Notes: A certain relaxing of the "rules" is necessary, since I'm combining elements of two different vampire series. So there will be a few surprises.

Summary: The Maaka siblings transfer into Youkai Academy as Moka's guests. Surely 'normal' vampires can't disrupt things too much, right? Tsukune and the girls are of a different opinion.

Rosario Red

A Karin / Rosario and Vampire Crossover by

Nate Grey (xman0123-at-aol-dot-com)

Chapter 1: New Students

Tsukune didn't like to admit it, but his life had fallen into something of a routine (despite how far from normal it actually was). He went to class with Moka (and got molested a bit along the way), sat in class with Moka (and got molested some more), and walked back to his dorm (with some molesting thrown in just to keep up the pattern). It wasn't entirely unwelcome molesting, though. Deep down, Tsukune understood that Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari all loved him, perhaps just as deeply as Moka did. But that was part of the reason why he had yet to make his feelings known. They were all his cherished friends, and he didn't look forward to hurting any of them. Yet he also knew that the constant interference would eventually hurt his relationship with Moka, and that was the bond that he treasured above all others.

Moka's frustration was obvious, but being Moka (or at least the kinder Moka, anyway), she had not pressured Tsukune to make a choice in some time. She was happy with the arrangement, but clearly not as happy as she could be.

It was utterly pointless to ask the other girls to back off: Kurumu always took great offense, Yukari would threaten to burst into tears, and while Mizore could be convinced to step back, it was only so she could stare from the nearest conveniently located bush.

Tsukune was beginning to fear that the pattern would never change. When it did, however, not only was he completely unprepared for it, but so were the girls. And while Tsukune would never admit it out loud, anything that could dislodge the girls from him for more than five minutes was just fine with him.

Moka was ten minutes late that morning. This was not terribly odd, but odd enough that Tsukune began to worry. Partially because he was concerned, but also because this meant he was alone with Kurumu for three solid minutes, in which time he very nearly lost his clothing, free will, and virginity. Thankfully, he was somehow still fully dressed (yet thoroughly groped) by the time Moka finally did show up.

Only, she didn't show up alone.

There were three other people with her: two girls and an older boy, all wearing school uniforms, falsely bright smiles. Tsukune noticed with growing alarm that the older girl wore a blood-red rosario around her neck.

"Um, good morning, Tsukune, Kurumu-chan," Moka said, laughing nervously and giving them a little wave. "Sorry I'm late, but I'm helping my cousins here adjust. They're transfer students, you see."

Tsukune wasn't sure what to think as he looked at the newcomers. They did not seem especially threatening, but then, he'd thought the same thing about each of the girls, and had been proven wrong over and over again.

Kurumu frowned and clung tightly to Tsukune's arm. "So they're all S-Class vampires, too?" she asked, fearing more competition for Tsukune, especially from the busty redhead in the middle.

"Oh, no, of course not!" Moka said quickly. "Well, that is, they aren't S-Class..."

Kurumu's eyes narrowed. "But they ARE vampires!"

"Yes," Moka agreed easily enough. "Is that really so surprising? Don't you have friends among your own kind, Kurumu-chan?"

Kurumu frowned, since the answer to that was a firm no. Succubi were highly competitive, and barely got along with their own relatives. Friends were almost entirely out of the question.

Starting to feel the tension in the air, Tsukune stepped forward to introduce himself, but was dragged away by a surprisingly determined Kurumu.

Moka watched them go with a frown. "This might be harder than I thought. But I don't understand it. Why would Kurumu-chan act that way? I thought she trusted me."

A small hand tugged lightly on Moka's skirt. "Moka onee-sama, we're going to be late."

Moka blinked and looked down at her smallest companion. "Ah, you're right, Anju-chan. I'm sorry." She started walking, not even noticing that she wasn't immediately followed.

Anju turned to the redhead. "Onee-chan, she said she had lots of friends. So why does she look so lonely?"

The older girl shook her head. "I'm not really sure, Anju."

"It's because she's involved with that human," the young man said, sounding disgusted as he walked past them. "I warned you two that no good can come of it. Now you see what it can do to even the mightiest of our kind. Such a waste."

