3 Month's Later

The battle ended badly, Sango and Miroku were both badly wounded by Hakudoshi while Inuyasha was only wounded. I had a few scratches while Sesshoumaru got out of the battle with none.

I had discussed with Sesshoumaru when we safely got back to the castle after Naraku, Kagura, Kanna and Hakudoshi fled, I was luckily able ti keep Naraku from getting Kohaku, we talked about Kohaku and he said he had an idea and that I had to take the shards out of his back for it to work.

I did and Sesshoumaru ised Tensiga and brought Kohaku back to life and I fused his jewel shard with my part of the jewel.

The next morning I ended up sick so I wen to the healer and let her check me out. I had found out then that I was a couple weeks pregnant, I gasped and then jumped out of bed and told everyone. Sesshoumaru was so thrilled that we will be having a baby, or as he put it a pup.

Hi everyone, Okay I know I ended it on a cliffy so I thought I would come up with the Epilogue quickly for you all. I hope you all enjoy it and I am gonna start working on the sequel for it soon. Please review and tell me what you think.