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He was sitting on his bed, back leaning on the head board with his legs open and bent up at the knees. She was lying between his legs, stomach down with her chin barely higher up his abdomen then his belt buckle. One of her arms was snaked up above her head as she drew patterns with her fingers on his chest. He had one hand in her hair, playing with it, and even though she was pretty sure he was just knotting it she let him do it anyway, because she was too tired to tell him to stop, and also because it just felt so good. She'd just had dinner with his mother and sister, for the first time, and although his mother had been excited beyond belief to meet her son's nice, respectable, Jewish girlfriend, it had still felt somewhat like an interrogation.

"So" she started, "Abbey, is fairly…" she trailed off trying to think of a positive way to phrase what she meant.

However, he had no trouble thinking of adjectives for her, "crazy, loud, rude, irritating? Any of those work."

"I was going to say energetic, but she's not rude, she's sweet," he snorted, and she gave him a playful whack before she went back to tracing his chest. "She is!" she affirmed, twisting her head so she could look up at him, "she idolises you," she had loved seeing him in such a different environment, it was almost like discovering a completely new layer of him.

"Yeah well, can't say much about her judgement" he replied self deprecatingly.

She pushed herself a little further up his body, running a hand along his chin, making him look at her. "Hey, you're a really great brother, I mean that, you might not have the most perfect family, and your dad might have run off, but that little girl, she's not missing out on anything, you know that right?" His eyes flickered away from hers for a second, and she watched as he clenched his jaw and his nose flared out for a moment as he warded off any unwelcome emotional surges, before he looked down at her again and nodded slightly. She knew he wasn't the kind of guy to say anything about it, so she turned her head back down, placing a kiss on his chest before snuggling back into him. He ran his hand down, from where it had been on the back of her head to between her shoulder blades and began tracing patterns with his fingers, as she had been doing to him earlier. "Your moms cooking" she paused for dramatic effect, "is unbelievable, I am so full, I feel like I'm about to burst!" she told him light heartedly.

He chuckled and then informed her, "she only breaks it out for special occasions, she doesn't usually have the time."

She took it as a complement, before teasing him, "well, meeting your future wife certainly is a special occasion" he groaned thinking back over their dinner conversation.

His mother had asked Rachel everything from her taste in jewellery, to her ability to waltz, to the number of children she wanted, none of it subtle, and every time he had sent her a death glare she had replied by asking him why he would bother bringing Rachel home to meet her if he didn't want her to talk to Rachel. It had taken just about all his will power not to yell at his mother, pointing out that he had brought Rachel home because he had been forced too. He had a hard time not going off at his sister too, because she spent the entire night sporadically throwing idiotic and inappropriate questions at Rachel. One minute she was asking if Rachel had any pets, and then the next she was asking of she would be a flower girl at their wedding, and his mother had just looked at Rachel dreamily when to her credit she simply replied, "of course". The worst of the night though, had been when she'd asked if Rachel had ever seen her dads kissing, and was it gross, thankfully even his mother had found that question inappropriate and had given her a warning.

"You thought I was exaggerating" he pointed out, "I bet she was mentally measuring you out for your wedding dress the whole night, trying to figure out what type of dress would best fit your body shape, or some rubbish."

"That's fine, but I already know what kind of wedding dress I'll be wearing when I get married" she confessed.

He couldn't help it, his curiosity got the better of him and he asked "oh really? And what kind is that?" although he should have known better.

She pushed herself up off his chest, he watched her, kneeling between his knees. "I want something off white, with straps, I don't have the assets" she placed her hands on her boobs "to hold up anything strapless" and he watched her explain her dress, admiring the way she subconsciously touched her various body parts as she told him how the dress would sit over them.

He waited until she was finished, before pushing himself away from the headboard and towards her, sitting, as opposed to kneeling, he was shorter then her, but he placed a hand on each of her hips and pulled her forward just a bit. He whispered in her ear, "and what were you planning to wear under your wedding dress?"

She pulled back and looked at him with a half smile that could only be described as naughty before she asked, "do you want the practical answer to that question, or the sexy one?"

He leaned back into her, placing a kiss on her neck, sending shivers through her body before answering "what do you think!"

She laughed a little, "I haven't put as much thought into what I'd wear under my dress," as he continued his ministrations up and down her neck and she decided to just make it up as she went along, not wanting him to stop. "Well, I'd want something white, and lacy, I'd probably want a push up bra," she had a sudden thought, "or maybe a corset, bodice type of garment" he pulled back to look at her. "With pearly white buttons down the front" she traced her fingers down the opening to her imaginary under ware. "What do you think? Bra or bodice?" she asked leaning down to him and kissing him slowly on the lips and by the time she'd finished he could hardly even remember what she'd asked.

