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Prologue: The Anticipated Conflict

The alarm sounded off with its klaxon like sound all of a sudden as Giovanni sat in his room, petting his Persian. Persian's ears perked up at the sound of it and it growled menacingly. Giovanni, annoyed with the sudden sound turned around and towards his computer. With the simple flick of a few key switches a number of camera screens appeared. Giovanni had no need to contact those who were below him regarding whatever was happening. Surely some low life had managed to sneak through the defense system accidentally and was now trapped with the web that was Team Rocket's security. The cameras were showing no activity save for the bottom left screen where minor grunts were stumbling over their feet as a blast of fire issued forth. Had that come from a Pokemon? He had no time to contemplate but he was now transfixed to that screen. He watched it intently, trying to figure out what was going on. Giovanni flicked a switch and activated the audio. But the audio was a mere cacophony of sounds, although Giovanni could definitely tell that it was a bunch of Pokemon. Was it perhaps that which had triggered the alarm? Suddenly a yellow form shot across the camera and for a moment, Giovanni thought he saw a mouse.

"Pi-ka!" the yellow form yelled before its tail seemed to have made contact with the camera and broke it off. Giovanni stood upright, depositing Persian onto the ground with an angry hiss. Something was wrong. No renegade Pokemon suddenly snapped off one of their security cameras. Giovanni quickly pressed a red comm button switch on their desk.

"Cassidy, Butch, what's going on down there? I need an answer now!" Giovanni snapped harshly but all he received back was static. That was unusual. Butch and Cassidy always responded no matter what. Sure, they were suck-ups but they always got their jobs done, unlike…what were their names again? "Cassidy, Butch, report in already. I want to know what is going on down there." With every passing second that there was no response, Giovanni stiffened more and more. No response meant that those agents who were down below were either dead or captured. Neither one was good for him. Suddenly there was movement on the other side. He breathed a sigh of relief until he heard who it was.

"Sorry boss, but we got dose two bozos all packed up and ready to ship for Christmas!" came a voice on the other end that Giovanni had hoped to never hear again, and had certainly not expected to hear from this angle. Giovanni was silent and it was that silence that punctuated the air save for the single "Wobbuffet!!" that pierced it. Giovanni's eyes formed slits and his breathing came out seethingly.

"Meowth…" Giovanni stated. "What are you, Jessie, and James up to?!" Giovanni snapped, remembering their name in such a moment of intense pressure. Jessie pushed Meowth aside forcefully (or so it seemed to Giovanni) to speak to her "boss".

"We're turning all of you in!" Jessie said, a little too cheerfully. "You see, Giovanni, I made it into the Sinnoh Grand Festival without a huge team at my disposal where I failed numerous times over as a Team Rocket operative."

"As did all of us…" came James' slightly sorrow-laden voice in the background. Jessie yelled at him to shush.

"So anyway, seeing that we did better in our lives when we were not working for you…oh, and that we also seemed to only win when we worked with the twerps, we decided a crime-free life wasn't for us." Jessie said before there was a scratching noise on the other side. Giovanni stood there, absolutely frozen in fear over what his former operative had just said.

"So ya see boss, we're cuttin' ya loose! Just like we cut a deal with Officer Jenny of Viridian City when we promised to hand yas over to da police." Meowth said. "I don't tink Persians do well in a prison cell!" Giovanni fell into his seat. He was never one to show anxiety or fear. But hearing that these operatives…these blundering operatives had betrayed him and all his secrets was simply too much to bear. He was finished. All of his work…even the miracle work those three had performed in taking out Team Magma and Aqua was done. But Meowth wasn't done with his speech. "I wouldn't sit too still if I were you boss. Da twerps are coming and dey're gonna rough you up good."

The comlink shut off and left Giovanni in silence. Giovanni turned to a separate and secure channel. He took a deep breath and pressed the button.

