"Ugh, I hate it when Emmett gets all whiny and moaning. Seriously, it's like, get over yourself." Rose scoffed at her husband as she led me away from the games room. Emmett had scowled at everything in sight, muttering under his breath, while Jasper just stood there. I couldn't even begin to explain the emotions flitting across his face until it settled at utterly gobsmacked. He stood staring wide eyed at the floor a few feet in front of him with his mouth flapping open like a fish.

"Yeah, well I would pay to see that look on Jazz's face again. That was hilarious," Rose slapped me a dainty high five and closed the door behind us. We were in Rose and Em's room.

"We are going clubbing tonight. No ifs, no buts, you are coming." Her tone was final and her gaze stern. I moaned quietly but nodded. This couldn't be all that bad, right?

Wrong. She brandished the curling iron like a weapon and shoved me gently into a chair in front of a floor length mirror.

"Relax Bella, I'm not going to eat you. Besides, I have a qualification in hairdressing." I shot her a look. "Okay, maybe I dropped out after a week, but I learned loads!" Her tone was insistent, and after a few more grumbles from me, she plugged the iron in to heat up.

She applied some smoky brown and grey eye shadow to my lids and a thin line of black liquid eye liner. The iron beeped three times and she picked it up, combing through my brown hair with her fingertips. She seemed to contemplate it for a moment before sectioning my hair. Once the hot metal was anywhere near my head, I stopped focusing on what she was doing and started on staying still. It would be just my luck to get burned in the face by a piece of hair styling equipment before I went to college.

My chair spun around in a half circle so that I was facing Rose and she shoved an outfit at me before pushing me lightly towards the bathroom. I guess she was pretty excited about this, and it was the brightest I had ever seen her face.

I didn't even spare a glance at what I was pulling over my hair, careful not to wreck it. All I knew was that one item was definitely a skirt. Rose rapped lightly on the door and I opened it to grant her access to the spacious bathroom.

"Wow, Bella you look awesome!" She grinned and handed me a pair of forest green, satin pumps with ribbon detailing around the sides. I grimaced at the height of them but reluctantly pulled them on. They were surprisingly comfortable and easy to stand on, as I discovered when Rosalie helped me up by the elbow.

"Now, tell me what you think. Be as brutally honest as you like and then you can go change into something else if you want. I have plenty of back-up outfits in different styles," I smiled appreciatively at her and walked back over to the mirror.

I didn't recognise the girl in my reflection.

Her shimmering brown waves were straightened and backcombed, and thin curls lay here and there mixed in. Her chocolate coloured eyes were shadowed in a sultry manner with small flicks of eyeliner at the edges. Her cheeks were naturally coloured by a faint pink tinge that created a healthy-looking glow. Her lips were ruby red, but not a slutty colour. They looked plump and kissable. The forest green, satin corset top she was wearing would have been revealing on someone else, but on her it only showed enough to tease. It ended above a black pleated skirt that fell to mid thigh, and covered only the top half of her legs which travelled downwards for miles and eventually ended in those fabulous shoes.

Rosalie appeared in the reflection behind me and studied my expression carefully.

"Do you not like it? I'm sure I have a pair of fitted jeans somewhere that could go well with a halter top, but I don't have any shoes to match-" I whirled around so quickly someone else might have mistaken me for a vampire. My hand flew to cover Rosalie's mouth and her eyes hardened.

"Shh Rose. Thank you, I love it. Really, for the first time, I feel like I almost belong with you guys." Her eyes narrowed and she pulled my wrist away forcefully but not hard enough to hurt.

"You DO belong here," I opened my mouth to speak again, but the look she was sending me was enough to shut me up.

"Okay," I said quietly. She offered me a weak smile and I tried to get the conversation started again.

"So . . . Uh, what are you wearing tonight?" Her eyes sparkled and she dragged me over to her wardrobe.

Of course, it was a scarlet red mini dress.

So . . . Rosalie.

Her golden coloured tresses clashed magnificently with it and she complimented the dress with a pair of golden stilettos.