When she leaned back and surrendered his lips to him, he replied, "Corset, for sure!" and then asked, "what else would you be wearing?" his eyes indicating lower down as his fingers played with the hem of her skirt.

"Hmm" she considered it as his tongue started dancing over her clavicle, "maybe some lacy white boylegs."

His tongue stopped and he pulled back to look at her, "what are boylegs?" he asked, picturing her in a pair of his boxer briefs, which if he were honest would be pretty damn sexy, but in a very different way.

"It's just a shape," she assured him, "they're hipsters" tracing a line where the top of the panties would sit, "but they look like tiny little shorts from the front" Running her fingers along the very tops of her thighs to show him. "But from the back…" she trailed off, picking one of his hands up and manipulating it so his pointer finger was extended and all the others were balled in a fist, "it runs straight across, half way up" she used his finger to trace the line across her ass where the panties would sit. He groaned in appreciation, before grabbing a hand full of her ass and pulling her back onto the bed with him, rolling them over so he was on top of her.

With one of his arms propping him up sho he wasn't putting to much weight on her he was able to run his other hand up and down her thigh. Her arms were wrapped around his back, pulling herself up to meet his body as he kissed her hungrily. Breaking away from her for a moment, he whispered seductively "seeing as how you're already dressed for the occasion, maybe we should practice some of the honeymoon numbers?"

When he added a suggestive eyebrow gesture to the offer, she had a hard time finding the words to remind him, "as long as you don't expect to get past the opening act."

He smiled devilishly as he dropped his lips back down to her hers, his tongue sliding past her teeth to meet hers, before he suddenly pulled back with a puzzled look on his face he asked, "Is it weird that we're making out to the theme of our wedding?"

She paused to think about it for a minute, then shrugged, "most girls fantasise about their weddings all the time, you just found a way to capitalise on that, I'd tell you to use it to your advantage" she smiled at him suggestively, and he nodding in agreement, returning his lips to hers.

His grip tightening on her upper thigh as her breasts pushed against him and her mound rubbed against his growing bulge. He could honestly never tell if she meant to do things like that, he knew her experience level was not nearly close to his, and he had a feeling that when he was wearing jeans she probably never noticed his erections until they got pretty full on. He could remember the first time she had, it had only been a couple of weeks ago and she'd been sitting on his lap while they were making out. When she felt it, she'd jumped of his lap at an alarming rate, before babbling unintelligibly about how she wasn't ready to do anything more then they already had. It had been pretty embarrassing but he'd tried to explain calmly, that if she were going to be wriggling around in his lap then this was the result she'd usually get, but he assured her it didn't mean he expected her to have sex with him. Pushing her hips back down to the bed, he lowered himself onto her more, closing any spaces between them. Their breathing was laboured as they slipped in small breaths between their open mouthed kisses, tongues darting backwards and forwards. Her arms detangled momentarily from behind his back while she moved them to around his neck, and his hand trailed up her body, away from her hip, slipping between them to palm her breast. In the month they'd been dating, her groping tolerance had altered considerably. At this point, as long as his hands weren't all the way up her skirt, or alternatively trying to get past her bra she didn't seem to mind.

It was at the very moment that he ran his thumb across her prominent nipple, eliciting a throaty moan from her that his mother yelled his name from down the hall.

He growled angrily against her lips, but lifted his head to call back, "what mom?"

"Its nine o'clock on a school night, don't you think you should be taking Rachel home soon?" she called; blissfully unaware of what she had interrupted her son and his sweet girlfriend from doing.

He looked over at the clock which read 21:08, and sighed, remembering she'd told him that she had a curfew of nine thirty on school nights, he resigned himself to the fact that this make out session was over. He pushed himself back off his mildly disappointed looking girlfriend, allowing her to climb off the bed so she could fix her hair and make up in his mirror before they left his room.

"Noah?" the call came again, having had no reply to her last comment.

"Yeah mom, I'll take her in a minute" he replied, watching Rachel smooth out her skirt and pick up her handbag, ready to go.

"Doesn't Abbey ever wake up when you guys yell like this in the house?" she asked.

He shook his head, standing up and grabbing his keys and wallet before opening his bedroom door for her, "there could be an earthquake and she wouldn't even roll over" he told her.

As he waited for her at his truck while his mother handed her a plate of leftovers from the doorway, he considered the fact that his mental image of her in her wedding lingerie could come in very useful over the next few days, even if it did creep him out that he'd already decided he never wanted another guy to see her in it.

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