If Tsukune felt crowded before, he felt absolutely smothered now. He hadn't been able to shake Kurumu off until they were in homeroom, and that was only because it was physically impossible for them to share the same desk. Yukari and Mizore hadn't approved, at least, not until Kurumu had told them about the two new female students. Then the two girls had run off to "secure the perimeter," whatever that meant. Tsukune figured they wouldn't do anything too terrible, since Moka was with the new students. That didn't really keep him from worrying, though.

He was very much relieved when Nekonome asked the class to quiet down so she could introduce the new students. That meant they'd survived, so far.

"I understand that our three transfer students are being sponsored by Akashiya Moka-san's family, so be sure to show them the same respect that you've shown her. Let's see, first is Maaka Anju. If she seems a little young, it's because she tested well above her grade level, so we're extremely proud to have her here with us!"

The classroom door slid open, and a small girl with long, silver hair walked in, dressed entirely in black. She immediately drew the class's attention, less because of how short and cute she was, and more because of the odd doll she was carrying. Instead of stopping in front of the classroom to introduce herself, Anju proceeded through the desks directly to Moka, who lifted the girl into her lap without even a trace of discomfort.

"Um, next we have Maaka Karin," Nekonome continued. "It says here that she suffers from frequent fainting spells and nosebleeds, so I would ask you all to be extra considerate of her needs."

The response to Karin's entrance was mixed: some students licked their lips at the thought of a cute girl who regularly spewed blood, and others licked their lips at the thought of a cute, top-heavy girl that fainted regularly. Karin did at least stay at the front of the room so others could see her, but looked rather nervous as she bowed and murmured, "Please take good care of me!"

"Finally, we have-"

"Maaka Ren, and that's all you need to know," interrupted the young man that walked in and slammed the door shut. He was greeted by an immediate chorus of heartfelt sighs from the female students, but largely ignored them due to his foul mood (although some might've considered it a foul nature overall).

Nekonome frowned a little. "But I haven't even-"

Ren cut her off with a sharp look... one that quickly turned into sly smile. "Neko-sensei, teaching this class must be very... stressful for you."

The teacher blinked, her ears twitching as blood rushed into her cheeks. "W-Well, maybe a little. And please, it's Nekonome-sensei!"

"We are free to choose our own seats, correct?" Ren moved before she could answer, comfortably seating himself at her desk.

Nekonome pouted childishly. "Maaka-san, that's my seat!"

"I know," Ren replied calmly. "I just want to be as close to you as possible, Neko-sensei. Purely for learning purposes, of course. Hopefully, your irresistible beauty won't be too much of a distraction for me. You don't mind, do you?"

"S-So long as you're learning," Nekonome stammered, curling and uncurling her tail anxiously.

"Oh, I am," Ren said softly and seductively, causing several girls in the front row to swoon. He frowned abruptly, noticing the disapproving stare Karin was giving him, and rolled his eyes. "Neko-sensei, we should all take our seats now, shouldn't we? Please remind my sister of this, as she can be a little slow at times."

"Oh, yes!" Nekonome quickly agreed, turning to Karin. "Maaka-san number two, please go ahead and find a seat."

Karin opened her mouth to protest, noticed the way Nekonome was glancing fondly at Ren, and promptly gave up. Sighing, she walked to the back of the classroom, where several boys instantly jumped up and offered their seats to her. Karin took the one in front of Kurumu, who scowled and looked the other way.

From then on, class proceeded as normal... except for the frequent interruptions when Ren would "accidentally" stroke Nekonome's tail and make her forget what she was lecturing about.

Tsukune had noticed that the new vampires were fitting in rather well... sort of.

Ren was a big hit with the girls, although he only seemed interested in their teacher. Somehow, though, Tsukune doubted that Ren was a model student.

Anju and Karin didn't seem too concerned with making friends. Anju rarely let go of Moka for more than a few minutes, and when she did, she would vanish suddenly and return just as abruptly moments later, with no explanation of where she'd gone. Tsukune caught the little girl staring at him a few times, though she did not appear to be hostile, just observant.

Karin's illness must have been quite a bother, because she was visibly nervous and jumpy most of the time. Throughout the day, Tsukune saw her clamp her hand over her nose with little warning. Moka would then grab Karin and haul her to the nearest restroom. They'd done this at least four times before lunch, but Karin did seem a little calmer when she returned from these trips.

