"On the street, where you live, girls talk about their social lives. They're made of lipstick, plastic and paint, a touch of sable in their eyes. All your life all you've asked when's your daddy gonna talk to you. You were living in another world tryin to get your message through."

The music seemed to pulse from the trees in the garden of Ouran Academy as students gathered around. The crowd buzzed with chatter as a young girl with long, wavy brown hair walked across a high rope that had been strung between two trees. She didn't wear the yellow dress that was Ouran's uniform for girls; instead she wore a simple black tee shirt that had a white butterfly in the center and dark blue, baggy jeans.

As the music continued, the girl began to spin along the rope. The spins quickly turned to back flips, pulling gasps from the students below.

"What in the world is she doing?!"

"I can't watch!"

"What if she falls?!"

The girl crouched lowly to the rope before springing into the air, twirling quickly as she flipped backwards, and then landing safely back on the rope. The crowd's gasps quickly turned to cheers as they clapped for the girl, who just grinned and waved to them.

"Why does this seem so familiar?" Tamaki asked aloud as he and the other hosts watched the girl.

"It's an act from Cirque de la Nuit." Kyouya replied as he pushed his glasses up.

"What's that?" Honey asked as he turned his attention to the taller boy.

"It's a French circus." Kyouya said, "Circus of the night. They're well known for their acrobatic routines."

"Ah yes!" Tamaki exclaimed, "I remember know! I didn't recognize the act without all the lights."

"Lights?" The twins gave him a curious look.

"Oh yes, it's a spectacular show!" He replied with a smile, "The circus is called Cirque de la Nuit for a reason! You see…"

"Circus of the night is just that," Kyouya said as Tamaki rambled on, "They only perform at night. The tent the acrobatic show is in is lit by several black lights while the performers where costumes that glow under the lights. It really is an incredible performance."

Tamaki continued on with his chatter, unaware that no one was listening to him.

"Wouldn't they lose business just performing at night?" Haruhi asked.

"You would think so," Kyouya replied, "but they've built up quite a reputation; their first crowd of the night makes up for their expenses."

The crowd gasped again, grabbing the hosts attention. The girl had missed the rope and was starting to fall. Mori quickly dashed through the crowd, leaping to catch the girl. The girls breath seemed to stop as she felt his long arms wrap around her protectively. They landed hard on the ground as they rolled, Mori covering her as much as he could.

"Takashi!" Honey cried as he and the crowd ran over to him.

Bright blue eyes met dark grey eyes as the girl opened her eyes. She found herself sitting on top of the tall, dark haired boy.

"Um…" She blinked a couple times as she stared at the boy in confusion.

"Are you alright?" Mori asked as he looked up at her.

"Y-yea, I'm fine." She said as she stared at him blankly, "You didn't have to do that you know."

"You were falling though." Mori replied.

The two seemed to be ignoring the roar of the crowd that quickly surrounded them.

"Yea, but you really didn't have to do that." The girl said with an awkward expression, "It was part of the act."

"Act?" Mori stared blankly at the girl as she nodded.



The hosts pushed their way through the crowd. The girl smiled as she got off Mori.

"Well, thanks for trying to save me Superman." She said with a grin and a wave as she ran back to the trees.

"Wait!" Mori called.

The girl stopped for a moment and looked back at him.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Jade." She said with a smile as she quickly grabbed a small walkman with speakers from a branch and ran off.

"Do you think she's a student?" The twins asked.

"Maybe," Kyouya said, "I doubt a girl like that could sneak onto campus. Campus security wouldn't allow it."

Everyone nodded except for Mori, who just stared off in the direction the girl had ran off in.

'She's definitely different.' Mori thought as he blinked.


"I think you're really going to like it here." A black haired girl named Yuki said with a smile as she led the way to the third floor music room, "I'm just sorry you have to sit next to Kasanoda."

"Oh it's not that bad," Jade said with a smile, "He seems like a pretty nice guy."

"What kind of people have you been around to think he's nice?" Yuki asked as she stared at her with wide eyes.

"Let's just say I grew up with some interesting characters." Jade laughed.

"They must be." Yuki said as she opened the door.

"Welcome to the Host Club." Kyouya greeted the girls with a smile, "Oh, you're that girl from this morning, right?"

"Yea," Jade said with a smile. "Nice to see ya."

"Hello Kyouya-sempai." Yuki said with a smile, "Are Mori and Honey free?"

"As a matter of fact they are." Kyouya said as he led the way to a small sitting area near a window.

Jade looked around curiously, wondering why all they boys were dressed in costumes. Today's theme seemed to be Alice in Wonderland. Kyouya was wearing a suit that reminded Jade of a nobleman of some kind, a tall blonde boy seemed to be the Mad Hatter, the twins were dressed as the Cheshire Cat, a brown haired girl was dressed as Alice, and then finally Jades eyes fell on Mori, who was dressed as a knight, and Honey, who was dressed as the White Rabbit.

"Hey it's Superman!" Jade said with a smile as she waved to Mori.

Yuki nudged her gently as she narrowed her eyes, "Be more respectful! They're our sempai's!"

"Huh?" Jade gave her a confused look.

"It's fine." Mori said with a small smile that made Yuki blush.

"Y-you certainly seem talkative today Mori-sempai." Yuki said with a smile as she sat on the couch across from the two boys.

"I do?" He gave her a curious look.

"Takashi had to get up earlier than he's used to today." Honey said with a smile as he poured some tea for them.

