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Recap: A redhead tries to seduce Vegeta, Bulma thinks he's cheating, and she turns him out of the house. Trunks and Bulla call the others to help them with the trouble, and others respond quickly. But what they don't tell others is that their new android is also stolen. Bulla has a talk with Bulma, who shows her first tender emotions since the incident, and the kids try to find evidence. Goten arrives at Capsule Corp., and others too are on the way.

The formation of four fighters flew in silence.

Oh. Couldn't they help getting in sticky situations in peacetime? And why did I agree to help? Should've married someone else… I'm talking like Vegeta. Who wants to hide themselves from their own selves? Damn, I should've remained my former self… Damn, 18, stop thinking; the android blonde decided it was too complicated…

Heh-heh. Good thing the problem's not a fight. I can hardly help in those lately, these Saiyans are too strong. This is where they need me. Wow, I'm getting the feeling of old days… heroic… The bald-headed hero was trying to see the bright side and be cheerful as usual, and gave himself a small smile to pep his spirits…

Try to keep cool as he might, Gohan had concern in his genes. Umm… the kids must be really upset. I can only think of helping with the evidence… after so many years of knowing him, Vegeta would sooner blow up the planet or kill Dad than cheat on Bulma. Do the others have a plan to help?

Where's Vegeta? No one's thinking about that?

And the universe's strongest fighter was his usual concerned self. Why aren't they searching for Vegeta? Any specific reason maybe? They didn't look like they wanted to tell much on the phone… Should I sense Vegeta? Don't think so. Maybe there's a reason they're not searching for him… but… do they have an idea what his bad mood can cause? Maybe they're just waiting for evidence or whatever… that way I've no work to do… I'm worried about Vegeta… He wouldn't do it… would he? Why would he? He must be hurt, and knowing him, bottling it all up and getting heated up… I must ask to take that front… Goku was ambiguous and unsure in his attempt to size up the situation, but nonetheless Goku's thoughts had reached an important part, at the same time as his eldest.

As the group of airborne fighters entered the city's sky, the scholarly half-Saiyan broke their steady formation, and silence. He edged up to his father's left side, and studied his stern face. Needless to say, Goku was worried. But what was he thinking? Goku felt his son's stare and looked at him, frown slightly eased. Gohan took that as an ok to speak and decided to voice his uncertainty.

—"Umm… Dad, wouldn't Vegeta be angry? And where's he? I don't believe he did it! Daddy, I guess…" Gohan paused warily, as Goku looked down, frown returning for a split second, before he looked back at his son.

—"One at a time, son. Well, difficult questions all of them, but my boy, I agree with you that he wouldn't do it. I know him well; I trust his principles. I didn't try sensing him. I want others to know I want to search for him. Maybe they wouldn't like it for some reason? I don't know about you, but the whole mess is not clear to me… I don't know what he's thinking, what Bulma's thinking, what she exactly saw… we don't know the most important stuff. Vegeta or you mother wouldn't trust me at it, but let me think." Goku attempted to free up his son, boggling his own mind more in the process. If Vegeta would known how confused I am, he'd call me a clueless idiot for sure. Goku smiled lightly at the thought of the familiar insult which had grown endearing over the years.

Gohan edged back to his position in the formation, but his conversation with Goku had stirred up the quiet group. Krillin suddenly popped a light bulb in his head—he had remembered something he was sure everyone had forgotten.

—"Goku, why don't you take us there by Instant Transmission?", he said animatedly. Goku suddenly stopped and flipped back to float in a standing position. He raised his hand to the back of his head.

—"Hey… great idea! Oh my, I forgot! Come on guys, let's…"

—"Goku, you can do that to find Vegeta", #18 interrupted. Now we need to think before we face Bulma. You can't expect her emotions to be very stable given the situation. Give me some time at least… you others can IT if you wish… I'd avail of it after I've sorted out more of this… the kids not knowing what actually happened doesn't help…"

—"Krillin, what do you think… I guess Eighteen's correct… Gohan?"

—"Whatever you say", chorused his son and his friend. And they continued their flight towards Capsule Corp.

Far away in the mountains, to the northeast of West City, a huge concrete building was built into a stone overhang. It had been abandoned several years back, when Frank Minerals moved to a safer and more modern location after being acquired by Capsule Corporation. It bore the perfect look of what everyone knew it to be—a dilapidated construction—at least when one looked at the exterior— who would look inside an abandoned building?

