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The Slopes of Mount Coronet

It was a frenzy. That was all that it could be described as. The massive amount of people that were now gathering outside of Mount Coronet was overwhelming. It had to be. The Rocket Four, a group whose name had leaked to practically everybody in the world, was about to be captured. First the police had come, on the information given to them in the phone call from Gerald. They brought ambulances in case anyone was hurt. They were absolutely glad that they had brought them since the aura guardians were either wounded or dead. However, upon hearing the news of what was about to go down, numerous TV stations sent their best reporters to cover the news, including Rhonda of Sinnoh Now! It was to this maddening scene that Misty lead May and Max to bring Brody in and release the legendaries he had been holding. Brody had since quieted on their trek back through Mount Coronet and Misty couldn't help but dwell on the words he had spoken to them.

What did he mean? What had they begun? The only thing he could be referencing was the fact that as a result of their attack on Team Rocket (and indeed the other villainous crime syndicates) the Rocket Four had been formed and gave plenty of problems along the way. But somehow, this reference did not make any sense whatsoever…Misty was jolted from her reverie by May's hand on her shoulder. Misty looked up and smiled at the girl before her eyes found the crowd in front of them. It was growing. Now there were more than police officers and TV people but clearly other trainers were here: those who had been traveling past Mount Coronet at the time.

"We gotta find Officer Jenny." Max said, straightening the glasses on his nose. Misty nodded and pushed through the throng of people. A gurney pushed past them, holding Riley's still form on it. For an instant, Misty forgot what she was here for when she rushed to the young man's side. Ash had tried to help him and she wanted to know if this man was okay. They just finished rolling the gurney into the ambulance when Misty came in.

"I'm sorry miss, no civilians allowed." the EMT stated but Misty glared at him, her face reddening slightly in anger and indignation.

"Well, I guess it's a good thing I'm not a civilian then, huh? I'm the Cerulean Gym Leader from Kanto and I have one of the Rocket Four with me." Misty said, indicating to her two friends waiting outside for her diligently. The medic looked out and saw Brody still hanging upside down by Bulbasaur's vine.

"Officer Jenny is standing with the other medics outside of this vehicle." he said quickly before Misty looked down at Riley's unmoving form again.

"Is he going to be okay?" Misty asked with concern and the medic slightly wiped his brow. But he nodded, much to the relief of Misty.

"He'll be okay. He's just passed out from blood loss. I'm putting him on a respirator and he should be fine within a few days but…we'll see." the medic said and then proceeded to ignore Misty completely. Misty stepped off the ambulance and rejoined her friends. She motioned to them silently and they followed her to where Jenny was standing, doling out orders to her various subordinates.

"Officer Jenny!" Misty yelled out and they ran over. "We have one of the Rocket Four." Jenny turned to look at Brody who glared at her momentarily. Bulbasaur finally placed him on the ground where a number of police officers jumped in to slap the cuffs on him. Jenny smiled at the young children before him.

"Good job, from what I know, that's three of them. Where's the last one, their leader?" Jenny asked and Misty sighed loudly.

"He's still inside, but don't worry, three of our friends are in there right now taking care of it." Misty said with a smile. At least, she could hope that they would be able to take care of it. Jenny nodded with a tired smile. After all, it was early in the morning and the sun was just beginning to peak out over the craggy rocks of Mount Coronet. "It'll work out. Ash, one of our friends, is there to face him down and he usually pulls through really well in situations like this."

"Ash Ketchum is here?! The winner of the Silver Conference!?" sounded the voice of Rhonda and both May and Max looked over. Jenny immediately turned around and faced the group of reporters, all of whom were trying to make it through to interview the young trainers.

"Get back, no reporters or trainers past this line, you hear me?!" Jenny yelled and she instructed some police officers to take care of all of them. Inside, Misty was thankful. Somehow, some part of her didn't want to answer any questions about Ash at all. She felt her cheeks heat up. Suddenly, someone gave a rather loud gasp. Misty, May, and Max whipped around to see a blue light surrounding the peak where Spear Pillar was located. Misty took a tentative step forward. What had just happened with Ash, Brock, and Dawn?


The time had come, at long last. The plan was about to be fulfilled, come to fruition. Saturn placed the machine that he had had Charon create right in the middle of the Mystri Stage. By some force the stone was levitated into the air and was held there, suspended by some invisible force. Giovanni stood next to him expectantly.