It was seven o'clock before we were ready to go and Rosalie had already shouted at the boys to go change into something nice. We descended the stairs arm in arm, chattering about where we were going and what she was going to order me from the bar, not even noticing the guys who stood at the bottom. Emmett's jaw was slack and I couldn't help but giggle when I saw him.

"Trying to catch flies?" I propped his mouth closed with one finger, which promptly fell open again once I removed it. He rushed over to Rose and I quickly averted my eyes. I didn't really want to witness an orgy between my big brother and best friend. My eyes landed on Jasper who stood leaning against the banister, also averting his eyes towards the floor. His eyes were now black and I wasn't sure if it was out of hunger or the lust he was feeling from Em and Rose.

I wandered over in his general direction and nudged him playfully in the ribs.

"Hey," His eyes darted up to meet mine and dropped to the floor again quickly, almost as if he was sulking.

"Hey," His voice was its normal syrupy smooth, silken tone, but now it had a slight edge to it that I couldn't place.

"Look, about earlier, no hard feelings? I honestly didn't realise I would be any good at video games. I normally suck ass, in fact," He cracked a small smile at that and met my eyes again.

"Sure, no hard feelings. But," he eyed Emmett carefully before leaning down to whisper in my ear. "watch out for Emmett. He doesn't take being beaten so easily. He's got some elaborate revenge planned so I thought I might give you a heads up." His cool breath fanned across my neck and the side of my face and I shivered involuntarily at the sensation. I immediately missed the feeling when he straightened back up.

"You look fantastic by the way," I blushed profusely and grinned at him.

"Thanks, and for warning me too." He offered me his arm and I wrapped my own around it.

"Shall we go, fair maiden? Or shall we stay here for a while longer and listen to our brother and sister making out?" I giggled and pretended to think about it.

"Well . . . as much as I would love the latter option, there is a bar and a dance floor waiting for us and we can't keep the party from starting much longer." Rose and Emmett broke apart and he whooped loudly.

"Alright! We're going clubbing! Let's go Rosie, I can't believe you didn't tell me!" He whooped again, even louder this time, and sprinted out the door with Rose on his shoulders.

Jasper shook his head with a bemused smile playing on his lips. We looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Only Emmett," I chuckled. He agreed and we followed them out the door.

Emmett was already in the truck with the engine started. He looked so excited he was almost buzzing. I giggled at the impatient expression on his face and decided to tease him a little. I slowed my walk down to a crawl and noticed Jazz do the same. Anger, frustration and a hint of longing touched the edges of my consciousness and I realised Jazz was giving me a sample of how Em was feeling. I grinned and chose to put him out of his misery. I ran to the truck and let my excitement take over, pulling myself into the seat and putting on my seatbelt.

"Come on! Let's go already!" Jasper was by my side in an instant. Emmett threw the truck into reverse and sped out of the drive. The trees flashed past and were soon replaced by street lights.

"Ah, I can already smell the pungent aroma of alcohol and sweat. I do believe the club you are looking for is that way." Jasper pointed down a street to the left where bright purple and blue neon lights flashed, and where already a huge queue had formed outside.

"Aww man! How are we gonna get in there before twelve? It's gonna take forever!" I was so disappointed. If we wanted in there any time soon, we were going to have to find some sort of back entrance that wasn't heavily guarded by bouncers.

"Hey, chill little sis'. We'll get in no bother, just watch." Emmett pulled up right in front of the club and parked outside the door.

"Em, you can't park here, its double yellows." He laughed at my warning and turned off the engine.

"There is much to learn, young grasshopper. So much I have still to teach you." I crossed my arms and stuck my tongue out at him.

"Whatever. Hey wait on me!" they had already gotten out of the jeep and were patiently, or on Emmett's part not so much, waiting on me. I clambered down from the high seat and Jasper stuck his hand out to help me down like the good southern gentleman he was.