"Deirdre, prepare my helicopter and land it right outside my office." Giovanni said simply. He received a very quick confirmation and he stood up. There was no use in having Persian carried around so he took out his pokeball and called it back. He then walked towards the door that led towards his fire escape. He stepped outside and felt the wind of the canyon whipping around him. Suddenly the whirring blades of a helicopter came settling down near him. He instantly leapt inside and sat down next to his secretary, Deirdre. "How many have we lost?"

"Almost the entire base has been compromised, sir." Deirdre said. "From what I know, only Apollo, Athena, Lance, and Lambda have managed to escape but the police are quite close to capturing them sir." Giovanni rubbed his temples.

"Well, at least I managed to get away. The others are a regrettable but necessary loss." Giovanni said. No sooner than he had said this than a large blast rocked the ship and Giovanni found the helicopter dropping. He braced himself for the final collision and managed to save most of himself as the helicopter slammed into the ground. Shards of glass flew everywhere and Giovanni's sides were cut up bit it was only minor. He looked over to Deirdre and saw her sitting with a shocked expression. He roughly grabbed her and ordered her to start moving. The pilot was already scrambling away. Giovanni looked towards where he though the blast had come from. He saw six teenagers and a young boy all glaring at the boss of Team Rocket, a Gyrados snarling menacingly.

"Great job, Gyrados!" cried a young red-haired trainer with her hair tied up into a side ponytail and a defiant look on her face. Next to her were a blue-haired girl and a brown-haired girl with a Piplup and a Blaziken in front of them respectively. Behind the blue haired girl stood a Mamoswine which Giovanni thought was no doubt the way they got in. The young boy had no Pokemon in front of him, but his face was curled into a sneer. But perhaps the most imposing of the group were the two older males of the group who had stepped forward. One was a brown haired boy with slanted eyes and the other, a raven haired trainer with a blue, black and red cap resting on his head, a Pikachu on his shoulder. Giovanni's eyes widened momentarily. These were them. The ones who had always caused Jessie, James, and Meowth trouble. He had never taken them seriously about being "blasted off again" and now he believed he was a fool for not doing so.

"So you're the one that's been giving Jessie, James, and Mewoth orders to steal our Pokemon." the spiky haired, slanted eye boy said. "They've given me and my friend trouble for five regions now and we finally understand why. Because they were forced to by scum like you who mistreat their Pokemon and only use them for profit."

"Money is what makes the world, boy." Giovanni said sneeringly, not afraid to stand up to this man. "I've created an empire of wealth and I'm not going to let some sniveling children take it away from me."

"Then how bout a battle. Let's see how you do!" the raven-haired trainer cried, bringing out one of his pokeballs. Giovanni smirked and pulled out one of his own. He tossed it into the air and a light surrounded them and out came the massive roaring form of Nidoking. The raven-haired trainer smiled and threw his own pokeball into the air. Out of it came a fierce looking Staraptor who entered the battle with a cry. "Staraptor, move in fast, Aerial Ace!" The Staraptor obeyed and shot straight forward with unimaginable speed.

"Nidoking, poison tail!" Giovanni commanded and Nidoking swung his glowing purple tail towards the Staraptor. But just as it was about to make contact the Staraptor vanished. Suddenly, Nidoking was hit with full force on its chest with the Aerial Ace. The boy wasted no time in giving his Staraptor a command to use Close Combat. The Staraptor did so and within minutes, Nidoking was fainted on the ground. Giovanni called Nidoking back and sent out his next Pokemon: a Nidoqueen. The boy called Staraptor back and sent out a new Pokemon in the repertoire: a Torterra. "Nidoqueen, mega punch!" Nidoqueen rushed forward with a roar and landed a clean blow on the boy's Torterra. But the Pokemon looked unfazed.

