I love you

Here we are once more, but I never thought like this though. Abby is standing across from me in her lab. She is in her usually weird clothes, but I love those clothes.

I have known Abby for 2 years. She started in our lab, and ever since then I have been attracted to her. I also know she is attracted to me from the way she looks at me.

I look at Abby and she types furiously on her keyboard, going threw archives for me. I look at her, I love her but I keep it hid, We do not need to interrupt work.

Abby looks over at me with her huge smile on her lips. " Gibbs I got something"


I turn around to the huge plasma screen TV and Abby rattles on and things flash up on the screen. I go over everything as I listen to Abby's angelic voice talk.

I hear the door slid open and Tony DiNozzo walks in with Ziva and Tim following him. I turn around to them and watch them talk with Abby. I zone out as I think about Abby.

O Abby I really wish you knew how much I love You. But one day, I promise you, that you will know.

Hi everyone. Ok I know this one shot was not the best, but this is my FIRST NCIS story. I am currently working on a story. I really love this show and when ever it's on I watch it. I promise I will try and get better. Also the title for my story will be.

I Got You Abby

Abby and Jethro are going to be captured. I don't really know. It will not be published for a while though. So please review review review. Also please be nice.