Spinner's End

Luna Lovegood apparated outside the front entrance to Spinner's End. She carried a small rucksack on her back, one hand bracing the strap against her shoulder while her other hand was tucked delicately in the crook of Neville Longbottom's arm. Luna gave a slow measured look to the surroundings before she exchanged a languid smile with Neville. They walked to the front door where Neville used his wand to lower the wards. He held the door open for Luna to precede him.

The interior of the home was much as Professor Snape left it four months prior, though brighter with more candles, cared for and today, smelling delectably of cinnamon and pumpkin. Luna's smile broadened at the aromas. She handed her rucksack to Neville and walked through the archway and into the kitchen.

"Hello," Luna called as she spied Ginny Weasley busily making pies in the kitchen.

Ginny's hair swung widely as she turned a warm smile on Luna.

"Hi, Luna! I was getting worried."

"Neville wanted to bring some fresh herbs for the dinner, so we went back to his grandmother's and he looked in the garden and he didn't see some rocks. We came anyway," Luna trailed off.

Ginny gave a puzzled look at the blonde before saying, "Of course you would come. Ron's upstairs changing. Harry went back to Grimmauld's for a book. Hermione owled she'll be late. "

Ginny clapped flour from her hands and slid the pies into the oven. She surveyed the small, yet tidy kitchen. Satisfied she had done all she could for the time being, she hung her apron on a hook and sat at the table. She examined the cool blonde across the laminate from her. Since the war, Luna was a little taller, a lot curvier and somehow, softer. Ginny always wanted a sister and she felt Luna and herself becoming close. Not best friends, but good friends.

Ginny nibbled a biscuit she took from a jar and enjoyed the quiet. She could hear Neville walking about upstairs, probably unpacking. She liked it like this. Before the war, she would have been a little disconcerted at the silence, but now she enjoyed these quiet moments. Being the youngest of seven, Ginny was overlooked in the midst of her siblings' exuberant personalities. Falling for Mister Harry Potter included being caught up in the whirlwind of the golden trio. They couldn't be called a whirlwind now. Not really. Not any of them.

"Hi, Ginny." Neville took a peek into the oven before fixing himself a tea and sitting next to Luna. He scooted his chair closer so he could drape a long arm around Luna's shoulders. Ginny scrutinized the lanky boy, lanky no more. Neville had filled out, his shoulders broadening and his voice deepening. Gone was the nervous, bumbling boy. He was no longer self conscious, but acquired an easy grace which could only come from caring deeply about someone else. From being in love. Luna leaned back and into Neville's shoulder, the smile on her face never wavering. They look good together, Ginny thought and then her brow furrowed.

"What's wrong?," Neville looked at Ginny openly.

"D-do I look different?"

"Different than what?" Neville asked kindly. Luna simply looked at Ginny.

"Different than before?" Before the war went unspoken. That is how she compared everything now. It was either before or after.

Honest Neville bit his lip and tried not to look at Luna for help. Do I really want to know?

Neville spoke slowly, "You look like your mum, now." Ginny blinked back a hot tear. Mum, I look like mum?

"You look like you care," Luna said in her dreamy voice. She plucked a biscuit from the jar, snapped it in two and shared it with her love.