Rose had already walked straight up to the huge bouncer and was now whispering in his ear, one hand placed delicately on his broad shoulder while the other traced patterns onto his chest. I noticed the huge silly grin across his face as he pulled back the velvet rope and watched Rosalie's ass as she sashayed all the way into the club. The grin was quickly wiped from his face as Emmett, easily twice his size, glared daggers at him in the passing. I could audibly hear his knuckles cracking. Jasper pushed me forward a little and I realised that the bouncer was now staring expectantly at us. I hurried forward and sent a smile at the poor boy. Surely dealing with an angry Emmett couldn't have been fun for him.

"Hey doll, I'm Greg. What's your name?" His voice was rugged but smooth, and I noticed he wasn't bad looking either. He had very nice brown eyes.

"Bella. Thanks for letting us in by the way," He smiled, displaying a row of perfectly straight white teeth.

"Well Bella, that's no problem whatsoever. I always have an allowance for beautiful girls like you." I blushed a deep red.

"Thanks, but what about our boys here? Don't tell me they're pretty woman as well. You'll just inflate Jasper's ego I'm afraid." I smirked teasingly at Jasper and noticed he was glaring at the man much like Emmett had.

"Keep your smooth lines for another girl," He threatened.

I frowned at him. Smooth lines? He was just being nice to me.

"Jazz, leave him alone." He shook his head and stared at Greg.

"I'm warning you. Don't even try anything." Greg looked nervous.

"Ha. Yeah. Well you two enjoy your night now," I smiled at him and grabbed Jasper's arm.

"Come on Jazz, we need to find Rose and Em." I dragged him by my grip on his forearm through the door and into the already thumping club.

"Jasper, what the hell?" He began scanning the crowd for Emmett and Rosalie.

"There they are. C'mon, they're in the V.I.P. area." He led me to a roped off area of booths where, sure enough, Emmett and Rose sat sipping martinis. The bouncer waved us in, pulling back the rope, and we went over to them.

I slid into the booth next to Rose, who was next to Emmett, and Jasper slid in behind me.

"Hey, what took you guys so long?" I looked to Jasper to explain, but he deliberately looked at the waitress who was now setting our martinis on the table.

"Fine. Jasper was being an ass to the bouncer." He glared at me.

"Was not!" He huffed and began sipping his drink.

"Well what the hell was that then? He was being perfectly nice, and you're trying to kill him with your eyes! What's your problem?" I glared at him.

"Hey Griz, let's dance."

"But Rosie-"

"Now. Emmett."

"Look, you didn't feel the crap he was feeling. I didn't like him because of what he was trying to do. And I didn't think you'd really appreciate someone trying to get into your pants during the current situation. I guess I'm still very protective of you after everything." He threw back the rest of his drink and fiddled nervously with the glass. I felt bad. Jasper had been trying to protect me and I made him feel like shit over something stupid like this.

I slid a little closer to him and wrapped my arms around him in a hug.

"Thanks Jazz. Don't worry, I'd have probably done the same thing if it were me." He smiled and waved over the waitress for another drink.

"Wait a minute, how can you even drink? Won't you get sick?" He laughed.

"Eventually, yes, but alcohol is the one thing that doesn't taste like dirt anymore. We can drink it and it will have very little effect on us, but it's nice to have one thing that reminds us of before." Huh. Well tonight should be eventful.

"So you two made up then?" Emmett was already across from us in the booth with Rose in tow.

"Yep. Now about this drinking thing, can you guys actually get drunk or just a little tipsy?" Rose laughed.

"Well that depends. If you were a lightweight as a human then you'll only get a little bit drunk. Otherwise you just get tipsy. Vampires who could hold their drink as a human don't get affected at all." Emmett held up his hand, looking thoroughly disappointed.

"Yeah, we found out that I can drink it, but there's not even any point because I won't get drunk. It sucks." I laughed at his sad face.

"Emmett, trust me. You'll get a worse hangover than all of us with the way you drink, and you won't even be half cut. Remember the aftermath last time you went out with Rose?" Emmett visibly shuddered at Jasper's words in horror.

"I don't think I'll drink THAT much tonight. I can still feel the headache," He screwed up his face in pain and gagged.

"Well I don't know about you, but I'm planning on trying as many new drinks as possible." Suddenly, something dawned on Jasper.

