This is another that I wrote originally for another venue. It is not safe for work or for those under the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction. Mature themes, some of them not very nice.

Chapter 1

Kianraku had always been intrigued by mortals. One of the few of her kind born free, her elders had taught her to assume mortal form at a young age, all the better to remain hidden from the fel orcs that had enslaved so many of her kind. But for the most part, she had avoided mortals, preferring to stay in her native crystal fields in Netherstorm. It had always been safer that way.

All that had changed when the portal re-opened. Suddenly, there was a huge influx of mortals into the ravaged world of the Outlands. Every place she went was overrun by them! So Kian found herself taking mortal form more and more frequently. She spent greater and greater lengths of time around them, masquerading as a mage, taking many mortal forms, and learning their many languages. And she found herself becoming more and more intrigued by mortal ways. Mortals were interesting! She began to long to be among them, to wander their cities and eat their food, speak to them, learn from them, and see all of the wonders of the mortal world. She left her crystalline ledge behind completely, and spent months going from town to town in the Outlands.

Finally, she turned her gaze towards the Dark Portal, and the lands beyond. She'd never been to Azeroth, and it sounded far more exotic to her than the Outlands where she'd hatched and lived all her life. So she gathered up her meager possessions (being a young drake, she had accumulated little treasure – mostly some shiny rocks and pieces of metal), and made her way to the portal. She decided to take the form of a draenei female, reasoning that any cultural faux pas she made would be explained away as her being an alien, rather than her not being mortal. Besides, as a draenei she could at least keep her tail and horns. She'd long since learned that most mortals considered dragons to be either things to ride, or things to hit with sharp objects until treasure fell out. She wanted neither of those fates.

Life on the other side of the portal started out every bit as fascinating as she hoped. Azeroth was a maelstrom of peoples and places, and she played the part of the wide-eyed tourist eagerly and well. She went from city to city, town to town, and land to land, taking in as much of the world as she could. The members of this "Alliance" were usually kind and friendly, though the "Horde" was occasionally threatening, but for the most part, she was having a good time. Things were pretty good.

That was, until she ran out of money.

The concept of money was foreign enough to Kian, but she had learned to deal with it. She had been able to pawn some of the pieces of her treasure for gold. She would have no doubt had more than enough money for her travels if she hadn't discovered the auction house. There, she was able to exercise her new-found passion for clothing. Drakes don't normally wear clothing, but Kian had become enamoured of it. Amazing, how mortals could change their appearance so readily, without resorting to magic or shapeshifting! All with a little cloth! And sometimes that clothing had magical effects which enhanced her own natural abilities. Those pieces were not only the most comfortable and the best looking, but the most expensive to boot.

But used clothing never sold for what she paid for it, and by the time she reached Booty Bay, her supply of gold ran out. That's when she discovered that institution which would be her undoing – goblin moneylenders.

The green creatures had been all smiles when she'd first come for money. They'd happily lent her gold – small amounts at first, but then larger and larger. Soon she owed the lenders of Booty Bay thousands of gold. Until finally one day, her goblin lender was no longer smiling.

"It's time to pay up." Her lender Gruben had snarled at her.

"What?" She'd squeaked.

"I'm calling your debt. It's due. Now. All ten thousand. Hand over the gold, girl." The green humanoid's voice was flat, and the expression on his face was anything but amused.

"But I don't have ten thousand gold! I'll need some time to come up with that kind of cash…" Kian insisted. Her mind raced… she could do odd jobs for some of the denizens of Booty Bay – that always garnered some income. But not enough, not enough.

"It's all due now. If you can't pay it, then I'll have to get my gold out of you some other way." The goblin's smile was cruel. Kian glanced around nervously, and noticed for the first time that several Booty Bay bruisers had crept up while she was distracted. They brandished their weapons menacingly. She was surrounded, and it was clear that Gruben had the bruisers on his side.

Thinking quickly, she started to cast a spell, thinking to turn the lender into a sheep and dash past the crowd of thugs in the confusion. But Gruben was wise to her.

"Oh no you don't, missy. I've known you're a mage for a while now. Rickle, hit the device and collar my draenei, will you?" Gruben barked. Kian shrieked in pain as her magic was ripped from her. She fell to her knees, momentarily stunned. There was a click, and something cold and metallic fastened around her neck.

As she regained her senses, she realized she was cut off from her magic. She couldn't shift! She was stuck like this. She clawed at the collar around her neck, to no avail. The hard, smooth metal defied her efforts to tear it off.

"We have ways of dealing with mages." Gruben said. "Good work boys. Confiscate the contents of her room at the inn. I'm going to try to liquidate as much as I can. However I suspect that our pretty little draenei will have to work off her debt another way."

The bruisers laughed at that. One spoke up, "Let us know when you're ready for customers, Gruben. I wouldn't mind some of that myself."

"Naturally, Conkle. I'll even give you a discount, as thanks for your help here." Gruben said.

Kian was still trying to figure out what was going on. What did Gruben mean, work off her debt? Was he going to let her do odd jobs? And what did this Conkle mean by customers? Some of what? She was still reeling from weakness caused by the sudden loss of her magic. She flinched slightly as her lender fastened something to the collar around her neck – a chain. He gave her little time to wonder what he was doing before he jerked the chain, causing her to fall forward.

