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Warnings: Very minor swearing. A little angsty to begin with but only for the first few chapters.

Timeline: I'm messing with the HP timeline a little bit. Harry was born in 1990, not 1980.

*This story follows Harry Potter canon from books 1-5 and is AU from then on, and will most likely to follow along the SGU first season, depending on how Harry fits in with the other characters.


I - Destiny

Throughout the wizarding world, there were many fires burning. The muggle population generally assumed it was in preparation for Guy Fawkes Night, but for the wizards and witches of Britain, it symbolised the defeat of Voldemort. Everywhere, they rejoiced, burning effigies of the Dark Lord, just as The Boy-Who-Lived had done in real life just yesterday.

Harry Potter, however, was not out celebrating. He was sitting at an open window high in the Astronomy Tower at Hogwarts, staring at the burning flames beyond the village of Hogsmeade. The night air was cold as it flowed through the room but Harry barely noticed it.

He exhaled heavily.

For Harry, the fires represented the end. The end of his time in this world.

He was just so tired.

Ever since he had stepped into the Leaky Cauldron into the Diagon Alley and the wizarding world, seven years ago, everything has been building up to this. From the Chamber of Secrets, to the Triwizard Tournament, to the Incident in the Ministry of Magic, to yesterday's Final Battle. And now, it was all over. Voldemort was a pile of ashes and Harry was staring out a window, alone.

He had done his duty.

And now, he just wanted to sleep.

But they would not let him. All through today he had been stalked by owls, reporters, fans, students, even the ghosts, when all he wanted was some solitude to think about what it was that he had done, and what he meant for his future.

"Future." Harry whispered to himself, smiling bitterly.

There was nothing left to be done. Hogwarts was no longer his home. It could no longer keep the masses away from him. It was time for a new beginning.

But where could he go? That was the only reason Harry was still at Hogwarts. He wanted somewhere quiet, somewhere where no-one knew his name; somewhere he could life without fear he might do or say the wrong thing, somewhere where he didn't have to fear his magic.

And this magical place was where exactly? That was the question he was constantly asking himself.

Harry sighed, and shot a quick shrinking spell at his trunk, before draping his invisibility cloak over his body. He had made his decision to leave, and now he needed to follow through with it. Making his way to the Room of Requirement, he thought about how to phrase his need.

'A deserted island? A back water town in America? A cave in the mountains in Africa?'

The Room of Requirement was a great room indeed but Harry had his doubts whether it could truly point him in the right direction to a new life.

Pacing in front of the room, his thoughts jumped from one place to another.

'Freedom. I need to be free. Peace. Quiet. Solitude. Escape. Somewhere where Voldemort and his tyranny never existed. And where am I going to be able to find that place? An alternative reality? Why not just wish for a time portal so I can kill Voldemort as a child and save the dead? Now that's a great idea. Not. How about- No, I could- But wait- The idea- I need space. Space to be free, space to control myself- Destiny! My destiny is completed. Alone. Time is mine- Wait the door…'

Harry trailed off mid-thought.

There was a door to the Room. Somehow the Room had made sense of his ramblings and could show him was he could be free. At least he hoped that was the case.

Taking a deep breath, Harry entered the Room. It was empty … except for a strange ring in the middle of the room. As he walked towards it, part of the ring started to spin … and then it stopped on a strange symbol, only to light up before spinning on to another symbol, only to stop and light up before spinning again.

'This is definitely different.' Harry thought as the ring stopped spinning and a puddle seemed to form in the middle of the ring with a wave of water heading towards him. Battle instincts kicked in and Harry dived to the side, avoiding the strange wave.

The water in the ring was strange.

Harry slowly walked towards it, confusion spreading across his face. 'I think I've broken the Room of Requirement. This is not quite what I was looking for- Is this even water?' He reached out to touch the water. 'No, not like any water I've ever seen.'

His left hand was immersed in the water. "Very, very strange," He muttered to himself.

As he removed his hand from the substance, Harry was torn. This is what the Room had decided was his requirement. That it was something he needed. But it led to the question, 'What in Merlin's beard is it?'

Shaking his head, Harry started to move away from the ring, deciding to see if the Room would show him this again.

Before he could exit the room to try again, however, he heard familiar voices on the other side. Not wanting to deal with them, he turn and ran back the way he had come, and without a second thought, he hurled himself through the strange ring and it's very weird water.

The door opened. "Harry?" The man walked into the empty room. "What-?" He glanced at the parchment in his hand. "But he was just here…" Looking at the woman behind him, he said "He's gone."