"Wait, Bella, aren't you only eighteen?" Rose gasped.

"Hey, I forgot about that!" oh, well there's goes our evening out. "What do we do if she gets asked for ID?" Emmett puffed out of his chest and held out a hand.

"For a minute there, I thought you were going to be all responsible and not let me drink," I let out a loud laugh at the outrage on Emmett's face.

"Not let you drink? Why? Don't you want me to party with drunk Bella?" I laughed again, shaking my head at how retarded Emmett looked.

I looked into Emmett's open outstretched hand and saw a shiny plastic card.

"You got me a fake ID?" I beamed at him and ran to the bar.

"I'll have four flaming shots please!" the barman slid them across to me on a tray and pulled out an ornate lighter.

"Four flaming shots. Got ID?" I flashed my card at him and danced away with the tray, hoping that one of us had a tab.

"Whoa, there!" I was in the middle of trying to cross the dancefloor without burning someone when I felt a cool hand on my arm.

"Bells, you're gonna hurt yourself. Here, I'll take that; you just concentrate on not burning yourself." Jasper smiled at me and took the tray from me as I smiled gratefully back at him.

"Thanks Jazz, I almost tripped back there." He laughed quietly.

"Why am I not surprised?" He shook his head. He guided me safely back to the booth and set down the tray, allowing me to slide in first.

"Yeah! Good choice Jasper!" Emmett dived for his shot and raised it.

"Actually, Bella chose them." Emmett almost dropped it.

"What? Damn, you are way too good at this for being underage." I picked up my own shot and raised it as Jazz and Rose followed suit.

"On three blow them out and down it. Got it?" I nodded.

"One. . . Two. . . Three!" The liquid hit the back of my throat, but I swallowed it despite the dull burning. Maybe this is what it felt like to be thirsty?

I suddenly got a huge rush to my head as the alcohol hit my system and giggled.

"Hey, this isn't so bad!" I grinned at Rose, who winked at me.

"Of course it isn't. You can never go wrong with shots," Emmett agreed.

"I'll get the next round. Don't worry, I'll order something creative." He grinned slyly and disappeared.

"Dance?" Rose held out her hand to me and I cringed.

"Dancing? Oh, I don't know. You know how clumsy I am, and I really can't dance." She laughed at me and grabbed my arm, puling me up.

"Come on Bella, it won't be so bad. You'll enjoy it! I'll teach you how to dance if you want?" I contemplated it before reluctantly nodding my head. She smiled encouragingly at me and dragged me out into the middle of the floor.

The base was pumping through the speakers, and bodies moved to the beat all around us. The club was alive.

"Rose, I don't know about this." I gave her a puppy dog look. "Can we please just sit down?" Rose sighed angrily.

"No Bella. You need to get over this fear of dancing in public. I know for a fact you can dance because I saw you dancing in Edward's room last week. I was out in the garden," she explained when she saw my puzzled expression.

"Fine. But you owe me. Big time." She clapped her hands together and beamed.

"Right, the first thing you do is start swaying your hips in time to the music. Good. Now let the beat move through you. Like this. See?" Rose was bouncing and dancing like crazy, but it looked like so much fun.

"Okay. So, like this?" I raised my hands above my head and let myself get carried away in the song.

"That's it Bella! See was that so hard?" I laughed and closed my eyes, throwing my head back. Rose grabbed my hand and spun me around, leading. I'd never had so much fun in my life.

We danced for the next three songs before I needed a drink.

"Come on, I think the boys miss us." Rose nodded and we made our way back to the table where the boys were laughing and sipping neon blue drinks.

"Have fun?" Jasper slid over for me to get in. I nodded and reached for a drink on the table.

It was fruity and sweet, and I would have thought it was juice but for the vodka I could taste.

"What is this?" Jasper clinked his bottle against mine.

"Blue Wicked. Good for a pacer drink because it doesn't get you hammered in one go." Awesome. It actually tasted fantastic. This stuff could get addictive.

"I got next round!" Rose disappeared and reappeared not two minutes later holding a hot pink liquid in a pitcher and four tall glasses.

