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Spyro woke up in the middle of the night, panting. He looked over to the side, where Cynder was resting. She seemed to be having a bit of a nightmare. Spyro sighed. It seemed like they were all having nightmares. Well, almost all of them.

A slight whirring sound caught Spyro's attention as he turned to see Sparx hovering in the doorway. His new metal body looked a bit heavy, but he was still able to control it fairly well now.

"Can't sleep bro?" He asked in a slight metallic voice. Spyro nodded slightly.

"Can't say I blame you. Just be glad that you still can though." He said. He stretched his arms and put them behind his head as he slowly touched down on the ground, leaning against the wall.

"Yeah." Spyro said guiltily. "How're you handling your body?"

"Okay. It was a bit awkward at first, with the size difference, but at least I'm alive." He placed one hand on his Stomach section.

"I just wish it could have been a living body I was put in. I never thought I would miss eating if I wasn't hungry." Spyro gave a small chuckle.

"Is eating all you can think about?" He asked. Sparx stared at him with his glowing eyes, and Spyro could feel a bit of hostility in them.

"Yes, now it's all I can think about. Sleeping too. You should feel grateful you can still do that stuff." Sparxsaid bitterly. Spyro frowned.

"Yeah, but then again, you should be grateful you can still move on your own." Sparx's eyes softened a bit. It was true. He could still fly. Spyro and Cynder couldn't even walk, and if they could, Spyro will wouldn't be able to fly.

"Yeah…sorry…I guess I'm just sleep deprived." He muttered with a chuckle. Spyro smirked.

"Yeah, remember when you first came back?" He asked. Sparx laughed.

"Yeah, how can I forget?"

A month ago

Sparx felt like his head was on fire.

"Oh…man, what happened?" He wondered. He slowly rose up a bit, leaning on the ground while rubbing his head. Only, there was something off.

"What the?" He looked at his hand.

"AAAAAAAAHHHH!" He shouted. He tried to back away, but he fell over, and happened to catch his image in a mirror.


"Sparx!" Someone called out. Sparx turned around to see Three strange creatures in the room!

"Oh no! Aliens! They've abducted me and made me ugly!" He tried to fly. He managed to do it, though there was a slight creaking whir when he did.

"Stay back! Don't try anything!" He shouted at them.

"Sparx!" The voice shouted again. Sparx turned to see Cynder."

"Cynder? You too? Where are we, and who are they?"

"SPARX!" She shouted, now looking annoyed. "Calm down! They helped us!" Sparx just looked between them and her.

"Where are we?" He asked. Then he noticed something.

"Wait, where's Spyro?" He heard groaning.

"Sparx…" He turned to see Spyro, lying in a corner with a blanket draped over him.

"Spyro, what happened? Why do I look like this?"

"Sparx…The circle…You got…taken by hands…I…had to…get you back…" Sparx flew over, stumbling over a chair in the process, which the creatures flinched at. Sparx landed next to Spyro.

"Spyro, what happened to you?" He asked.

"I…so weak… I need…rest…" He whispered before passing out. Sparx began frantically shaking Spyro.

"Spyro? Spyro!" He shouted. He turned back to them.

"What happened?" He shouted at them. They all looked towards a creature with blonde hair and a long coat. He saw this and gave them a dirty look before sighing.

"Look, Sparx, was it?" He asked. Sparx nodded.

"I'm Edward, or Ed, and this is Al and Winry." HE said, pointing to the other two.

"Yeah?" He said, crossing his arms.

"Well, you see, when you went through that gate, your body was trapped there." He explained. Sparx felt anxiety grow up in him.

"My body? I'm dead?" he shouted.

"No, you're not! No one's dead!" Ed shouted, waving his hands about.

"What Ed means is, your body is still in the gate." Cynder finished. "Your soul is bonded to that armor." Sparx was now afraid.

"So, what about my body? Why couldn't you get it?" He asked.

"It's not that simple. To just open it, someone would have to sacrifice their whole package: mind, body and soul." Ed explained. Sparx stared at them in disbelief.

"But when we went through-"

"That was different. There were more of you to take parts from." Ed informed.

"Plus, it was an accident, so there was probably less of a price than if you wanted to do it purposefully." Al put in. Sparx sighed.

"What's why we had to do it. Just like when I did it with Al." Sparx looked at Al.

"But…he's normal." He said.

"Now I am. Before, I was also a soul in armor, the same armor your body was made from in fact." He said.

"I had to give my arm just to get it too." Ed said, rolling up his sleeve. Sparx gasped at the metal arm.

"But, if you had to give an arm for a soul…what about…" They all lowered their heads.

"Spyro...gave up a wing." Winry said. Sparx hovered there, still. He began shaking his head.

"No, that can't be true." He muttered. Ed pointed to the blanket.

"That blanket's not for show. It's why he's so exhausted." Ed said.

"No, it's not true! He wouldn't have given up his ability to fly!" He shouted. Ed sighed and walked over to the blanket.

"Here, let me-"

"Don't touch that blanket!" Sparx shouted, now with grief. Ed stopped moving. Cynder was now crying a bit, as she relived the memory. Spyro crying in pain, blood everywhere, the blinding light.

"No, it can't be true." Sparx said quietly. He hovered over and placed a hand on his brother. Even through the cloth though, he could feel the stump. He began to sob, holding Spyro. He began sobbing more when he realized he couldn't make tears. He couldn't feel the touch of Spyro's skin, he could only feel it was there. Winry began to walk to him.

"Winry…" Ed said. Winry looked at him with teary eyes. He had his head hung low.

"Just leave him. He needs time." Al put in. Winry looked at them both and then nodded. They left the room, leaving a grieving Sparx and Cynder.


Sparx watched as Spyro went back to sleep. He had gotten over Spyro's sacrifice, but he still couldn't help but feel guilty.

"Sleep tight Spryo." Sparx told him.

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