"What happens now?" Giovanni seethed, particularly impatient at this little juncture. Saturn held up a hand as if to silence him for a moment. Giovanni's face scrunched up at the movement.

"At this moment you need patience as we call forth legend." Saturn said, his eyes ablaze, a mission burning within his heart. "Dialga, guardian of time, Palkia, arbiter of space, come forth with the powers of the Adamant Orb and the Lustrous Orb." For a moment, nothing seemed to be happening when suddenly two bright portals appeared before both their eyes. One of them was a bright pink and the other a very bright blue. From them emerged Dialga and Palkia, both roaring. However, at once, both of them sensed their dooms. With deft accuracy Saturn tossed two of his special pokeballs and caught them. As the pokeballs fell into his hands, he heard loud footsteps behind them. Both he and Giovanni turned around.

"Saturn, let Dialga and Palkia go right now!" Ash yelled angrily. Saturn sent a smirk in his direction before letting out a theatrical sigh.

"Really? Even Brody couldn't stop you? Is everyone useless these days…" Saturn locked his gaze with the young Pokemon trainer before also surveying his two companions. "Why is it that whenever I have a plan it is always you three who interfere…every time!"

"Then maybe you should stop doing bad things!" Dawn yelled out.

"Pip piplup!" the small penguin Pokemon asserted with his trainer. Saturn scowled a moment before he jerked his head in a dismissive fashion.

"So be it." Saturn said and tossed both Dialga's and Palkia's pokeballs into the air. They burst open and both Dialga and Palkia appeared. "I'm not about to lose my plan to the likes of you two. Let's watch this spectacle, hmm? Dialga, Roar of Time on Palkia and Palkia, use Spacial rend on Dialga!"

"Are you crazy?" Brock exclaimed with passion. "If the two of them collide like that there may not be anything left of the world!!"

"Your point?" Saturn said with a knowing smirk on his face. Suddenly, the leader of the Rocket Four felt hands grab the cuff of his suit jacket and pull him up.

"Are you mad?!" Giovanni breathed out. "You destroy this world then there will be nothing left to rule of it." Saturn chuckled, before clasping his hand around Giovanni's wrist. With a slight twist he broke the old leader of Team Rocket's hold on him.

"You were the one who led yourself to believe that. I just fed the lies you told yourself. I merely set the stage for destruction. Now, Dialga and Palkia can destroy this world to create a new one!" Saturn yelled manically. Ash clenched his fist in anger. He wouldn't have it…no, not anymore.

"Grrr…Pikachu, use Thunderbolt on Palkia!" Ash ordered. Brock looked at his friend and quickly got the idea.

"Croagunk, come out and use Brick Break on Dialga!" Brock ordered. Both Pokemon flew at the respective Pokemon they were attacking and their attacks hit just as Dialga and Palkia let both their specialty off. Thankfully, the two attacks prevented both attacks from colliding head on and they only grazed against one another before slamming into the walls of Spear Pillar. It caused the whole of the room to shake. Saturn turned to them with an apoplectic look on his face.

"What gives you the right?! Dialga, Palkia, repeat!" Saturn ordered and both Ash and Brock knew that they wouldn't be able to stop another attack like that. It was Dawn's turn.

"Piplup, use Whirlpool on Saturn and Giovanni!" Dawn ordered and Piplup jumped forward, shining with a brilliant blue light. Saturn had no time to react before the large Whirlpool attack from Piplup struck them head on. Both he and Giovanni were caught up in it before the waters receeded and left them bedraggled. Dawn quickly reached down and took the two pokeballs from Saturn and aimed them at Dialga and Palkia before they could let off their attacks.

"Nice work, Dawn!" Ash complimented her and she smiled at him.

"Thanks, Ash!" Dawn said with a smile before releasing both Dialga and Palkia. Saturn looked at them with an angered look that could have quaked all of them. And yet, even as he looked at the three triumphant children a smile etched across his face. The plan wasn't finished yet, there was still some shred of hope. Giovanni attempted to stand from where he had fallen but his sopping wet clothes weighed him down. Then a new noise entered the vicinity: a crackle. All eyes turned towards the machine in the center of the room, spinning wildly out of control, bolts of electricity flying out of it. Saturn's eyes grew wide.

