His costume was complete and while the fangs left much to be desired, it suited his purpose. Halloween was the time when he let it all out of the bag and enjoyed one of his favorite pastimes. While it wasn't as enjoyable as blowing stuff up, stalking Lieutenant Hawkeye was always enjoyable.

Sticking to the shadows, Kimblee waited for the perfect moment to strike. When she was alone, for sure, the last thing he needed was for her attention to be on someone else. No, he wanted her to be alone, wondering if she heard footsteps or if a shadow had moved unnaturally. That was the whole point. To scare her.

She spent most of the morning speaking with her comrades, weak men with no skill to speak of, and Mustang. He remembered Mustang from Ishbal, just like he remembered the dangerous Lieutenant, who had been a lowly Cadet then. Mustang had moaned and groaned about his job, while Kimblee had enjoyed it so thoroughly they'd thrown him in jail and ostensibly thrown away the key (ignoring the fact that here he was walking about in the light of day). Kimblee would never understand the Flame Alchemist. Why join the military and become a human weapon, if you're only going to bitch about it in the end?

Kimblee shook himself of such thoughts, they were better pondered over while he was eating, or blowing things up, not while tracking a very pretty Lieutenant.

It was nearly lunchtime when she finally went off on her own, presumably to pick up some paperwork from another office some ways down the base. After giving her coworkers stern orders to continue their work, the object of his pursuit finally left. He followed her in the shadows, moving quietly so as not to alert her to his presence. She nodded as she passed others she knew and saluted her superiors as she made her way to the office she was required to reach.

It took a few moments for the flow of fellow officers to run dry, but it finally did so. Kimblee grinned as Riza Hawkeye rounded a corner, the thump of her boots the only sound in the hall. It was time.

Quickening his pace, Kimblee rounded the same corner, only to stop dead in his tracks when he found himself staring down the barrel of the standard military issue pistol.

"May I ask why you have been following me around all morning Sir?" the Lieutenant asked calmly, catching the safety with her thumb.

Kimblee blinked twice before offering a defeated smile, "Surprise?"

Riza arched an eyebrow and pulled the trigger. Kimblee winced; this was not how the great Crimson Alchemist, the Mad Bomber, was supposed to die.

He opened his eyes to see a little red flag hanging out of the gun. Riza smirked, something she must have picked up from Mustang. "Happy Halloween, Major."