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A love of a Different Kind


"You have to let me change her, it's the only way to save her life."

"Save her? You think that would save her?" Sam repeated scornfully.

"She has internal bleeding, she only has minutes left, if I don't act now she will die." Even as I spoke I could feel Bella slipping away.

"Better death then what you would make her into." My temper snapped at this point.

"You call yourselves the protectors? The saviours of human life? If Bella isn't human then what the hell is she?"

"A fool, for being mixed up in your world, and you would be a fool to break the treaty now. You do not have permission, you break it. You die."

I saw red, I didn't know what to do. If I broke the treaty we both die, if I don't then Bella dies here in my arms, helpless and with the knowledge I did nothing to save her.

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