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In hindsight, Megatron wished he had his own insane scientist whose inventions of the week exploded and turned the Autobots into…

Well, what Soundwave was right now.

A sparkling.

A child, about the Earthling equivalent of a six year old. Albeit a rather quiet and articulate six year old, but a six year old none the less.

Soundwave sat on the armrest of his throne, watching his leader intently, in what the overlord assumed was a rather farsighted way. Upon his waking up, Soundwave had proven to be rather shortsighted and tended to walk into unmoving objects. Hence, his position on the armrest, where he couldn't walk into another of Hook's extremely delicate and fickle instruments.

Soundwave looked up at Megatron. "I never meant to."

"Excuse me?" Oh Primus. He was a telepath, even while in sparkling-mode.

"And I don't know how to change myself back."

Megatron was growing rather irritated with the blue youngling. Valuable officer or not, he was not supposed to be spark-sitting him. If this had happened to Megatron himself, Soundwave or Shockwave would be watching him. If Skywarp or Thundercracker had been changed into sparklings, they would look after the other. The same went for the Combiner teams, but for his spark, Megatron could not think of anyone who would care to spark-sit Starscream.

But Soundwave had no one, save for his cassettes, who were all on a mission on Cybertron.


Shockwave. He was logic, he could diagnose the youngling, think up a cure before Soundwave somehow (unintentionally of course) managed to wreck the Nemesis.

Soundwave voiced this thought just as Starscream came in, probably to berate him for their most recent defeat. "Shockwave?"

"Shockwave." Megatron confirmed as Soundwave turned to see the Seeker commander glaring at the two.

"Well Megatron, if I may have some time to give the latest report…if you aren't too busy spark-sitting."

The slight raising of his right arm shut Starscream up pretty fast.

Starscream gave a snide smirk to his leader.

"Well done, Megatron. Not only did the Autobots practically waltz past your 'super sophisticated defense system that can't possibly fail' but that glitched inventor of theirs turned Soundwave into a sparkling with one of his backward inventions."

Despite Megatrons pointed glare, Starscream tsked him anyway.

"And you wonder why I insist its time for a new leader."

The small Soundwave sparkling sitting on the arm of Megatron's throne chair looked from Starscream to his leader.

"He likes you."

Starscream froze, the smirk he had been wearing vanished as he suddenly tensed. Megatron grinned cruelly at Starscream's reaction, optics narrowing at the seeker.

"Is that so."

The sparkling looked up at Megatron a moment before turning back to Starscream.

"He likes your wings. He thinks their pretty. He'd like to -"

Shockwave's diagnosis could wait.


At Megatron's roar Hook appeared in a doorway, "S-sir?"

Rising from his throne, Megatron picked up the blue sparkling and held him out to Hook.

"Fix this…NOW!".