The scene on the bleachers in 108 – Mash up pissed me off, so I re-wrote it the way I recon it should have been! I know its short but I just couldn't get the idea out of my head, so I wrote it quickly!

She peered across the bleachers, spotting him sitting alone, watching the team he no longer belonged to. She sighed and walked over to him, guilt building in her chest as she neared him, his grey shirt, like the grey bleachers matched his mood. His face was a mixture of anger and sadness, and she could read him like a book, until he realised she was there and his everything behind a solid wall.

Pausing to consider her words, she finally started with "You miss it?"

He answers way too quickly, "hell no!" but doesn't turn to look at her, aware that the knowing look on her face would be enough to convince him to surrender the truth.

She moves closer to him, careful to sit far enough away that she's not invading his personal space, "hope you didn't choose glee over football because of me" she tells him meekly.

"Why" and there is an edge of concern in his voice.

"Cos, I don't think this relationship is going to work out" she seems almost a little embarrassed, ashamed that she may have given him more then she meant too.

"Great, Rachel Berry's breaking up with me? God, what wrong with me? I'm a stud and I can't even hold onto a girl like you?" he shakes his head before adding quickly "no offense."

She scoffs at him, "first of all I wasn't going to break up with you" she tells him in annoyance, "second of all, offence taken, and if you're going to be a jerk then I will break up with you."

He turns his head to look up at her, "It sounded like a break up!" and when all he receives from her is a pointed glare as if to say 'that's not all I said' he sighs and says "I like it when you wear socks like this" indicating to her navy knee highs, "it tickles my pickle," and he smiles up at her devilishly as if he's daring her not to laugh.

She rolls her eyes dramatically and tries to look huffy, but the corners of her mouth have turned up in a smile, and she gives up, accepting that comments like these are probably what Noah Puckerman considers to be flattering. "It wasn't a brake up" she reiterates, "I think we get along well, I mean well enough to give a relationship a try, and we have pretty good chemistry, I just don't have a lot of faith that its going to be an overall success, and if we did break up in a few weeks, I wouldn't want you to regret your choice" she explained, "but for what its worth I think you made the right choice, you're a very talented musician, and I have it on good authority that the football team is of an appalling quality."

He takes a deep breath, planning on correcting her, before sighing and admitting the truth, "yeah, were like, bottom on the ladder," he looks back up at her, "you know I'd have a lot more faith in this relationship if you'd let me touch your boobs" he states in all seriousness.

She sighs and rolls her eyes again, sliding herself over so she's sitting right behind him, she leans forwards, resting her chin in his shoulder and draping her across his chest, "tell you what" she whispers in his ear, "if we're making out, and you manage to cop a feel, I won't get mad" a cheeky smile playing on her lips.

His eyebrows shoot up, intrigued, and her turns his head to face her, "promise?" he wants to be sure.

She turns her face to look at his and their noses are almost touching, "I promise" she states, placing a quick kiss on his lips.

He turns his body further around to her as she sits up straight again, "wanna go make out in my truck?" clearly thinking it's a pretty good offer.

She cringes at the thought, "no" she states indignantly, he huffs and turns back around, "but you can drive me home in your truck and we can make out on my bed."

He smiles cockily and stands up quickly, taking her hand and leading her away from the football field.

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