No one would, and this was something well known to the heirs of the extinct Brad Sciences. If anyone WOULD enter, they would find a dim-lit area, with an elevator, and platform leading to a stairwell, leading both above and below. The elevator doors opened only to magnetic card-swipes, and the if old stairwell took the same authorized entry mechanism, the ultra-modern machinery inside transformed it into two halves of escalators—one moving up, the other down, and subject to control of the cards. And if it didn't get the swipes, every step was a switch for some deadly trap. A quarrel had ensued while it was being modified—the sister thought no one would look in anyway, and thus found the security useless, while the brother wanted maximum security at their 'base'.

Another covered tube, flushed to the wall, occupied a corner of the polygonal room. The escalator and elevator led to several high-security rooms, spread over two floors—one above the entry room and one below. The communication and facilities were all modern, and the look of the place made it evident that it was used for different levels of authority, both residential and occupational.

Above, there were dormitories; a power station and a water supply using the nearby spring; controls of the central supplies, heating and security; all controlled by the latest electronics. Around twenty workers in two different kinds of uniforms ran around, one kind manning controls, other kind doing little physical work here and there, but armed and ready to face any intruders. All the workers had the access cards strapped to their uniforms. Another elevator was present besides the one based in the access room. It was the tube that ran up the corner—it opened only in the floors. A pneumatic chute was stationed near the main intercom, connecting the floor below for easy material transfer. This upper floor was more exposed to the outside, with a glass window facing the open, and intentionally left unclean. The security surveillance was after-all done by hidden CCTV cameras and microphones, which monitored every worker and the surroundings.

The lower floor's entrance had a retina scanner, and the doors opened to a small antechamber, which had the elevators and the pneumatic chute. It also had comm. links, and a few controls governing the facilities on that floor. One worker of each category manned the space. Next came two private suite-like living spaces, separated by a lounge area with a small sofa, a slim wall-hung TV and a desktop PC for personal use. Two housekeepers worked on the floor, one boy, one girl. This lounge another area of dispute between the owner siblings—the brother didn't like the luxuries his sister couldn't do without.

And there was a small room that only the two siblings had access to. Or rather, three. The head of the security forces was their third sister, much younger than the other two who were a year apart. She was never interested in her siblings' family feuds, luxuries, or their plans. She was neither the scientist nor the author, not the favourite of either parent. Hated, and from what she had gathered, she was a mistake. Sometimes she even doubted if she was the full sibling of them both. She stayed here, doing what she did best—wielding weapons, training a force, and earning a fat salary. And yes, she was great in disguise and role-play; she spied for them, and trained spies. She stayed in the women's dorm in the upper floor, but yes, she had a space to herself—'Do not disturb Elisha B.'.

The lower floor was completely concealed in the rock, with completely artificial lighting. The two private rooms were opposites: one was a lavender-themed, cosmetic-filled, furniture-blocked room with a luxury bath, and the other a dark-themed mess with a simple shower. Both had names on the plastic-coated metal doors—in blue Chilly on the pink one, 'Eugene'—and in gold Garamond on the black, 'Hugo'—he hated his real name. But yes, he didn't mess with Elisha if she called him by his first and middle name—'Hubert Gulliver'.

The private areas of the lower floor seemed so much like siblings sharing a moderate space, that the slightest notion that an outsider may have had of serious activities in the other areas would vanish. But there were, surely serious happenings going on. The place was a posh, high-tech seat of crime and conspiracy. Made from corruption, stolen technology and remains of mainstream civilization, this small organised group even had help from old Red-Ribbon research. Their only goal—finish the Briefs, bring Capsule Corporation down, acquire it, and change everything to their names, thus reviving to Brad Sciences. And taking envious revenge on some people. In that order of priority.

The upper floor's antechamber was where the two siblings sat, pulling up chairs near the comm. systems. The systems streamed constant data about the movements of their revenge plans on the screens. The sister had a housekeeping worker stay put with a paper to hold her nail filings, as she couldn't leave the place, lest her brother stole her turn of ordering 'Her'.

On the other end of the Western Province, bordering Saviour Olibu Conserved Area in North-West Territories, the same mountain range ended its 500-mile run. Somewhere on a rock ledge there, a muscular man of short stature and rather queer hair, sat, head lowered, and his face was invisible to the viewer. No viewer there was, for that matter, except some mountain goats, and a few birds that came up till that height, the rock-line level where the vegetation gradually dropped to none.

The man was, at that point of time, lost in a vast range emotion. Anger, as he wasn't able to defeat the problem before him; indignity, as his loved one hadn't believed him; despair, for he had no one who would believe him; sadness, at the thought of his children; fear, thinking of the future. And the same old pride that kept telling him that he was being weak, that he didn't need help; duly competed by the newer resurfaced tenderness that told him to be honest at least to himself, to give all of it not a damn, and think how to get back the love and trust he craved for and reveled in.