So did Moka, for that matter.

Tsukune was so distracted by the new students that he almost completely forgot about the one part of his routine that remained fairly constant. He didn't remember until lunch, when Moka sat down next to him with a tray filled with regular food.

"Oh, Moka-san, I'm sorry!" Tsukune apologized at once. "You didn't get to have your, um, breakfast today, did you?" he asked, laughing nervously and tugging at his collar.

Moka blinked slowly, then shook her head and smiled. "It's sweet of you to offer, Tsukune, but I'm fine. I'm actually quite full today." With that, she slid her tray over to Karin and Anju, who stared at its contents for a moment before picking out what they wanted.

Tsukune just stared at Moka curiously. For her to be full, she'd have to have gotten a lot of blood to drink. And while he trusted Moka completely not to hurt anyone without excellent reason, the idea bothered him. He couldn't ever recall her saying that she was full, just satisfied. "A-Are you sure you don't want a little, Moka-san? I mean, I don't mind. Much. Not really."

Moka hesitated before answering. "I-I shouldn't, Tsukune."

He frowned. "Why not?"

"Because I really AM full, and if I bit you right now, it would just be an excuse to nibble on your neck, and I don't think Kurumu-chan would appreciate that much."

Tsukune's mouth fell open. "O-Oh. I see," he murmured slowly. Currently, Kurumu was off re-training her mob of boys to be more obedient, after that morning's sudden betrayal. "Well, is this new source somehow tastier to you?"

For no reason that he could see, Karin suddenly fumbled the apple she was holding, her face nearly as red as her hair.

Moka looked at the girl in alarm. "Karin, do you need to...?"

"N-No!" Karin blurted out, shaking her head wildly. "I'm fine, really!"

No one said anything for several seconds, until Anju finally sighed.

"Tsukune-san, there is no need to feel uneasy," she said. "Moka onee-sama's alternate source was selected only out of convenience and necessity, not flavor. She still prefers your taste."

It was Tsukune's turn to go bright red. "Uh, she told you that?"

"It's something a relative should know, in case of emergency."

Tsukune could certainly understand that, as emergencies seemed to happen on a daily basis in Youkai Academy. But he was a little concerned about Moka being so open with other vampires. What if they wanted to taste him, too? He was tempted to ask right then, but convinced himself that Moka would warn him if that were ever the case.

Although he still jumped a little when both Karin and Anju asked for seconds.

Mizore was not sure what to make of the new vampires, at first. It had been fairly easy to figure out what they were: Karin's rosario, Ren's unmistakable sway over girls, and the way Anju clung to Moka were all dead giveaways. So long as none of them were actively pursuing Tsukune, or otherwise causing problems for him, she was willing to overlook them.

Except that she couldn't, because without warning, she began to find bats in all of the best hiding places around the school. Granted, they were highly indifferent bats, and did not seem at all bothered by the subzero temperatures that tended to surrounded Mizore at odd intervals. She had actually poked one several times, and its only reaction had been to brush her finger away with a wing, as if she were only a slight annoyance. It was in this way that Mizore figured out what the bats were so absorbed in: they were observing the students.

Well, that was wrong. They were observing certain students: the Maaka siblings, Moka, and, to a certain extent, Tsukune (practically unavoidable if one were watching Moka).

Mizore was concerned, naturally. That is, until Anju walked up to her shortly after lunch, carrying a pair of expensive night vision binoculars, and said, "I'll give you these if you stop poking my bats, and agree to share your hiding spots."

Five minutes later, Mizore, Anju, and several bats were hidden behind a bush, watching as Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu, and Karin walked past on their way back to class.

Moka glanced over her shoulder and smiled. "It's good that Anju-chan is making friends already, isn't it?"

Karin murmured her agreement, but Kurumu just scowled, clutched Tsukune's arm a little tighter, and refused to respond.

Nekonome was surprisingly strict with every latecomer returning from lunch, and her tail was as stiff as a board.

Ren no longer interrupted her lessons, but there was a large, satisfied smile on his face, and for some reason, his eyes kept straying to the two, new, tiny moles on the teacher's neck...

