In 'twenty-eight,
the public came to see

A Lord of Time,
in a duffle-coat,
dance into history


Times Square the place,
the Doc gyrates
and Kim screams out with glee.

But the traffic stopped,
he was copped
and Kim was forced to flee


But why oh why
did the Doctor dance
in the middle of the square?

The answer was,
it seems, my friends,
invaded underwear!


On a distant beach
under double suns
the travellers had rest

Not knowing
of the Macra mom,
a thumb-sized little pest


To the Doctor's inner thigh
she crept
and laid her myriad spawn

Then dropped off dead,
a life fulfilled
under a balmy double-dawn


And came the time
in some foreign clime
the hatchlings in their legions

Cast off their eggs
and roamed around
in the Doctor's nether regions!


Thus the Doctor danced
that sunny morn
in the middle of NYC

But the citizens
were shocked and awed -
he outraged their decency !


He paid a fine
of twenty bucks,
for his suggestive caper

The cops, though
had a mystery;
Dollars on psychic paper?


They looked for him
high and low
with all their strenuous powers

But the Doc had gone
to stars unknown
in the Tardis blessed showers!


Had I thought
I would have set
this whimsy some years later

A decade or two
would give meaning to this caper


When a passing boy
sees the Doctor dance,
no control of his pelvis

Thus inspired
that boy would jive
and the world would know of Elvis!