"No…this cannot happen…there's not enough time…" Saturn whispered out. A howling wind suddenly filled the room as the machine went berserk.

"What's happening?!" Dawn yelled out, scared and worried. All of them had to hold themselves down against the destructive force of the machine filling the room. Ash looked to the machine. If that thing went, it could destroy the entirety of Spear Pillar, themselves, and maybe even Mount Coronet. There was a decision to be made. A decision that he didn't have to think about.

"Pikachu, Dawn, Brock, take these two and get out!" Ash yelled. Brock's eyes widened instantly when he realized what Ash was about to do.

"What?!" Brock asked. "Don't do it Ash!"

"We have no other choice. Here." Ash quickly shoved his pokeballs into Brock's hands. "Only I can stop it. I don't want any of you guys hurt because of this thing, okay?"

"Ash, please don't do it!" Dawn yelled pleadingly with him. Ash smiled at both of them before he gave them a thumbs up. Even Pikachu tried to yell at him but Ash shook his head. He had to do this alone.

"Get out of here now!" Ash quickly ran up to the machine. It was time to put all of his training to good use. He extended his palms outward and focused his thoughts on aura. Arceus hadn't taught him everything, but he had taught him enough. A blue sphere suddenly encased itself around the machine. He looked over to his friends who had yet to move. "I can't hold it forever. GO!!" Finally, Brock came to his senses and picked up both Brody and Saturn by the scruffs of their necks. He put his hand on Dawn's shoulder and they began running out. This couldn't be happening to them; Ash couldn't sacrifice himself like this. At last they reached the exterior of Spear Pillar and looked inside. Ash was standing over the machine, a blue sphere surrounding it. Dawn tried to run back inside to save him, but she couldn't, even without Brock's hands holding onto her. A blue shield had blocked her entrance to the cave. Tears began streaming down her face.

Then it happened.

A blue light shot out and all of them fell down. The entirety of Mount Coronet was suddenly bathed in a blue light. It was that way for about a minute, each of them blinded. Then the light receded. Brock and Pikachu were the first to look up. And they first looked inside Spear Pillar. Like a shot, Brock, dawn, and Pikachu were up, running into Spear Pillar. Saturn and Giovanni weren't moving. Inside, there was nothing, no body, no ashes. The only reminder that Ash had ever been there was his hat, lying forgotten on the ground, most likely blown off in the explosion. Tears fell freely down Dawn's face but Brock stared stoically ahead. They needed to go, he knew that, but his feet didn't want to move. Ash…dead…it wasn't possible...

"Pikapi!!!" Pikachu cried out for Ash, but there was no response. "Pikapi!!!" Dawn couldn't take it anymore, and somehow, neither could Brock.

"Ash!" they both called out at once. But still, there was no answer. No remark in the still and silent space of Spear Pillar. Dawn let out a sob but turned around, turning her back on the forsaken place. As the two left with Pikachu they picked up Saturn and Giovanni and led the two of them, beaten and somehow willing. They had lost the will for anything. How could they when the source of eternal willpower had fallen before their very eyes? Piplup began to cry with Pikachu. A remarkable feat, that a Pokemon should cry for a human that was not its trainer. At the very last, they reached the base of the slopes of Mount Coronet. Pictures were flashing, but they just wanted to hide from them and cry. The officers quickly stepped in and took Saturn and Giovanni from their hands, captured at long last. But Brock's eyes found Misty's. And she knew.

In a matter of seconds, the truth was heard round the world. Reporters went crazy, police officers wanted to take them in for question. It made no difference. Though Brock was there and heard it all, he couldn't quite comprehend everything. All Brock, Dawn, Misty, May, and Max knew was that Ash had died…died on the slopes of Mount Coronet.


"So, Ash died doing a good deed?" Delia asked of Brock when all of them were situated in the Ketchum Residence in Pallet Town. Brock nodded solemnly. Her eyes were reddened with what had once been tears but had now gone past the tears she had cried. It was time to come to terms with the death of her boy. "I guess I should have seen it…he always was an adventurer…and I guess, now he's just gone on his next adventure."