The anger had pushed up some violent instincts in him, some murderous thoughts about whosoever was responsible, and frustration at not knowing the actual mystery behind the 'whore'.

Little did he know that he was still loved, cared for, and worried about, somewhere back in the inhabited regions of the 'mud-ball'.

He had let his despair sweep over him for a while, before suppressing himself and letting the anger consume him. But it didn't work like other times… his strength was going down… sadness… despair… they consumed him… he was lost… loveless… his children…

Of course! The brats know I wasn't infidel! …

…They know, right? Don't they?

… they don't know… they saw less than what Bulma did… at least I can hope for the benefit of their doubt… relying on doubt? Me? The Prince of the mightiest race of the Universe? Who cares for what they think? She's fortunate she had me…

His thoughts paused, as his mind switched emotions again.

… I don't deserve… I… couldn't… kill… that… girl… Damn it all!

Vegeta's thoughts passed his children, and briefly stopped on the woman's parents who had given him a taste of filial love after so many years dry of it… They'd ask her to cease being mine…

And then he thought of all the people he had developed an unsaid bond with—the people he had come to call allies, comrades, or even friends—in the privacy of his mind. They were so important… important…

You will all ask her to do the same… to leave me be, find a man who could be so much better… or no man at all. You will like it, won't you, weaklings? Sweet revenge, isn't it? Isn't it? Now I'm powerless, you have all the power… I can't harm the woman, but I'll make you pay… I'll certainly make you pay!

Will she tell you? You of course will know… will you tell her what I think you will? Kakarott's young brat… what advice will you give my boy? And your brother? Your brainless father? Your father.

Kakarott? What do you have to say? She's your friend, tell her… what? Forget it, I despise your ways of playing problem-solver…super-saviour, aren't you?

Thinking randomly about his suddenly shattered life, Vegeta didn't realise when he began to visualize that the woman was before him… that he was trying to tell her…

Bulma… See, I called you by name… I know your name, Bulma, I just love to call you woman… because you are a wonderful woman… and because you look enchanting when you're displeased with me…

Why am I thinking like a wimp?

And thus continued his emotional cycle; he felt like breaking down again, then like destroying the planet, and again all hopeless. Vegeta knew no escape.

'Being hated by someone you hate is easier than being hated by someone you love…' How true that long-haired fool was… not very different from his little brother, was he? I really would've preferred Frieza at the moment… Why me?

Vegeta had learnt to open up to himself since the Majin episode, but that didn't help him—he only remembered all that made him feel like a hopeless coward—his planet, his family…

Vegeta's nerves didn't ease, but he was surer than ever before, that all he wanted was trust… and he had been foolish enough to lose something so hard-earned.

First time since his talk with Bulma after Buu, Vegeta wept while he was awake—not because of a nightmare, but because his present was hell again, like his past… Why? How? No answer

—"Why did you, Vegeta? I thought you'd have ridden yourself of that stupidity by now. Why? Why did you let the evil get you? Why were you greedy for power? Why Vegeta? Don't you love me? Don't you love Trunks? … "

Such had been the sort of despaired questions she had asked him that night… He had said he cared for everyone, he had let go of his pride and admitted her that he was blinded by the prospect of defeating Kakarott, that he had forgotten the value of power hard-earned through training, through toiling on his own.

And she had trusted him again, loved him still, and had finally eased him by promising to be with him always, "…as long as you love me, our kid and our friends", she had begun, a strange seriousness all over her countenance. "…as long you promise not to disappoint us again, not to kill me in future", she had finished, bratty smile returning after a long, long time.

That 'kill' had hurt him badly, but he understood that he was the cause, and he didn't mind as long as he was trusted. "Well, as you say onna", he said. And she had kissed him, with the same trusting love from before.

And the others had forgiven him, though he knew they hadn't forgotten. But they all had accepted him. And he felt he was less feared, less rejected. Like they appreciated his attempted self-sacrifice. Like he was somewhat an unsaid hero too, like Kakarott. At Bulma's parties, they regarded at him less warily, and Kakarott had quietly come up behind him during Bulma's post Buu celebration, and patted him on the back and said something congratulatory, duly accompanied by foolish grin. Now what was that he said? Yeah, "Good job on that, Veggie." And they both knew what he was talking about. That was the first time he had not snarled at him at the address. He had just grunted in reply. And yes, his son was freer with him, and did not hesitate to pounce on his back when he was on his way to the GR. And contrary to his expectations, he actually liked all of it.

And now he had lost it all, in spite of being, as the Woman liked to put it, 'on his best behaviour'.

Goten and Trunks entered the Breach Evidence Section to find a blue-haired young heiress banging the furniture belonging to her mother's property. Trunks decided that a cheery tone would be the safest to use with her.

