, and his child, so what more was there to live for? And with that pain fresh and horrible in his mind, he collapsed to the ground, his heart shattered like glass on stone. The moons became so dark with his death, that they seemed to have died as well… and the only thing left was the Lights, trying their hardest to keep the sky alive.

Fifteen Years Later

A crowd gathered at the center of Linnlore Valley, intent upon hearing the words of the red clad Imperial Guard. All was silent as he stepped up onto the announcement platform, pulling an envelope out of one pocket, and nailing the letter inside to the announcement board.

Standing outside the large crowd of people stood a girl. She wore a light gray cloak around her shoulders, though it was mid-summer and the scorching sun was surely cooking her alive, but as she pushed the hood back her grave features gave no indication she was hot. Her silky ebony hair fell all the way down her back, as her full lips drew into a tight unpleased line. Her sharp feline features became harsher as she glared at the Imperial Guard, making her look like a lioness preparing to pounce.

But none of that was what made the people around her shrink back in fear as she moved towards the announcement platform to hear the Guard speak. It was her eyes that made them tremble in her presence.

The cat-like orbs were green around the thin narrow pupil, and faded to crimson red further out, as if stained by ones blood. When she blinked you could often see her second transparent set of eyelids sweep across the corneas. There was a name for this deformity, this curse; Dragon Eyes they were called. They were the reason why everyone in Linnlore Valley feared her. Such eyes where often said to be a mark placed upon a person by a Demon, or other such dark creatures, as a reminder of a payment the person owed.

This girl could think of no reason why she would owe a Demon, though, so she dismissed it as folk tale.

However at the moment, the villagers fear was of no concern to her, only the Imperial Guard that stood before them. "People of Linnlore Valley!" He called out. "I have come from the King's court to bring you good news!"

The villagers whispered to each other quietly for a moment before redirecting their attention back to the Guard.

"It has been announced that Prince Howard will soon be taking the throne of our great country, Camia!" the Guard called out. Joyous, if not slightly apprehensive, words spread throughout the crowed, but the girl simply stared with an emotionless dark expression on her face.

"What's more, the Prince has decided that for his first order of business he will be moving the capital to Linnlore Valley itself!" the Guard gave a pause for the people to cry out in excitement. "He has announced that the royal family will now be moving into Castle Lael within four day's time!"

There was a sudden silence so thick it was nearly visible.

"Do not fear!" the Guard continued, "The Prince plans to bring many magicians to rid the Castle of the Breech's evil magic."

He might have said more, but was soon interrupted. "The Breech's will not appreciate the Prince invading their home with intent to make it his own," the Girl's voice rang throughout the square. The Guard turned to look at her, along with half the villagers present.

"The Breech's are dead," the Guard said, glaring at her viciously. "The Prince does not fear the dead! He comes to rid your town of the dark shadow their Castle casts upon your homes, and bring a new light to you all!"

"The Prince is a fool if he thinks he can simply walk in and take what is not his!" the Girl snarled. "He tampers with things that are not to be tampered with!" The girl felt a hand land on her shoulder, as a boy broke through the crowd.

"Enough Zelda," He hissed in her ear, burgundy hair brushing her cheek and causing the cold look on her face to soften. "Come with me, before they arrest you for treason."

Zelda could tell he was angry, by the sharp, almost unnoticeable edge in his rich voice. She nodded once, not looking away from the Guard until she spun around. She followed the retreating back of the older boy with burgundy hair, until they broke through the crowd, and turned the corner.

He stopped and twisted to face her, as she walked into his strong broad chest, not being fast enough to stop her feet. She had to tilt her head all the way back to look up into his amethyst eyes that burned with anger and slight panic. His soft, almost feminine, features were beautiful and mysterious, the slight stubble giving him a rugged look. If Zelda had not been so accustomed to his handsome face she might have stared far longer than was socially acceptable, however she'd known him her entire life.

"By your eyes I see you are intending to yell at me, Zeke," She said, folding her arms behind her back.

"Your damn right I am," He snarled through clenched teeth. "Are you insane? You don't insult the Prince in front of his Guards, Zelda!"

Zelda's second lids slid over her eyes, which might have frightened anyone but Zeke. After a moment she smiled, exposing overly sharp white teeth. "I'm not afraid of them, Zeke," She murmured, and walked past him, her shoulder brushing his muscular arm. "Besides, it's true! They'll be facing far more in the Breech's Castle than I think they realize, and it's quite unintelligent of them to do so. Although that doesn't mean I won't be smiling when Castle Lael spits their corpses back out like molded bread."

Zeke sighed behind her. "Zelda," He said, his voice exhausted.

She twisted around to face him, and paused to look into his exotic violet eyes, before reaching one hand out to brush a lock of his hair behind his ear. "Don't worry about me Zeke," She whispered. "I'll be fine."

