He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

I am Kagome Higurashi. My heart once belonged to the ungrateful hanyou Inuyasha. For years I followed him around, loving him, until one day he broke my heart.


I was talking in a walk in a beautiful forest. The trees were perfectly green, and birds sang merrily. We had just set up camp when Inuyasha had disappeared. It has been happening a lot lately. I wondered why.

After a while of walking I start to hear voices. Getting curious I start to walk towards them, careful to not be seen or heard. One of them seemed to be Inuyasha.

When I reach the voices I hide behind a tree and peek around. I seem to do this a lot. There to my shock is Kikyou and Inuyasha. Inuyasha has his arms around her.

Kikyou looks up at him. It would've been a sweet moment and award-winning if it was a movie. But it was not, and I felt a pang of jealousy in my heart.

"Inuyasha, do you love me?" Kikyou murmured.

"Yes, Kikyou. With all of my heart." He answered, under no visible spell of that witch's.

"Then why does my Incarnation still travel with you?" She said quietly.

"Because I need her to hunt the shards. That is all. It is not as if I care for her."

"Let me hunt them for you Inuyasha, I can do a much better then that odd wench." She pulled him closer.

"Anything to be with you again. I miss you so much when Kagome makes us flee from you, my dear."

"Then I will. On one condition, though. You must kill her. I need the rest of my soul to be yours again.

My eyes go wide and I start to breathe heavily. He wouldn't do it, would he? That evil statue! Surely Inuyasha will not agree to her demands. Didn't he promise to protect me? Without me, he couldn't use his Tetsusaiga!

"Yes Kikyou. I can always protect Sango and Miroku instead of her for my sword." His eyes closed in agreement.

"Thank you Inuyasha. Without her, we can be together forever."

Aww, how cliché. Except for the fact she was bloodthirsty clay fake and I was the one to be sacrificed.

She leans up and they start to kiss, passionately. Inuyasha pushes her on the ground and start's to rip her clothes off. At that I turn around and start to run. My last sight of him was his golden eyes meeting mine and looking defiant, as if he didn't care.


So here I am, lying under a great oak tree looking up at the stars above with a broken heart. How could they shine so brightly at my loss? It's been 2 days since I witnessed that. I had ran back to camp and got my pack, bow and arrows and sprinted off before anyone noticed. Kirara might've, but there was nothing she could do to bring me back.

I ran for the two days. Trying to stay away from them. Always running and barely ever stopping. I know Sango, Miroku, and Shippo must be worried right now. But right now I don't really care.

I feel a powerful demonic aura heading my way. I stand up and notch a bow in my arrow and aim it for the direction the aura is coming from.

After a few minutes the figure stops just behind the tree line. All I can see is silver hair. ' It can't be Inuyasha, because I know he does not have such a big demonic aura. After all, he is a lying, traitorous, pathetic Hanyou and I hate him. Forever and always.'

' Well, go find out. You ARE very curious, after all.'

' Are you nuts, I am not gonna go up to an unknown demon and say, Hey, what's up, I'm a priestess and I was wondering what you were doing stalking me. Cause I think, with an aura this large, he wouldn't like it.'

Yes, I had officially turned crazy as I was running and talked to a voice in my head. So what. I was tired, heartbroken, and filled with hate.

' Well you have done crazier things before.'

' Name one. I dare you.'

' Going after Naraku alone. Without your guardian or friends.'

' That was different.'

' How so, O wise and mighty First Voice??'

' Because the others were not to far behind. And stop being so sarcastic.'

I break out of my thoughts with my inner self and yell out.

"I know you're there so show your self! I'm a mad miko who can't hold her temper! So come out and face me like a man, coward!" Darn. I let the inner voice win.

The figure does not move so I tell it to come out again. This time it does move. The tall figure stepped gracefully out of the tree line and my eyes go wide. There before me is none other then Sesshoumaru. And I had just called him a coward. Crap.

"Put your bow and arrow down Miko, this Sesshoumaru presents you no harm, even if you be mad."

" I don't think so Sesshoumaru. Why should I trust you?"

"This Sesshoumaru can move faster then your arrow. I do not wish to repeat my reasoning."

"Yeah right, prove it. Even the Lord of the West can't run that fast." My voice was strong, but my hand was shaking as I aimed it at him. What if he told the truth?

Faster then any human (or demon) I have ever seen Sesshoumaru appeared at my side, grabs my bow and arrows and throws them on the ground, while slamming me to a tree with his body.

I am pretty sure that my face is beet red from the closeness. I have NEVER been this close to Sesshoumaru. Or anyone, really. I always have thought of him as sexy, but I never acted on it because I was in love with Inuyasha. Guess I could now, since I hate that dog-boy.

I know I am aroused and that he can smell it. I look into his eyes and he is staring intensely at me with those golden eyes. I want to kiss him right now but if I did he would kill me for sure. He probably was about to kill me now, the liar.

He surprises me though by leaning closer to me, our noses are touching and he says to me in a very deep, sexy voice.

"Are you aroused by this Sesshoumaru, Miko?" He sounded only slightly surprised.

"Y-yes." I stuttered, then winced at my foolishness.

"Good." ………What?!?!

Before I know it he has his lips down on mine in sweet kiss, I kiss him back and wrap my arms around his neck, being careful of the spikes, and entangle my hands into his hair. He tasted like something wonderful, the stuff of dreams.

When we break apart we are both panting. My mind was foggy as we kissed again.

Clearing my cloudy brain and forcing it to think, the first thought was, does he really love me, or is he using me? But I answer my self, He loves me. Why else would he be kissing me so sweetly? Why else would he have come?

I once loved Inuyasha, but he did not return it. Sesshoumaru truly loves me, and he shows that to me that night while we lay under the stars, looking into each other's eyes, as I now know why the stars were bright at night.

Hi everyone. Ok as I promised some people here is my latest one shot. I liked the title so I kinda worked with it. This is the longest one shot I have wrote in a while so I hope you all like it. Please review review review.