In the train, currently heading back to headquarters after a mission.

"Kanda? Could you please get me some water?" A soft voice pulled Kanda from his musings. Glancing sideways, he confirmed that it was his mission partner, Allen Walker who was calling him. Scowling, he sneered, "Che, why can't you get it yourself?"

To his surprise, Allen didn't retort back as he used to. Kanda couldn't quite keep himself from glancing sideways again, albeit slightly worried. The Moyashi had been too quiet.

Allen put his head back on the headrest in that small compartment he and Kanda shared. The Finder was standing guard outside. He barely kept from flinching when Kanda sneered. Oh, how more stupider he was? First he got caught when trying to buy a present for the sour puss sitting across him. Then he was nearly sold by human smugglers who happened to be his master's debt collectors. As if that wasn't enough, it had to be Kanda who came to save him.

Oh! He was just a nuisance to the Japanese samurai! But if only Kanda would notice him once! No, stop it! You are being SILLY!! Allen scolded himself sternly.

"Oi, Moyashi! Listen to me when I am talking!" Kanda was furious. He was talking about the mission and the Moyashi had the nerve to space out. "Don't think that everyone love you! You and your disgusting manners!"

This time, Allen did flinch from the harsh words. He felt like someone had knocked him down and trampled all over him. He knew the Japanese did not like him, but thinking him of being disgusting? Oh Lord! He felt like dying in shame.

"I am sorry," he whispered, not daring to look up into what he supposed was the furious face of Kanda Yuu. If he had only looked up, he would have seen not fury, but regret and guilt on the normally stoic face of the exorcist.

Kanda just remember that the boy had been caught by human smugglers and was almost certainly abused both physically and mentally. Even from his spot he could see a purple bruise peeking out of his collar. Not that he was concerned, dude. He just noticed.

They sat in silence for the remaining journey. Kanda have to admit (quietly) that he was surprised as well as concern when Allen expressed no wish for food. He noticed that the boy was looking listless and depressed. But he could not for the hell of him say why the observation gets him so cranky.

Allen did not comment on his behavior which was strange in itself, but extremely weird when he doesn't even argue with Kanda anymore. He just went along with every suggestion and agreed with every plan they discuss. He was so agreeable that Kanda was seriously suspecting that he wasn't the real Allen Walker.

However Kanda wasn't going to complain. If the Moyashi stayed this way, so much more the better. What was this pang of strange feelings? Of course not guilt and remorse. Who was he again? Kanda Yuu, the Ice Prince.

No matter how Kanda rationalize it, he was still thinking a lot more of him than was appropriate for Kanda. Therefore, by the time they reached the Black Order Headquarters, he was in an extremely sour mood.

Jumping out of the boat before it came to a complete stop, he headed straight to the training ground, fully intending to train until his thoughts of the Moyashi disappeared. Ignoring the yells of Komui and other scientists, he point a hand to the Moyashi who had stood silent all the while. He did not even blink when Komui waved a hand in front of him.

Lenalee looked at her brother, both with the same thought going through their head: What the hell had happened during the mission?"