"Torterra, Leaf Storm!" the boy ordered and Torterra's tree shook and sent out a whirl of leafs, cascading down upon Nidoqueen who howled in pain. The boy didn't waste a single moment in time. "Use a swallow Energy Ball!" Torterra summoned a large ball of energy before it suddenly went inside the beast, swallowing it whole. Giovanni was frightened of what might come next. Torterra let out a bellow and an even more powerful Energy Ball soared out at Nidoqueen, striking it head on and causing her to faint. Giovanni quickly called her back as the boy did the same with his Torterra. Next, Giovanni quickly called out his Kangaskhan.

"Come on Monferno, you're up!" Out of his new pokeball came a Monferno. Giovanni quickly ordered Kangaskhan to use its own Mega Punch, certain that Monferno would be unable to stand it. But he was wrong. Monferno quickly acted on its trainers orders and used Mach Punch, quickly pummeling Kangaskhan before launching a close range Flamethrower that easily took out Kangaskhan. Now Giovanni was panicking as he selected a pokeball and called out his Honchkrow. There was no way this kid could be this good. The boy sent out his Gliscor as the others around him cheered him on, including a gleeful Jessie, James, and Meowth. "Gliscor, X-Scissor!" Gliscor gave a cry and Giovanni froze. He was finished, he knew it. Seeing his old operatives cheering against him locked him up. Gliscor hit Honchkrow head on and took it out in one shot. Giovanni recalled it and shakily pulled his final pokeball: Persian.

Meowth looked surprised at the appearance of Persian on the field but the raven-haired boy took it all in stride. He called back his Gliscor and smiled. He nodded to the Pikachu on his shoulder. He then gave it a simple command: Volt Tackle. Pikachu ran forward, a blaze of lightning surrounding it before it tackled the defenseless Persian head on. Then Pikachu leapt into the air, and without its trainer's command, quickly let loose a thunderbolt that shocked not only Persian but Giovanni as well, giving the rest of the boy's companions a chance to tie him up. Meowth cheered over the Persian's defeat at last as the group picked Giovanni up and brought him over to where they would rendezvous with Officer Jenny.

"Oh, Jenny, my love, my sweet! We have brought you this man bound up as you have bound up my hear-" the spiky haired boy said.

"Croagunk!" cried the Toxic Mouth Pokemon as he quickly silenced his trainer with a Poison Jab and pulled him away. The raven haired trainer handed Giovanni, who was silent, over to Jenny.

"Thank you so much you guys. You've done a great service. "We've managed to catch the remaining executives as they made a run for it too. It looks like Team Rocket is gone for good." Jenny said with a smile and the raven haired boy chuckled, scratching the back of his head.

"It was no big deal." he said and Pikachu quickly gave Jenny the peace sign. The boy turned towards Jessie, James, and Meowth. "Well, you guys are free to do whatever you want now, which should not include stealing Pikachu."

"Oh, there's no need to worry about that!" James said proudly. "Me and Meowth are cashing in my bottle cap collection and are opening up a Noodle Shop, while Jessie's off to become a coordinator for real. Of course, she'll always have a home back with us."

"Yeah! But you ain't bad twerps. We'll see ya around." Meowth said and he and James began to walk away from the group. Jessie just stared and looked defiantly at the group of them, especially the blue haired girl and brown haired girl.

"But nothing's changed between us!" Jessie said and scoffed turning away. "Although, Ash, I personally would consider re-competing in some of the leagues you lost. After all, just one Sinnoh League win isn't good enough." And with that she walked away towards her brighter future. Ash felt the wind on the back of his head and nodded. He finally wouldn't have to worry about Team Rocket ever again. They were gone…but he decided right then and there, maybe he would take Jessie's suggestion. He was going to re-enter the Indigo League starting tomorrow.

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The packet flipped onto the desk, handed to her by one of her lesser officers. Jenny gave him a confused look as to why her eyes were so wide. What was he worried about? What could a little letter contain. She quickly grabbed the evidence bag with the manila envelope within it and turned it over. It seemed plain, nothing more than an envelope. Until she noticed where it was sealed. To some people this wouldn't have been a problem. To her it was. Emblazoned on the envelope's seal was a bright, big letter: R.

"Oh, Arceus, no…"