"Sex on The Beach anyone?" Emmett grinned suggestively as she sat down and I closed my eyes not a minute too soon as he made a grab for her ass. I heard Jazz groaning and sneaked a look under my half closed eyelid at him. He had covered his ears and was facing me with his eyes screwed shut.

"Okay guys, not here not now please," I said loudly, trying to ignore the moaning coming from the other side of the table. "We ARE in a public place you know!" the noises stopped and I wondered if it was safe to open my eyes.


"AH! My virgin eyes!" What? Evidently, Jazz had decided to check if it was safe the moment I thought of it.

"What are you talking about? There is no way in hell that statement has any viable information in it." I squinted at him and he looked slightly embarrassed.

"Eh, well the saying fitted the moment." I rolled my eyes at him and peeked over the table. Rose and Emmett had apparently broken apart at Jasper's strange outburst and were now staring at him oddly.

"Quite finished?" Emmett opened his mouth to respond and I held up a finger.

"I don't really want to hear your answer Em, because it will no doubt hold a reference to your manhood, and I don't need that image in my head any more than I wanted the last one." Emmett guffawed loudly and slurped his drink.

I spent the next half hour with Rose dancing or watching her and Em "get down on it" as he had put it on the dancefloor with Jazz. We had a great laugh and he even invited me to dance.

I looked around nervously at all the couples on the floor. Was this a good idea?

Jasper must have noticed the look on my face and he smiled softly.

"Don't worry Bells."

And I didn't. It must have been something in his crooked grin or his encouraging eyes, but it made me smile back and accept his hand.

He led me out with a fancy flourish and twirled me around.

Was it just me or was the room suddenly so much hotter? My cheeks had coloured lightly, I could feel, as he made a polite bow of his head.

A slow song had come on, and I recognized the opening bars of Fix You by Coldplay. I stepped closer to him and put my arms around his neck as he wound his own around my waist. I carefully laid my head on his shoulder and we joined in with many of the other dancing couples in slowly rotating.

"When you try your best, but you don't succeed,

When you get what you want but not what you need,

When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep,

Stuck in reverse.

And the tears come streaming down your face.

When you lose something you can't replace.

When you love someone but it goes to waste.

Could it be worse?"

Tears sprang to my eyes as Jasper quietly sang in my ear. The lyrics hit home and I clutched him tighter.

"Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones.

And I will try,

To fix you."

I buried my face in his shoulder, trying not to ruin his shirt and sang the next few lines.

"And high up above or down below,

When you're too in love to let it go

But if you never try then you'll never know.

Just watch your words.

Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones

And I will try

To fix you."

I pulled back to aim a watery smile in his direction, and he returned it with a weak one of his own.

"Thank you for being here for me these past couple of days. I may not have shown it, but they have been really hard for me, and you have guided me the whole way with a strong arm, stopping the mental breakdown which is inevitable." He brought his hands to my face and wiped away the few stray tears which had escaped the corners of my eyes.

"You have helped me just as much as I have tried to help you. Remember darlin, we're in this together." I smiled and hugged him tightly then muttered more to myself than anyone else "Think I need another drink."

He laughed and left for the bar, making a stay motion.

I looked over to our booth and saw Rose's legs sticking out one side. I shuddered, thinking about what they might be doing up there. Well, I suppose they were easily distracted.

I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder and turned to smile at Jasper.

"Well, that was fa-" I closed my mouth. It wasn't Jasper, but the bouncer we had met earlier.

"Hey doll, remember me?" He flashed me his sparkling white teeth and I smiled vaguely back.

"George, right?" his eyes hardened for an instant but it was gone when I looked twice.

"Greg, doll. We didn't really get a chance to speak earlier and I wondered if we could get to know each other a little better. How does that sound?" I opened my mouth to politely tell him no when he put his hand on my waist.

"Come on babe, one dance?" I began to shake my head and then stopped. Why the hell not? I'm a free woman now! I flashed him a smile.

Sure, one dance can't hurt, right?" He grabbed my waist with both hands and pulled me closer to him and onto the dancefloor. I frowned slightly at that but passed it off.