Yukari didn't normally skip class, but she felt that an exception was necessary this time. The new vampires had proven quite resilient to her efforts to separate them from Moka. Any pots and pans dropped on them were always caught by some rather conveniently located bats.

Ren, at least, seemed obsessed with the teacher, so that was a small relief. But Karin was around Moka almost as much as Tsukune was, and Anju even got hold Moka's hand and sit in her lap!

Moka wouldn't even let Yukari hug her for five minutes straight (although there was admittedly some minor groping involved), so it hurt to see that some other girl her size had somehow gotten closer to Moka than Yukari ever had.

So Yukari had decided to step up her game a bit, and take more drastic measures. First, she went to the library to do some research on vampires. She knew many things about Moka, of course, but the Maakas were clearly a bit different from her. If nothing else, only Karin wore a rosario, and Yukari suspected it served a slightly different function than Moka's. From the little Moka had mentioned about her family, most of them had similar or greater power than her own, so it seemed odd that Karin would need to contain her true power while her siblings would not.

Even though Yukari found several books on vampires right away, most of it was information that she already knew. Surprisingly, Yukari found the most relevant passage in a book by a human author, who seemed especially knowledgeable on the subject, all things considered.

"'The vampire is a largely misunderstood creature, due partially to their natural mystique and aloofness, as well as the frequent demonization of their kind by humans and fellow monsters alike. Perhaps the greatest misconception is that all vampires are terribly powerful and wicked. This is completely false. Some vampires, especially those that are converted rather than naturally born, are barely any stronger than humans. There are even vampires that live among humans in plain sight, taking only as much blood as is necessary, and generally going entirely unnoticed. The explanation for this is rather simple: vampires can vary greatly in power and disposition. There exist in this world vampires so beyond normal measure that they simply cannot die or remain dead for very long. At the same time, there are vampires who are quite mortal and display a wide range of weaknesses. Knowing the difference is usually, ironically enough, something only an experienced vampire hunter would have a talent for.'"

Yukari grinned as she snapped the book shut. "This is perfect! The reason they're so different from Moka must be because they aren't as strong as her! They must need her to protect them! That's why that Anju is so clingy! I bet it'll be easy to separate them, once I-"

"I cannot allow that."

Yukari spun around to see Ren standing beside her chair, eyeing her like she was a rather curious bug that needed to be squashed. "What are you doing here?!"

"Stopping you from making a very poor choice in judgment, apparently." Ren narrowed his eyes. "I will be the first to admit that my sisters are nuisances. But they are my nuisances, and I will be the one to correct them when necessary. You will not interfere with us, little witch. Our connection to Moka is strictly vampire business."

"Moka belongs to ME!" Yukari snapped, glaring up at him.

He blinked and snorted loudly. "I highly doubt that. She seems far more attached to this... Tsukune boy, for some unknown reason."

Yukari sighed happily. "It's because he's cute, and sweet, and-"

"Not you," Ren murmured.

Her face fell. "So what? Moka will realize her feelings for me soon enough! You'll see!"

"All I see is a very lonely little girl. The only people you can call your friends are those constantly competing for Tsukune's heart. Personally, I find that rather tragic. One might even say you must be quite... stressed."

"I'm not stressed!" Yukari shouted, but she couldn't deny that her eyes were tearing up a bit.

"There, there, my dear," Ren pretended to sigh, patting her shoulder with very little intent to comfort. But by then, Yukari was only a step away from full-on blubbering, so it didn't matter much.

"Why... don't... they... love... me?" she sniffled, just before burying her head in his chest and sobbing loudly.

"I'm sure I don't know. I find you..." Ren paused, sniffed carefully, and scowled. "...absolutely delectable," he lied.

"R-Really?" she asked, lifting her head to reveal huge, watery eyes and an extremely runny nose.

"Sure," Ren replied, and the moment that Yukari closed her eyes in relief, he revealed his fangs and went straight for her neck.

He was done with his less than satisfactory meal, and the necessary clean-up, in just over five minutes. By then, Nekonome had joined him, and was staring at the unconscious Yukari unhappily as Ren propped her up in the chair.

"Did you have to bite her?" the teacher asked.

He scowled. "I didn't want to. She isn't really my type. I prefer more maturity in my meals."

"You didn't hesitate very long, though."