Jade sat down next to Yuki as she listened to them chat about this and that. She glanced around at the other club members, wondering why exactly they had created a club like this. After some time had passed, Mori had gotten up to get more sweets for Honey and the girls. Jade sipped her tea, waiting for a moment when Yuki would be quiet long enough for her to respond to anything. It's seemed like every moment Honey would try to ask Jade something, or include her in the conversation, Yuki would interrupt and change the subject.

'Maybe it's my imagination.' Jade thought to herself.

"Isn't Mori-sempai the greatest?" Yuki said with a smile as she turned to Jade, finally letting her speak.

"How can you tell?" Jade asked as she arched an eye brow.

Mori, who had just come up behind her, made a small, questioning sound. Jade looked up and her eyes widened as she started waving her hand.

"I don't mean any offense by that, honest!" Jade said as she watched him take his place on the couch opposite of her, "It's just you haven't really said much. It's kinda hard to learn about someone if you don't communicate. You know?"

Mori stared at the brunette in surprise, out of all the girls that had swooned over him and the things he would do with Honey, someone finally admitted they didn't really know him. True, he had only joined the Host Club because Honey had joined, but he did have fun. He would be lying though if he said it never bothered him when girls confessed their love for him when they didn't really know him.

"Mori-sempai's just a quiet guy," Yuki said with a laugh, "You're still new to all this. You'll learn all about the hosts the more you come here."

Jade frowned as she arched an eye brow, giving the black haired girl a questioning look. Yuki just laughed at her once more and Jade just rolled her eyes.

"So girls can join the club?" Jade asked as she motioned towards Haruhi.

Honey and Mori gave each other a quick glance before Yuki burst into laughter again.

"Oh Jade-chan you're so cute!" She giggled, "Haruhi's a boy! He's just the one that looks most like a girl when he wears womens cloths."

Honey and Mori quietly sighed with relief.

"Honestly Jade-chan, it's cute how clueless you are about these things." Yuki said as she giggled again.

"You know what?" Jade said as she stood up, "I may be the new kid at school, but I know when I'm being made fun of. So tell me, what was the point of you inviting me here huh?"

"I'm sorry if I offended you," Yuki said with a smile as she narrowed her eyes, "I'm just teasing you."

"Believe me hun, I know teasing." Jade growled, "Next time you wanna invite me some where, don't blow me off as soon as we get there."

With that she turned around and began to walk to the door.

"Wait Jade-chan!" Honey said as he ran over to her, "Please don't go."

"I think I'll just come back another time, without Yuki." Jade said with a smile.

"Are you sure?" Honey eyes, a disappointed look crossing his face, "I really did want to talk more with you."

"Why are you stopping her Honey-sempai?" Yuki asked with a small pout, "It's obvious she doesn't belong here."

"Excuse me?!" Jade growled as she looked at her.

Jade had spoken louder than she had meant to and now the entire club was watching the scene unfold.

"It's obvious you're a commoner." Yuki said as she stood up and walked over to Jade, "You can't even afford the uniform."

"Listen you little gilly," Jade growled, "I chose not to wear the uniform. What's it matter if I come from money or not?"

"Lady's please—" Tamaki started to say as he came up to them, but was interrupted by Jade.

"No, no, I refuse to take any crap from someone that thinks they're better than me."

"I don't think you realize what kind of school you're in." Yuki hissed, "We're all going to be leaders of the future one day."

"Oh right, cause everyone knows you have to be a spoiled brat to be a leader." Jade growled, "If you're the kind of person this clubs filled with then screw it. I'm not coming back."

With that Jade turned and walked out the door. Yuki, feeling proud of herself, turned back to Honey and Mori who were both looking at her with disappointed expressions.

"I can't believe you were so rude to her." A girl that had been sitting with the twins said, other girls nodding in agreement.

"We're going after Jade-chan." Honey said.

Honey and Mori walked out of the room, leaving the other hosts to let Yuki know she wasn't a welcomed guest anymore. They quickly walked down the stairs and made their way outside. After some time looking around, to their surprise, they found Jade in the parking lot.

"Jade-chan!" Honey called as they ran over to her.

Jade swung her leg over a black motorcycle and looked over to the sound of the voices.

"Jade-chan, we're so sorry about that!" Honey said, slightly out of breath.

Mori nodded as the girl looked from one boy to the other.

"Look, just forget it." Jade said as she kicked the stand back, "Sorry I ruined you're clubs meeting."

"Yuki-chan had no right to say all those things." Honey continued, "Are other customers are nothing like that, I promise."

Jade studied the blondes face for a moment before sighing softly and leaning back on her bike.

"I'm sorry I made such a big deal back there." She said.

"No, no, don't be." Honey said, "You had every right to get upset. Why don't you come back tomorrow and we'll show you what the Host Club's really like?"

Jade considered the offer for a moment then looked up to Mori. The tall boy smiled softly at her.

"Please?" Mori said softly.

"Okay. I'll come back tomorrow," Jade said with a smile, "On one condition though."

"What's that?" Honey asked with a wide smile.

"Superman here has to talk some." Jade said with a grin.

Mori blushed a little and nodded.

"Okay then, I'll see you tomorrow!" Jade chirped.

She started up her motorcycle and slid her helmet on before waving good bye to the two boys. Mori couldn't help smiling as he and Honey watched her leave.

'She's definitely different from the other girls.' Mori thought as he and Honey made their way back to the club.