"Get up, girl. You've got work to do." Gruben's voice was not kind.

"Gruben, what—?" she started.

"Get up, and shut up. You'll call me 'Master' from now on, not Gruben. Now follow me, before I have to teach you a lesson in obedience."

This did not bode well.

Kian picked herself up, and stumbled as the goblin jerked the chain again. He led her through Booty Bay, making sure to force her to stumble every now and then. Just to make her absolutely aware of her change in status, apparently. The second time she spoke his name, he jerked the chain so hard she had fallen down, and her collar had buzzed with a painful electric jolt. After that, she called him Master – it was clear that if she did not, he would see that she suffered.

He wasn't making any attempts whatsoever to hide her either. She was being paraded through the port town like some kind of prize. As they passed, she heard the jeers and catcalls of the men (and even a few women) of Booty Bay.

"When can I come get some of that?" a burly orc shouted as they passed.

"You come by in three days and we'll talk. Bring your money." Gruben replied. The orc barked a laugh at that.

"Three days, Gruben?" a human dockworker called, joining the shouted conversation. "Gonna break her in for us first?"

"Naturally," the goblin shouted. "I want my money's worth!" The dockworkers laughed as the pair passed.

He dragged her down the wooden docks and up through the system of stairways and pathways, until they had ascended the cliff into the homes of the wealthy overlooking the bay. Gruben was not poor by goblin standards, and goblin standards were higher than most. He led her to a large, well appointed household, and shoved her through the door.

"This is my home. You'll do your best to keep it spotless. I want food on the table as I'm coming through the door. Those are the first of your duties, they start tomorrow. For today… strip!" Gruben barked.

Kian, the chain finally slackened, stared at him uncomprehending.

"You heard me, Fashion Plate, strip! I want you to take that thousand gold dress off right now!" Gruben's voice was shrill with anger.

"My name is Kian." said Kian. Gruben roared and swung the end of the chain at her. OW! That hurt!

"You should have thought about that before you spent all my gold on clothes. Your name is Fashion Plate now! Strip or I'll give you another." he threatened. Not wishing to repeat the chain lash, she complied, hurriedly undoing the fastenings of the dress and letting it fall to the floor. Gruben was grinning at what he saw.

"All those threads, and not a stitch on underneath." he said. Well, of course! Why would she wear clothes under her clothes? No one had ever informed Kian about underwear.

The goblin's smile held an avaricious malice that was making her seriously nervous about what he had planned. She eyed him uncertainly.

"It's time you started earning your keep, Fashion Plate," Gruben said as he fiddled with the fastenings of his pants. After a few frantic motions, he managed to get his pants off one-handed. Kian saw the exposed green penis bobbing in the air, erect and proud, if small. She suddenly figured out what the goblin wanted.

He couldn't be serious. He wanted to mate with her? A member of another species?! She knew what sex was, though she'd never tried it herself – she'd seen other beings going at it before, and fended off a few amorous advances while disguised as a mortal. But the idea of a goblin and a dragon (even if he did think she was a draenei)… an unintended giggle escaped her lips.

Gruben heard the laugh, saw her amusement, and misinterpreted it. His face curled into a snarl. "I may not be hung like a gronn, but believe me, draenei, I know how to use it!" he snapped, whipping her with the end of the chain. The pain of the metal chain against her exposed flesh wiped the smirk from her face. Then he jerked the chain viciously. The unexpected movement caused Kian to lose her balance and fall to her hands and knees.

The goblin walked around her, keeping the chain tight as he did so. Any time Kian moved more than an inch, her collar shocked her. She'd give anything to know how he did that.

Then Kian got an even bigger shock as the goblin grasped her tail and lifted. She felt the pressure of a foot on each of her hooves, and the weight of a small body standing on her legs. Something probed between the blue-black furred patch between her legs, then forced its way between. She gasped sharply as it encountered resistance, then there was a small ripping noise and a sudden searing pain as it thrust deeper inside her.

Gruben gave a pleased chuckle at this discovery, and slapped her ass. "Why Fashion Plate, I would have never taken you for a virgin, the way you dress to kill!" he laughed. "I'm glad I decided to break you in myself." He pulled out, and the pain subsided, then returned as he thrust back into her hard.

The next few minutes consisted of the goblin frantically pounding her while she yelped. When he dropped the chain to grip her buttocks, she was too disoriented and pained to take advantage of it. He pulled out of her, and she thought for a moment that it was over, only to be rudely disabused of that notion as he pushed his dick into her ass. That hurt too. Fortunately, that didn't last long, as her tight, virgin ass proved too much for Gruben. After a few frenzied thrusts, he made a strangled sound, and liquid warmth filled her poor abused rectum. The spent goblin pulled out of her with a small plop.

"Oh yeah, I can charge good money for this!" Gruben said, to himself. Kian said nothing. She'd been through enough, and didn't doubt that any wrong move on her part would only invite more humiliation and abuse.

Three days of goblin-rape later, Gruben opened his doors to the rest of Booty Bay, and Kian discovered that there were indeed many men who would bed a member of another species.