I wake up to a bunch of hate/disappointed reviews. I'm not going to lie, I was expecting them. But what I wasn't expecting is that some of you are telling me that this isn't a 'true' blackwater fic... that I shouldn't have put this story under Leah and Jacob... that you loved this story, but because of the ending you just hate it now.

Everyone has a right to state their thoughts. I'm not mad that you guys don't like the ending; I'm not going to send you an angry reply back. I honestly don't have the time to worry about what everyone thinks.

It's sad because I think that some of you guys are forgetting the difference between constructive criticism and just being rude. And the fact that this is FAN FICTION! The author of the story will end their story the way they want too.

No one has even given me an example or explained why they feel that way. No one even talked about my writing or how I can improve or anything related to my writing!

If you hate the story, you hate it. If you love the story, you love it.

Some of you are asking for a sequel, I want to clear the air now – there will be NO sequel, I just don't write sequels.

Anyways, enough with the negative shit, I want to also take the time to say thank you to the people who enjoyed it. You guys make writing so much more fun!