"Relax, Neko-sensei. It was necessary," Ren explained as he placed his hand on Yukari's forehead. "Now that I have bitten her, she will be more confident and less likely to cause serious problems for my sisters and I. Rest assured that you remain my favorite school time snack."

Nekonome blushed, her ears twitching happily. "So what are you going to do with her now?"

"Now that I've erased her memory of this event, nothing." Ren reconsidered as he spotted the book she'd been reading. He picked it up and frowned. "Perhaps you should keep this in your desk for a while, Neko-sensei, just in case."

More than a little curious, she accepted the book and looked at the cover. "'A Truthful History of Vampires, by F. Belmont.' I don't think I've seen this one in the library before..."

"Because it shouldn't be there to begin with," Ren pointed out, sounding mildly irritated. "The last thing that everyone needs to know about vampires is the truth."

The moment that class ended for the day, Kurumu forcefully attached herself to Tsukune's arm and dragged him outside, ignoring all of his protests and yelps of pain until they were completely alone.

"Tsukune, I don't want you near those vampires anymore!" Kurumu snapped.

"But they're harmless," Tsukune said. "Karin-san's even sick, so-"

"I don't care! Stay away from them! There's something really odd about them!"

"Like what?" he asked, genuinely confused.

"When's the last time you even heard of a vampire that got sick?!"

This was actually a very good point, Tsukune realized. "Well, I guess they're more like humans that most of us realize. They get sick. Eventually. Maybe..."

"And nosebleeds, of all things! Have you EVER heard of a vampire that leaked blood?"

"No, but Karin-san doesn't seem like she-"

Kurumu glared at him. "Tsukune, who are you going to trust, some strange vampire you don't know, or me?"

Tsukune didn't really want to trust either one at the moment. Kurumu came on strong sometimes, but this wasn't like her at all. "Moka-san likes them well enough. You trust her, don't you?" he countered.

She frowned and sighed. "To a point, but Moka's way too nice. Even if they were up to something, she'd be the last to realize it. That's why WE have to be REALLY suspicious of them, because she won't be!"

"Are you sure you're not just jealous?" Tsukune asked.

Her eyes narrowed. "Of what?" she demanded.

"W-Well, I know Moka-san is your best friend, and she hasn't had much time for you since they came, but-"

"She hasn't had much time for you, either, has she?" Kurumu was quick to point out.

Tsukune shook his head. "Actually, we were together most of the day, when you weren't dragging me away. Karin-san and Anju-chan were with us most of that time, though."

"And that doesn't bother you?"

"Not really. They seem nice enough. I think they even helped Moka-san find another source of blood."

Kurumu's eyes lit up. "Really! So she won't be sucking you dry anymore? But that means that she'll be biting someone else. Did she say who?"

"No, she didn't," Tsukune said softly, feeling uneasy. "Anju-chan only said it was more convenient, and necessary for Moka-san."

"Oh? So there's some guy that Moka just HAS to feed on, instead of you?" Kurumu asked, barely resisting the urge to smirk. "My poor Tsukune," she murmured, wrapping her arms around his neck and holding him close. "I would NEVER cheat on you."

Tsukune resisted her, but only slightly. "But, how can you say that? You have all those boys as your, um, servants."

"They don't MEAN anything to me, though," Kurumu replied. "They're a luxury, not a necessity." She looked straight into his eyes, and for once, made no attempt to use her charm powers. "I'd give them all up if you wanted to be my boyfriend, Tsukune," Kurumu told him in complete honesty.

Tsukune didn't want to believe her, but he did. Despite being with Moka most of the day, he just didn't feel the same closeness with her that he usually enjoyed. She had been so preoccupied with what Karin and Anju had been doing, which he could understand. But if Moka was going to be so busy taking care of her family that there was no room for him left in her life, Tsukune thought it might be best to consider other options. And despite some of Kurumu's past antics, she had never assigned him second place in her heart.

"D-Do you really mean that?" Tsukune whispered, blinking away the start of tears at the idea of losing Moka.

"Let my lips tell you all you need to know, Tsukune," Kurumu whispered, drawing his mouth down to hers. There was no enchantment, and no magic other than that created by the fusion of their desire for each other. Kurumu poured her heart and soul into the kiss, willing Tsukune to experience and respond to her feelings. She never would've guessed before then, but it was far more potent that any charm she'd ever used on him.