—"Hey sis, found anything?"

—"Yeah, yeah, anything?", Goten chirped in, sensing Bulla's building steam. But it pushed out anyway.

—"You boys were lazing about in the CCTV room and what did I find here? I found that loooooooong ago, when my grandfather was a head physicist of CapCorp., we didn't have a laser-monitored air security. Then someone with a parachute landed and stole the owner's gold watch. Soon after my grandfather was made the company's Vice-President, then eventually President, with the boss Günter retaining only owner ship. What? Yeah, he was a European immigrant like Mom's side but they're from Germany not Swiss-Scots like Mom's family. So, what was I saying? Yeah, by then he had introduced the first laser lattice security. Only once after that, someone sent a tiny hawk to RETURN the watch with a note that it was just a bet. And the police closed the case…"

—"Aah, good, now," Trunks made the mistake of assuming that the speech was over, but they had to keep listening, wide-eyed and attentive…

—"There's more you fools! That was the LAST breach until this morning! Because Grandpa found that the lasers were very less in number and the gaps between them was too large. And he couldn't sanction the research to find the optimum balance between costs and security by re-arranging the lasers. Why? Because the owner was in the hospital and any domestic improvement of the company's premises required top sanction. And next day the childless bachelor died, bequeathing his dream company to his favourite scientist Dr. Bakisaru Briefs. And then Grandpa did the research, and no one entered our compound since then, until today morning! So, the present security system has never been breached since then till today morning! See my problem? Today morning!

—"Um, Bulla, did you cross-check the security systems? I'm not a genius like you both or Gohan, but…"

—"Come to the point!" the Briefses chorused.

—"Yeah, yeah, I'm not a… heh-heh, sorry, but I think there may be code-crackers… no, not hackers Trunks! All people who can hack systems are hackers! Hacking is the good, talented job. Cracking is using it for bad things! …"

—"The POINT?" Bulla screamed.

—"Ankit Fadia mania. Who? Young talented hacker-book author who wrote his first book at 11…"


—"Yeah, and enemies MAY crack our system codes…" Goten somehow finished. Bulla gaped in admiration.

—"Oh WOW! I never thought of it, I bet even Trunks didn't, Goten you're a damned GENIUS!" she said, before storming out of the room so fast that Trunks thought seriously of complaining to his mother that his father was forcing her to train… now how would that look like…

He was cruelly shaken out of his daydream.

—"Hey Trunks, what did Bulla say just now?"

—"That you're a genius" Trunks replied blindly.

—"Well am I?" Trunks came to his senses with that. He turned to his friend, turning to face him lop-faced.


Goten sighed. "I knew it already."

—"So do we go after her?"


Back at the 'base', the Bradman duo were still put at the ante-chamber comm. links, bickering about turns and getting bored as the only thing the saw was the Briefs people moving about in CapCorp, some others nearing them, and Vegeta put on a cliff edge.

'She' was riding at an elevated amusement park near the mall, keeping a watch on everyone through her sensors. And adamantly not sending any data to her bosses. Her only reply—"your job will be done". Hugo hardly spoke. He made a few snide comments at his sister, who kept bickering for the rest of the time, while her brother switched her screeching voice off from his senses and closed his eyes.

—"Hmph. We should've tried to put a tracker in her."

—"Hey, why don't you say anything? Know what? We should've tried to emulate the technology with which the bitch's friend caught Cell coming from behind every time…"

Hugo turned his head mildly towards her, disinterest written all over it.

—"Eh? What bitch?"

—"Her name is Bulma, but I won't take it! I'm sure she uses stupid technology to project her friends and family as superheroes! Hey! Eww! I just took it! Silky! Mouthwash!"


—"Yeah whaaaaaaat?"

—"There must be complex bio-science in what she does to make them that way. As their systems are normal from what our trackers say. Anyway, whom am I telling, there's a hell of a difference between a real scientist and a sci-fi author. That too…"

—"What, what different? It takes an understanding of both science and language to write sci-fi! And that too what?"

—"But it doesn't take an understanding of really HOW all those things will happen. And that too a sci-fi author who changes everything to a sappy R-O-M-A-N-C-E… and look at your pen name… Miss Eggplant…"

—"Kids like it!"

—"You don't write for kids really…"

—"Hey, you, you…"

The alternate screech and lazy blurt exchange was interrupted by a methodical voice through the comm.. link.

—"Sir, Ma'am. Our Radar and Sonar systems tell us that the place where the lone male target was situated has suddenly decreased in altitude but the altitude of the target, though on the same zenith, has increased…"

*End of Chapter 4—'Those Running The Show' of the DBZGT fanfic 'A Whatever In Need' By FanficMogul*

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