Hello, Mounkey here again :p Looks like James took her first day off yesterday and, according to the rules that means I can't post on the Brigadoon fanfiction ('cause that would be twice in a row)

So that means a new fanfiction! Ouran! Which was originally going to be our first anyway q:

So let's begin!


Hunny ate cake, played with Bun-bun, and was all around absolutely adorable.

Everything seemed normal.

But little did the members of Host Club know what that bowl of sugar was plotting beneath that deceptively sweet exterior.

Particularly not Mori. Hunny had taken every precaution to make sure of that.

At that moment, Hunny was sitting on his cousin's unsuspecting shoulders. ((Haha... the shoulders suspect nothing! NOTHING! MWHAHA! *Mounkey was having so much fun making fun of her own sentence, that she frightened her guinea pig*))

Hunny leaned on the head in front of him and happily just praddled away, "Takashi! Last night I say a cake shop on television that makes three flavored cakes! He should get one after school today!"

Mori smiled back and nodded. Just a little bit. Hunny barely felt it; but he did see it and smiled even more none the less.

Mori was always around Hunny whenever he needed him, so Hunny had never ever been really lonely. Ever.

But what Hunny really wanted, more than anything in the world, was to return the favor. 'Cause he loved Mori a lot. So he wanted to make sure that Mori wasn't ever lonely either.

And he had a plan to make sure that would never happen.

Haruhi was sitting a few feet away reading a book.

Hunny took a bite of cake.

If Haru-Chan and Takashi got together, then Takashi would have both Haru and himself always, and he would never never ever be lonely.

Hunny saw that Mori glanced over at Haruhi, and happily took another bite of cake.

He had no doubt that Mori and Haruhi would make a great couple, but he also knew that they would need a little push to get there. Neither of them seeming to be the kind to go out of the way for a crush they'd suspect to be one-sided. But; he was also aware that if he moved to openly to quickly he could jeopardize his plan.

He looked over at Kyoya, who was typing away on his computer. At that moment, Kyoya didn't know anything about Hunny's plan, and if he had feelings for Haruhi he didn't show it. But all and the same, if anyone would figure out what he was up to, Hunny would bet Usa-Chan that it would be Kyoya.


OK, there's the set up. :) I'm sure it's pretty obvious that I'm a MoriHaruhi fan from this chapter :p Ha ha ha! But if memory serves, I think James is a KyoyaHaruhi fan? So who knows whats going to happen in the next chapter G_G

OK James, I'm leaving chapter two in your hands!