Tsukune believed, in his heart of hearts, that he loved Moka and Kurumu both, and that they felt the same for him. But while Kurumu took every chance to express that love as much as possible, Moka always held back. He would never blame her for choosing family over him, nor did he think Moka would expect him to wait for her. He was human, after all, so chances were that Karin and Anju would be around long after he was dead. Moka would want him to be happy, even if it was with someone else.

Aside from that, he simply wanted to be with someone that was devoted entirely to him, so that he would be free to do the same for them, and not feel shortchanged.

For that reason, Tsukune pushed thoughts of Moka away, and gave himself fully to the pleasure that Kurumu offered.

Neither of them noticed Mizore several feet away, a stricken look on her face, nor the small army of bats that held her back from doing something that none of her friends would ever forgive.

Gin was no stranger to the girls' restrooms at Youkai Academy. One might even say that he was intimately familiar with them, due to various stake-outs he'd performed (all for purely journalistic reasons, of course). Needless to say, he was quite curious about new girls in general, and Karin in particular. He hadn't gotten the chance to meet her yet: Karin had been with Moka all day, and for whatever reason, Moka had not bothered to introduce them.

But Gin was nothing if not determined. He had noticed that Karin used the restrooms a lot, and more often than not, Moka accompanied her inside. That was typical girl behavior, but the frequency was a bit suspicious. Surely Karin couldn't need Moka's help every single time that nature called. After all, how difficult could it be to manage a nosebleed alone?

Shortly after classes let out for the day, Gin tracked Moka and Karin to a restroom on the second floor. Fortunately, that restroom had a window, and there was a tree branch just strong enough to support Gin's weight right outside. Armed with his trusty camera, Gin scrambled up into the tree, aimed, and began to click rapidly.

The sight that awaited him was so startling that his head rocked back, his nose shooting out twins streams of blood, just before he fell out of the tree. He might have seriously hurt himself, if not for the thick cloud of bats that caught him just in time. They lowered him carefully to the ground, even as several photos floated down after them.

A small hand picked up one of the photos, and the owner studied it carefully. "He cannot remember this. It would cause many problems for us."

"Are you going to kill him, Anju? Can I do it?"

"No, Boogie-kun," Anju answered. "We simply have to make sure there is no evidence. His memory must be erased, and no one else can see these pictures. We cannot place any further burdens on Moka onee-sama."

"Looks to me like she doesn't mind having one of us around, at least," the doll pointed out.

Anju said nothing, merely staring at the photo in her hand. To Gin's eyes, it must have looked like Moka was kissing Karin passionately, and with a great deal of force. He was far too much of a pervert to ever notice that Moka's mouth was actually on Karin's nose, and that the kiss was actually more of a seal, to prevent blood from spraying everywhere. Karin's thoroughly red face didn't help matters much, nor did the way that Moka was carefully cradling Karin's head in her hands.

It would've been so easy to make an incorrect assumption from the photo, which was all the more reason to ensure that no one did. But even as her bats collected the pictures, Anju couldn't help worrying over the spark of jealousy that she suddenly felt. Even worse, she had no idea who she was more jealous of.

End of Part 1.

Next Chapter: A Handy Trick

"Maybe you shouldn't," Tsukune began to say, his eyes wide with alarm, "if it's really that dangerous, then-"

"We must," Anju interrupted, sounding perfectly calm as she watched the enormous minotaur stomp towards them. "Moka onee-sama would cry if you were hurt." With that, she reached up and tugged off Karin's red rosario.

Endnotes (or some points I may need to explain):

I was in a random forum the other day doing research for this, and came upon a topic titled "Real Vampires vs. Super Vampires." At no point was Moka mentioned, but there were some rather enlightening points. It basically boils down to two types of vampires: those that can die and have limited powers, and those that are super powerful and either never seem to die or can't stay dead for long. So I'm more or less working under the assumption that while the vampire race in general are not S-Class, a small number of them (like Moka and her family) are. The Maaka Clan would fall under the "normal" vampire category: they can die, and have limited powers. Naturally, Karin's rosario doesn't serve the exact same purpose as Moka's.