Zeke knew trying to change her mind would get him nowhere, so instead he reached up, taking her hand in his own. "Just keep your mouth shut next time," He whispered, before pulling her closer and placing a kiss on her temples.

She laughed once, before twisting out of his arms. "I make no promises!" She responded, waving a finger in the air as she walked away. "But I will relent to your wishes, and… try to keep my mouth shut."

Zeke shook his head, smiling fondly after her, before jogging to catch up with her long strides. Throwing one arm over her shoulder he leaned to whisper in her ear. "It'll be fall soon," He said, causing a smile to brake across her face.

"Yes," Zelda whispered. "My second favorite season of the year."

"And your birth season," He said, pulling her closer as they walked towards one of the more populated roads.

"Eh, so what?" Zelda murmured, as Imperial Soldiers began marching down the road before them, not allowing them to cross.

"Your excited," Zeke teased, ruffling her ebony hair.

"Perhaps," She answered, smiling up at him, as she broke away from his grasp. Their playful banter stopped as they watched a large wagon pass loaded with siege engine parts.

"They're all fools," Zelda whispered. Zeke looked over at her, as he stared into her sharp Dragon eyes.

He sighed. "Don't let them hear you say that," He murmured.

"I'll speak as I like. They've no power over my mouth," Zelda answered, as the wagon passed by them.

Zeke opened his mouth to speak, but seemed to think better of it.

When the soldiers finally passed Zelda sighed, before shaking her head. "Fools," was all she said, as they disappeared around the bend. She quickly crossed the road, Zeke following her, confused, as they disappeared behind the next building.

The next morning was only just beginning, as light shown through the small window at the far side of Zelda's tiny room. She shifted in her bed under the old frayed quilt, until her bright eyes peeked out from under the edge. She didn't want to wake up just yet, but the crow outside her window squawked loudly, as if demanding her attention.

She turned her eyes to the window, as the creature spread its wings and flew off. She stared at the sun that was just barely peeking over the horizon, enjoying the soft colors for a moment, before flinging the blanket off herself. She lay there for a while, covered only by her thin white nightgown, before pushing herself up and letting her legs hang over the edge of the bed.

She let her mind wander for several long minutes, as she did every morning, before touching her fingertips together and quietly murmuring a prayer. She pushed herself off the bed, changing out of her nightclothes, and into the indigo blouse and tan pants she'd prepared last night. She quickly pulled on her cloak, fastening it around her throat with a silver dragon pendent. The pendent was the most precious thing she owned, and she didn't often wear it. Today however she'd decided differently. She pulled on her knee-high black boots, fastening the cow horn buttons, before looking over at her reflection in the tiny mirror on the wall.

She walked over to it, gently picking through her hair. It wasn't that out of place, but then again it never was, since her hair tended to stay nice even during sleep. She quickly twisted her hair into a bun at the back of her head, fastening it with a metal clip.

She twisted and headed towards the door, opening it slowly so it wouldn't make much sound. She walked quietly down the rich hall of her grandmother's house, listening as her bedroom door swung shut on its own because of the slightly crooked doorway. The hall was quiet, save for the clicking of her boots against the wood flooring, and the swish of her cloak as it brushed her ankles.

Zelda paused at the stairwell, listening intently for the clink of colliding tea cups and dishes with silverware. It wasn't long before her ears were rewarded. She drummed her fingers on the stairwell railing in thought, before heading down.

When she reached the last step she paused, staring at the high-backed chair sitting in the center of the room, facing the fireplace. She watched as a gloved hand reached out, setting a tea cup on a small table beside the chair, though its owner remained unseen.

"Zelda," an old voice spoke, though the tone was sharp and unkind. It was no stranger to her.

"Yes Grandmother," She confirmed, hoping the old woman would let her go quickly. "You're up rather early today."

"Indeed," came the faceless answer. "My son, Hunter, is returning home today. The King has granted him two day's leave from the Imperial Guards before they raid Castle Lael. I want you out of sight when he comes home. Understand?"

"Of course Grandmother," Zelda murmured, her voice emotionless and unpromising. "I do not wish to meet Uncle Hunter again as much as he wishes to meet me. I will… disappear." A devious smile spread across her lips, as her eyes stared at the high-backed chair malignantly.

"Good, now go," her Grandmother answered. A hand appearing from behind the chair, as it waved for her to leave, more than ready to be rid of her presence.

Zelda bowed, though it was mocking, and turned towards the double doors on the right wall of the room. She walked down a second hall, covered with beautiful tapestries and antiques, while at the end of the hall stood two large cherry wood double doors leading into the courtyard.

