#### At The Huninozuka Mansion ####

While Hunny had been playing with the idea of faking an illness in order to give Mori and Haruhi some alone time; he really did catch something that day, and it had not been remotely fun so far. His throat hurt, his voice was scratchy, he was running a fever, anything with a strong smell made his eyes water, he kept having to take bitter medication, and really, worst of all, he was lonely.

Things were, well, quite without Mori there. This was probably the first time Mori hadn't been by his side the entire time he had been sick since as far back as he could remember. More then once Hunny would turn his head to the right side of his bed (where Mori normally sat) and start saying, "Hey, Takashi-" before he would remember with a pang that he'd sent Mori away.

And it had taken quite an effort to convince him to go.

Even before Hunny fully comprehended that he was sick, Mori was there with a thermometer, Mori had convinced him to return to bed, Mori was giving instructions to the servants of the house, and Mori had even started to call Haruhi to cancel their date. However; this last one caused Hunny to start to panic and stopped him in alarm before he'd finished dialing the number. He then had to struggle with Hunny to get him back to bed.

Hunny pushed against Mori's arms and pleaded with him, "You can't cancel, Takashi!" Tears were welling up in his eyes. Mori tried to reason with him but Hunny's head felt cloudy and he just protested more violently, "You can't! It's too important! This is your chance!" he tried to berry his head into Mori's shirt and use it to push him back but his body felt weak and all he did was alter the wrinkles in the shirt.

Mori managed to push him back into bed and Hunny laid there for a bit breathing heavily. He then turned his head and smiled as causally and encouragingly as he could at his giant friend. After he had caught his breath he said, "Nee... Takashi..."

He already had Mori's full attention, but saying his name didn't hurt is point.

"Takashi... I really want you to go on the date with Haruhi" and while Mori started to object again Hunny just shock his head and looked his friend calmly in the eye, "It's very important... to me... that you do this... Takashi." He then smiled warmly through the rest of Mori's protests until eventually he had to give up and do what Hunny asked of him.

Now all Hunny could do was think of Mori, and what he could be doing, and if the date was going alright, and worrying (or hoping perhaps?) that Mori might call the date off. He drifted off to sleep for who knows how long imagining the various outcomes of this last thought, and woke up with a feeling of doubt and foreboding probably induced by whatever illness he had.

He couldn't wait any longer, the sleep and whatever medication he'd taken had taken care of the physical weakness. His mind was still cloudy, but that would just have to be. He snuck to the door to make sure no one was on their way to the room; no one, good. He slipped Bun-Bun under his covers and made it up such that to the casual observer he was fast asleep in bed; it wouldn't have fooled Mori, but the general household staff would be unlikely to notice anything off behind the curtains of his fourposter bed. He then slipped open his window and snuck out.

A few minutes later a servant came in to deliver more medicine, but found the young master to be asleep and set it on the table next to his bed. She noticed the window half open and softly crept over to close it. It really had taken quite an effort to assure Master Morinozuka that Master Huninozuka would be given the best attention possible. Leaving him to discover, upon his return, a window open to let in a draft would only make him doubt their attention to detail.

#### Ohtori Mansion ####

Kyoya sat at his desk in his room and scratched away at his homework. As they were word problems they should required more of his mental capacity, but he was disgusted to find them insufficient in keeping his mind from wandering.

Glancing over the problem he picked out the phrases, "New Roller Coaster" and "Cost of $10 million," and as he underlined them his mind turned to the recent shift in relations between the seniors and Haruhi, " Annual ticket sales in the first five years are expected to increase be 80000. Tickets... single-day... $35 per person" There was nothing honestly tasteless about their relationship, in fact improved relations between the club members helped their sales as their guests felt more at ease, "Incremental costs..." Haruhi hadn't been shirking her duties, "...negligible..." Their excursions didn't overlap with the club, "...will replace older roller coaster" and they had not used club funds to pay for them, "required internal rate of return of 12%"... and yet... Right, this will use future value of an Annuity... … and yet Kyoya...

"Hrmm..." Kyoya made a disgusted noise and leaned back in his chair. He he took off his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose as he stared critically at the piece of paper. It was not it's problem however that produced his response. (Its answer was $10,093,384)

Kyoya was not an idiot. The signs were appearing. He was resentful of Hunny-Sempei's and Mori-Sempei's interaction with Haruhi and his own reaction to this disgusted him. He shouldn't care. It didn't affect him in anyway and it was none of his business...

However Kyoya Ohtori knew that he could not reason his way out of this. It was unreasonable, but he was jealous.

He put his glasses back on and started to rock back and forth in his chair. Now that he understood the "problem" the only thing left to do was was to "fix" it. He fiddled with his pencil and considered his options. Ignoring it didn't seem to be working; there were few things in the world more irritating then ignoring data because one is in denial. The other option was to deal with the source. He tapped his lower lip with his pencil and considered this. Despite his attempts to calmly analyze the situation however, he felt irritation well up inside of his again.

Kyoya let out another disgusted noise and stood up. Addressing, with some annoyance, the jealous part of himself that was making him do such pointless things he thought, Fine. To the source it is.

He picked up his jacket, called his body guards and left for the destination of their date; the aquarium.

Once he was there it was only a matter of time before he ran into Haruhi, and when he did he was surprised to see that she was alone. Despite himself he felt his heartbeat speed up and a twing of hope swell up inside him.

He stepped forward without thinking and she caught sight of him. He was somewhat amused by her reaction. Yes... What washe doing in a place like this?


"Haruhi, I've been thinking. I need to tell you something important…" the words were coming of their own accord.

"Sempai?" Haruhi seemed surprised by his seriousness, but before he could say what he needed to say, the threat walked up behind Haruhi.

"Kyoya." Mori was looking at him with compete comprehension as to what was going on.

Darkly, Kyoya felt those emotions that were quite annoying well up inside him again. Instead of finishing what he had come to say, he found himself no longer addressing Haruhi, but Mori.

"You know why I'm here"


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