Title: Finding a Bit of Trust

Fandom: Naruto

Chapter/Part: 1

World: Finding

Characters: Sakura, Naruto, Tsunade

For: TrulyWicked

Word Count: 812

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3) This is a SLASH story. Meaning the main pairings are two males.

4) I'm not fond of Sakura, never was, never is. She has redeeming qualities but this story was pretty much "What would happen if she just faked those qualities?" take on her. So don't complain.

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She swore that it had been nothing but an accident.

He was really doubting that fact since she had gone out of her way to hunt him down and drag him off to her personal testing area. He didn't believe one word that was still coming out of her mouth. They all rang syrupy and fake, each one more so than the last.

"...I really am so very sorry, Naruto. I had no idea that it would do this to you," Sakura babbled, stopping at the glare that was sent her way by the male sitting on the Hokage's couch, the blue glowing with his anger.

With long blond hair that was kept back in a tightly done braided bun most of the time, and blue eyes that were usually sparkling with mirth and happiness, all topping a rather slim body, Naruto was a beautiful specimen of a male. The anger that was making him flushed just added to it.

'He has always been beautiful, even in our younger years,' Sakura thought to herself, sneering mentally. 'That's probably why Sasuke-kun never once looked at me. He had this pretty boy sitting in front of him the entire time so he didn't have to look much further for something nice to look at. I'm also betting that it was his fault that Sasuke-kun left us.'

"Haruno, will you shut the fuck up?" Naruto snarled at her, his lips pulling back to bare his teeth in her direction. "This shit is all of your fucking fault. You knew exactly what would happen when you stuck me with that damn needle and pushed the plunger. I've heard you and Tsunade-baa-chan talk about your experiments, after all, remember? I'm not that fucking dense, you damnable woman! And now thanks to you, everyone will have their so called proof that I'm a demon!"

Standing up from the couch, he started to pace the length of the office, his footsteps quiet even in his obvious anger. Sakura glared at that fact that Naruto's beauty was just added to whenever he showed emotion. Anger, sadness, pain, or even pure happiness just added to the glow that he carried with him.

But at the moment, he was nothing but deadly in his beauty.

And it was because of the new appendages that he had because of Sakura. He had sleek ears that sat on top of his head and a long tail that trailed behind him, both of which were constantly moving. Delicate claws just added to what the ears and tail did, making him seem not male. Or female.

But rather...androgynous.

Sakura felt a curl of happiness that while Naruto was even more gorgeous, he would still be considered a demon by the people of Konohagakure. She carefully arranged her face and body so that her feelings didn't show.

"Haruno." Sakura turned to look at Tsunade, finding her glaring at her and shaking her out of her internal gloating. "You will go outside and allow the ANBU that is waiting for you to escort you to the Interrogation Division without fighting him. From there, Ibiki will be the one to interrogate you. While there you will answer his questions truthfully. Remember, he will know if you do not answer him properly and will use his personal favorites on you if you don't." Tsunade's smirk was sharp edged. "And he'll do it with my blessings."

Swallowing heavily, the pink haired girl nodded her head and left the room, letting the ANBU that was standing there led her away. Naruto in the meantime had falling onto the couch once more, burying his face into his hands with a soft sound of distress.

"Everything that I have worked so hard to achieve. Everything that I worked so hard to get...it'll all disappear now," he sniffled softly into his hands. "The respect that I gained, the right to move about freely…what am I going to do, Tsunade? Why did she have to do this?"

Sighing softly, Tsunade stood and moved to sit next to Naruto, reaching out and pulling him close, her hands moving through the other's hair. "I don't know why, baby. We'll figure it out though, I promise you," she said softly, holding him as he broke down, slowly crying himself to sleep, his face puffy and red, but still so very lovely. It broke her heart to see him so depressed and hoped that what was going didn't break him in the process.

If only her little brother knew just how many people, both shinobi and villagers, would end up throwing a hissy fit about this happening to their blessed protector, he wouldn't be so worried. But he didn't know and he didn't see what they saw.

He was still so very sweet and naive, even with all of the blood that stained his hands.