As she pushed through the doors, the morning sunlight greeted her, playing in her hair and casting her shadow across the grass.

Servants scurried across the lawn attending to their duties and trying their best to pretend Zelda didn't exist. She crossed the courtyard to the stables, the strong musk of horse dung, leather tackle and hay assaulting her nose as she swung the doors open. She paced down the aisles her eyes deadly sharp, as the animals fidgeted when she passed them. Only one of them stood still and tall, excitedly awaiting her arrival as it threw its head over the door to its stall.

The huge snow white mare was nearly twice the size of the other horses in the stable, with strong long legs and broad shoulders. Its silvery mane glistened in the sunlight that shown through the small window in the back of its stall, making the creature seem unearthly and powerful. It would have been the pride of any king's stable, except for the creature's wicked spirit that only Zelda was able to tame, its only physical imperfection was the fist-sized black dot on its forehead. It whickered as it stomped its silver hooves against the ground, happy to see its master.

"Hello Sorcha," Zelda murmured, as she reached a hand out, gently touching the beast's velvet pink nose. It drew back, as Zelda opened the gate and wrapped her arms around the beast's neck, though she had to stand on tip-toe to do so.

Zelda drew back after a moment, pulling a blanket off the shelf in Sorcha's stall, and laid it over her back. She quickly threw a saddle over the blanket, latching it around the horse's lean belly. Even with the support of the saddle though, getting on the horses back was a difficult task.

Zelda pulled a step up to the side of the horse with her foot, and only with the added height was she able to pull herself onto the horses back. When she was in her seat, fingers tangled in Sorcha's soft silver mane, the horse moved forward out of its stall.

As they stepped out into the courtyard, Zelda could see Linnlore Valley in the distance, sitting just a few fields away from Lake Lael. She could see Castle Lael sitting in the center of the lake, its seven towers built so high they pierced the clouds that passed and sent large shadows across the pristine water. A large wall of violet stone surrounded the castles internal buildings, its gate of steel and ebony wood facing towards town. In the center of the giant fortress was a building just tall enough to peek over the top of the walls, its roof made, most likely, of gold as it glittered in the morning sunlight.

Zelda's eyes were soon drawn away from the castle though, and to the encampment built at the lake's shore, near the black and purple obsidian bridge that lead straight to the gates of Castle Lael. Bright red tents where erected everywhere, and people where passing back and forth between them, performing their morning duties.

Zelda pulled her eyes away from the disturbing sight, and headed down the stone paved road towards Linnlore Valley.

As she entered the pitiful town, she realized quickly that the entire place was polluted with Imperial Soldiers, as they crowded the small streets. She was tempted to have Sorcha kick a few of them so she could get through, but held her temper.

"Zelda!" She heard Zeke's voice call from behind her. She twisted to see him running out the door of the bread bakers shop, waving at her frantically with one hand, the other occupied with stuffing a roll in his mouth.

Zelda held out a hand, and Zeke took it, struggling to pull himself up on Sorcha's back. When he was seated behind Zelda, a bread chunk hanging out the side of his mouth, he asked, "Your late, where ya been?"

Zelda groaned. "I couldn't get through the streets," She complained, nudging Sorcha's flanks with her heals. Zeke grunted in understanding, as he stuffed the last piece of his roll in his mouth. "Oh guess what! I've been banned from the house," Zelda said, leaning back into Zeke's chest, as he wrapped one arm around her waist.

"What did you do?" He accused, around the bread in his mouth, before swallowing.

"Nothing this time," Zelda replied, smiling up at him deviously. "Dear old Uncle Hunter is coming home before the Soldiers raid Castle Lael, and she doesn't want me anywhere near him. Out of sight, out of mind right?"

Zeke shrugged before brushing bread crumbs off his pants, and wrapping his other arm around Zelda's waist. "You gonna' sleep at my place for a while then?" He asked, resting his chin on the top of her head.

"Hmm, probably not," She answered, watching the soldiers suspiciously, as if they would suddenly pull out a weapon and jab her with it. "Your dad and I don't really get along, in case you hadn't noticed. We don't want a repeat of last time I stayed over," Zelda said, frowning at the memory of her and Zeke's father getting into a physical brawl. It hadn't ended well for either party; Zelda fought like a lioness but the old man fought dirty.

Zelda could feel Zeke's jaw tighten, as his arms wrapped more firmly around her waist. She knew it was a silent apology, even though they both knew it wasn't his fault. She nuzzled further back in his embrace, resting her head between his neck and shoulder. The smell of shaving cream and sweat flooded her nose, as she noticed Zeke had shaved his stubble off, exposing his tan skin.

They were silent as the wove their way through town, taking longer than they usually would, before they had to come to a complete stop in front of the blacksmiths shop.