"We're so sorry…" Brock said quietly, Pikachu nodding slightly, although his head was hanging while he sat in Brock's lap. Delia managed a weak smile, looking around at the silent group of children in front of her. She reached forward and put a hand on Pikachu's head. Dawn suddenly stood up and drew from her own bag, the hat that had blown off of Ash's head. Delia nodded and took it gratefully, placing it on the mantle.

"Might I suggest that you stay the evening?" Delia said kindly and Brock shook his head.

"No, we couldn't impose. I think…all of us need time to gather our thoughts." Brock said and Mrs. Ketchum understood perfectly. It was true, the five of them had been through quite an ordeal over the past forty two hours. After they had revealed that Ash had died to the entire world, and after Saturn and Giovanni were incarcerated, the five of them were brought to the nearest police station to Mount Coronet. For the next twenty four hours they were interrogated about what had happened with the Rocket Four and Ash Ketchum so as to properly charge all of the conspiring members. Somehow, Brock felt a hole in his stomach at these proceedings. He had lived through Ash's death once…he didn't want to do it again in so short a time. And while there was relief that the plan of the Rocket Four had failed…there was no denying that without Ash it was an empty victory.

Early the next morning they were released at last, all five of them having been questioned. They decided at that point that it was prudent to return to Pallet Town. Gerald gave them a lift, ensuring them that should they need a ride anywhere, he would be there for them, giving Brock his Pokegear number. And that had led them to telling Mrs. Ketchum about her beloved son's death. Yet at this point…all they wanted to do was go away, do anything to take their minds off it. Right now, staying in the Ketchum house wasn't going to do it.

Silently, all of them left the house and continued along Route 1, making their way to Viridian City. It was, after all, a crossroads to many locations in the world. It was around noon that they reached Viridian and stood at the city's outskirts.

"I guess…here's where we all part ways…" Brock said and no one said a word, most especially among them was Pikachu. hard enough it was to travel without his trainer, but they had left Ash's Pokemon at his house. Bulbasaur had also grieved when it heard the news. Brock finally was able to force a smile onto his face. "Let's try to be happy, huh? For Ash's sake."

"Kinda hard to do…" Misty mumbled out. "But I guess we have to try. Ash would do the same thing if it were one of us, right? That boy never did know when to be serious." Misty hiccupped a little at the thought of it, but was otherwise silent.

"That's true. Ash would want us to go on and keep going!" May said cheerily, her tone masking her true feelings. "That's why I'll return to Sinnoh and win the Grand Festival this year!"

"That's a great idea May!" Max said triumphantly. "And I'll go on to win the Hoenn League. I'll show Ash, wherever he is, just how great of a trainer I am…or at least, how good I will be!" Brock laughed at Max's determination.

"That's the spirit Max!" Brock said and Max turned to him.

"Hey Brock, since you know so much about Pokemon, could you travel with me? I'm sure it'd help out a lot." Max said with a genuine smile and Brock turned to Pikachu.

"I know it's not Ash, but are you up for a little traveling?" Brock asked the yellow mouse on his arm.

"Pika!" Pikachu yelled. Though his trainer was gone, Pikachu certainly had the heart of a traveler. And besides, he was still with all his friends. Misty smiled at all of them.

"Then I'll return to the gym and beat down any trainer that comes my way." Misty said and Brock nodded at her, telling her to remind Forrest to become just as good. Dawn was the only one at a loss for words. For her, the loss had still hit the hardest. She couldn't bear it alone.

"Max, Brock, since I am traveling through the Hoenn region…would you mind if I tag along and travel with you guys?" Dawn asked and both Brock and Max laughed.

"You're our friend!" Brock said. "Of course you can come along." To this, Dawn smiled gaily. A few small parting words later, all three groups set off in different directions, May to Sinnoh, Misty to Cerulean, and Max, Dawn, and Brock to Hoenn.

As Brock began to leave with his two new companions he thought to the future ahead and what it might bring. He wasn't the only one. So was a Pokemon professor, his assistant, and his grandson, diligently recovering their near broken files while a bereaved mother made them lunch. Just the same as a young breeder was as he watched over his purple haired comatose brother. To a blue haired noodle salesman and his talking Meowth of a friend who were preparing to search for their own missing companion. And to a young blonde haired boy, holding three lucky charms as he prepared to enter Mount Silver alone. All of them were wondering. None of them knew. All that Brock knew was that, whatever the future may hold…they would have to face it without Ash Ketchum.




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