Alright, here it is. My own rewrite of the entirety of Naruto. I will not be dealing with the filler arcs, but I may use filler characters later on, with alternate explanations for their involvement if needed. I welcome all reviews, but please limit flaming to constructive criticism. I would also like to know what pairings people would like to see, but, there is a catch: I do not do pairings other than Narutoxgirl(s). So keep that in mind. And to Anko lovers, if you want her to be with Naruto or something, fine, but she won't be a masochist or anything.

Alright, with that said, let's- Oh crap, disclaimer:

I do NOT own ANYTHING related to Naruto. I only own this plot (in my head), and any characters I may create out of thin air. Thank you, no lawsuits please.

Okay, NOW lets start the story.

October 10th, around 4 a.m.

A small boy ran through the dark streets of the morning. His tattered orange shirt fluttered in the rushing wind as pieces steadily ripped off and flew off into the black abyss. The boy rounded a corner into an even more dimly lit street than the last, and took shelter behind a dumpster. He saw a large mob of angered villagers pour past him in the street, until one of the torches shone in such a way that one of the mob's members noticed the boy. The six year old trembled as the mob surrounded him, and began another of the beatings that the boy didn't understand. "Why… What did I do to them? Why do they call me a monster..? What am I?"

The boy never did get any answers, even from the few people who didn't try to kill him on a weekly basis. This night, however, would be vastly different. Tonight, he would meet the reason behind his torment. And tonight, he would never be the same again.

The beating continued on ruthlessly, torches burning his flesh, punches breaking his bones, sharp, pointy objects cutting his skin, causing him to bleed. He lived through it all, never able to pass into the false bliss that was unconsciousness. That is, until he felt a presence in his mind. He felt a sinister evil pull him out of consciousness, but not quite the way he desired. His mind spiraled as it was pulled into itself and given being.

The boy found his vision once again, and found himself in a strange sewer. He noticed ripples all along the water, coming from a corridor up just a small ways, and to his left. He decided to investigate. He ventured to the opening of the corridor, and looked down the length of it. The lights seemed to be brighter than the small, dim torches in the rest of the sewer, so he decided to progress through this corridor in search of answers. After walking for what seemed to be an eternity, he found the corridor opening up into a vast room, the end of which was nowhere in sight. The room was truly immense, and not even the ceiling was visible. He did notice, however, that in the center (at least of what he could see) of the room was a very large, barred gate. The entrance of the gate was held shut by nothing more than a piece of paper, with the word Seal on it. The boy grew curious, and ventured closer to the cage.

He saw something moving behind the bars, and out of reflex, jumped to the side as a giant head sprinted at the cage, fierce red hair covering this immense animal's body, and blood red eyes glaring down at the small boy. A claw came flying through the bars, trapping the small boy between two of the enormous nails. The boy trembled in fear, as the beast spoke, "Well, well, well. It looks like I get to eat tonight after all. You were foolish to come here, boy, as this will be your doom!" The giant creature attempted to make true his threat, as a giant tail came flying from behind him and straight at the small child. The child closed his eyes in fear, before the tail connected, and did absolutely nothing. After several minutes, the boy opened his eyes curiously. What he saw truly amazed him. Standing before him, was the Fourth Hokage, the man he looked up to for everything. The blonde haired adult simply shoved the beast back in its cage, before taking a look at the small child, and vanishing instantaneously, with not a trace left of him. He looked back at the cage, as the creature began to fume about his spoiled attempt at a kill. "Damn you Fourth! Six years in this hell already and you deny me the thrill of a kill even through death! Damn you, and this cursed seal of yours, back to the hell from whence I came! As for you," the animal turned its attention back to the child, "seeing as I cannot kill you, yet, I might as well try to make our lives at least somewhat more endurable. I know you have many questions, and to be honest, I don't give a damn. I may, or may not, answer them later, if I feel like it. But for now, be happy that I am going to give you a gift. I will give you the power to protect yourself, at least from minor threats, such as those annoying insects you call villagers. Consider this your one, and only, birthday present. Take this gift and remember the fear I caused you this night, the fear instilled into you by the Kyuubi." The boy didn't have a chance to ask his onslaught of questions, as an eerie red substance began to seep out of the cage, seemingly coming from this being now identified as the Kyuubi. The vile red substance surrounded the boy, and he screamed in agony as it seeped into his body, knocking him out into the bliss he sought earlier, as his body was forever changed.