"Looks like it's going to be a busy day," Zelda observed, as the crowd of Imperial Soldiers gathered at the entrance, trying to buy better weapons before the raid on Castle Lael. Zelda didn't blame them, but she still thought they were fools. She had a feeling that the Breech's wouldn't use anything to guard their home that could be stopped with a blade. She didn't voice her thoughts though, as they locked Sorcha in the horse pen with the blacksmiths scraggly brown mare, before pushing through the crowd.

When they finally made it to the door, they came face to face with the anger of the blacksmith, Armando. His rough muscular features where pulled into hard angry lines, as he glared at the both of them. He let his hammer fall onto the blade of an unfinished sword, before he snarled, "Where the hell have you two been?" He wiped his hands on his grimy brown apron as they spoke.

"Sorry sir," Zeke answered, as Zelda's eyes narrowed dangerously. "We were held up."

The blacksmith grunted, before throwing two leather aprons at them. "Well get to work! Zeke take them soldiers orders, Zelda stoke the fires," Armando said pointing between them. "And whatever you do, girl, don't talk to 'em, got it? I don't want ya scarin' away me customers again!"

Zelda's eyes flashed, her pupils dilating into tiny slits, as she did her best to hold back her agitation. If it had been anyone but the blacksmith they might have backed away in fright at the sight of her shifting eyes, but the old man was too stubborn to fear her, and was the only one daring enough to order her around. Though it was obvious he didn't like her, as he looked at her with eyes of disgust. Truthfully the only he kept her around was because of her unusual upper arm strength.

"Of course sir," She answered, as she unclasped her cloak, and dropped it on her work table. Zeke gave her a warning look that she could feel but not see, as she did as she was told.

It was nearly nightfall by the time Zeke and Zelda where released for the day. All the Imperial Soldiers had gone back to camp and the roads were nearly desolate, as people retreated inside. Zeke and Zelda enjoyed this time of day, the moment between day and night, as the sun made its last battle for the sky before retreating until tomorrow.

Zelda wiped a drop of sweat from her brow, as they heard the blacksmith closing up the shop for the night, before heading for his bed in the back room. She walked towards Sorcha who looked eager to head home, as she waited at the gate. Zeke walked up behind her, helping her onto the horses back.

"Do you need a ride home?" Zelda asked, as Zeke leaned on Sorcha's neck.

He paused to think, before shaking his head. "Dad didn't get paid this week," Zeke answered. Zelda nodded, as Zeke looked down at his feet, his brows drawing together. For anyone who didn't know him, they wouldn't have understood the words behind what Zeke had said, but Zelda did. The rough translation being, "He's going to be pissed all week and I don't want him to hurt you when he flies into a fit of rage."

"We could go camp out by the lake tonight," Zelda suggested.

Zeke shook his head, his burgundy hair falling in his face. "I'd better head home," Zeke answered, which could either translate into "I don't want to make him madder than he already is" or "I don't want him burning down the house again."

Zelda sighed loudly, letting her irritation show on her face. "Alright, just… be careful ok?" She murmured.

Zeke looked up at her, giving her a smile that would have made the heart of any other girl skip a beat or two. "Always am," He answered, before reaching up to tug on a lock of Zelda's ebony hair.

Zelda leaned down to kiss his forehead before he turned and started to walk away. "Oh hey!" Zeke said, twisting back around to look at her. "Good luck with Hunter."

Zelda laughed once. "I don't need luck, I need a miracle," She answered darkly, "but thanks anyway."

Zeke smiled at her, and she smiled back before they parted ways. Zelda spurred Sorcha forward, enjoying the night and the symphony of chirping crickets and the bird's last songs before bed.

It was nearly dark by the time she'd reached her Grandmothers mansion, and locked Sorcha in her stall. Zelda quietly crept across the courtyard, avoiding anything that might give her away. As she rounded the side of the house a pile of firewood came into view, and she climbed it with ease, despite the darkness. She pulled herself up on the rooftop, moving quietly across the wood tiles, till she came to the window of her room.

Prying it open gently, Zelda crawled through the opening, landing silently on the old rug she'd placed in front of the window. She quietly shut it again, unclasping her cloak, and tossing it at the foot of her bed. She quickly dressed in her nightgown, then walked back over to the window.

In the blanket of black the three moons stood out. The biggest moon, Neiva, stood highest in the sky, glittering like a great green and purple gem. The smaller twin moons, Kishi and Kenji lingered lower in the sky, sticking close in the summer night, and glowing like two white opals amidst the dust-like stars.

"Goodnight," Zelda whispered, though, to whom she was talking to was unclear even to herself. She turned away from the sky, crawling into bed, and tugging her quilt tightly around herself. It wasn't long before she drifted into the silent realm of sleep.

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