The music was once again pounding through the speakers and the floor was full of writhing bodies.

I placed my hands lightly on his broad shoulders and began dancing like Rose had taught me. Eventually I had just let him go entirely and was dancing by myself. I had been crouched down and was just coming out of my bend when I felt large hands near the tops of my knees.

I looked back to see Greg smiling at me and shrugged, turning back to my dancing. Then I felt his hands slide further up. I swatted them lightly as a warning and he slid them down again. Not a minute later and they were sliding up again. I slapped them harder this time, but he didn't stop. He was pushing my skirt up with one hand and his other was sliding up the inside of my thigh. I pulled away quickly and turned to face him.

"What the fuck do you think your doing?" Greg's eyes were half lidded and he grinned lazily.

"I'm trying to have a good time, isn't that what you want?" I narrowed my eyes at him and pulled my skirt back down.

"No, I just wanted to dance. I have no interest in being a slut thank you very much!" He looked confused now.

"But you agreed to dance with me!" I saw red.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I want you to – to do stuff like that!" He frowned at me now and stepped closer.

"Babe, you know you want me. You have been playing hard to get all night with that blonde guard dog of yours, but you're telling me you didn't see me and send him off? Forgetting my name was a good touch by the way." His hands had returned to my hips and were now working towards the opposite direction. I stepped out of his reach again and drew back my arm to punch him in the face.

"I may be drunk, but I'm not pissed enough to do that!" I turned around and stormed away towards our table, leaving him clutching him jaw with blazing eyes. A hand caught my arm.

"Did you not get the message?" I spun around with fire in my eyes, only to see a concerned Jasper. My eyes softened immediately and I collapsed into his arms.

"Bella!" He said alarmed. "What the hell happened?" I shook my head and instead took solace in his arms. He led me back to the table, not once letting me go or stopping his hand which brushed my hair from my face. He must have been pumping calming waves into my system, because I was a lot mellower by the time I reached the booth.

Rose and Emmett were instantly alert.

"What the hell happened to you?" Rose slid over to put her arms around me as I visibly shook.

"A guy asked me to dance so I said yes. I thought, well, you know. I'm free now to do what I like, so what's the worst that could happen if I danced with one guy?" Rose nodded patiently. "So I start dancing with him, but then his hands are on my legs. So I slap them away and keep dancing, figuring that he'd stop. But he started again, you see, and I slap him harder, but this time he doesn't stop, and he lifts up my skirt -" Jasper growled loudly as I turned to look at him with tear filled eyes.

"Which one was it?" I shook my head.

"I can't remember. I just know that he didn't do anything before I got a good punch in." He shook his head angrily.

"That's bullshit and you know it Bells. I can tell you're lying. You need to tell me which one it was or at least what he looked like." I was scared. Jasper looked ready to murder someone, and after his past, I knew how easy it would be to slip.

"Please, Jazz! Nothing happened, I'm just shaken! You'll end up hurting someone, and I already punched him. Can you just leave it? Please." He stared at me for a long time, indecision in his dark yellow eyes. He sighed.

"Only because it's you. I just don't want you to get hurt again, but I know I'll be the one hurting you if I go after him." Emmett slammed the table with his fist.

"But that doesn't mean we can't torture him first!" He was angrier than Jasper.

"No piece of filth touches my baby sister and gets away with it!" I groaned.

"Emmett! Don't start, please. I love you too, but I don't want anyone getting hurt over me. Nothing happened and nobody was hurt, so why should they be attacked out of the blue?" Rose put her hand on Em's arm, giving him a meaningful look. Her eyes were as fierce as the other two's but her expression was calm.

"Look, I was upset, but I dealt with it. Let's not let it ruin our night, please?" Jasper's glare softened and he called the bartender over. He noticed my raised eyebrow.

"I'm not letting you out of my sight again all night." I rolled my eyes, but was grateful. He patted my hand, obviously feeling it.

"Let's just concentrate on the rest of the night and have fun, eh?" I smiled and accepted yet another drink.

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