Title: Finding a Bit of Trust

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: None to start, moves on to main pairing Ibiki/Naruto

Chapter: 1

For: Truly Wicked

Word Count: 659

AN: This is the final and complete rewrite. I will not be going back to rewrite anything more. I can't rewrite anything more since if I do it changes everything.

I am working on the sequel to this story and calling it Finding a Bit of Happiness. I hope that you enjoy this rewrite. Thank you.

She said it had been an accident.

He highly doubted it since she had gone out of her way to hunt him down and drag him to her personal testing area. He didn't believe one word that was spilling out of her mouth, each one even more syrupy and fake then the last.

"…I'm so sorry, Naruto. I really didn't know that it would do this to you," Sakura babbled, stopping at the glare that was tossed her way by the male sitting in front of her and the Hokage. With long blond hair that was kept in a ponytail most of the time, blue eyes that usually sparkled with mirth and happiness and a rather slim body, all of it making one nice little package, Naruto was beautiful.

'He had always been beautiful,' Sakura thought to herself, sneering at the fact. 'That's why Sasuke-kun never looked twice at me. He had this pretty boy sitting in front of him the entire time. I bet it was his fault that Sasuke-kun left to.'

"Haruno, shut the fuck up will you?" Naruto finally snarled, his lips pulling back to bare his teeth at her. "This is your fucking fault. You knew exactly what would happen when you stuck me with that damn needle. I've heard you and Tsunade talk about it and your experiments, remember? I'm not dense, you damn woman. And now, thanks to you, everyone will think I'm some demon!"

Standing up, he paced the length of floor, his footsteps quiet even in his obvious anger.

Oh yes, Naruto was beautiful. In anger, in sadness, in pain or in pure happiness, he was beautiful, gorgeous even.

But now, he was deadly in his beauty.

With ears sitting on top of his head and a long tail trailing behind him, both of which were constantly in movement, he was more than just beautiful. The delicate claws that tipped long fingers added more to his looks. The overall effect was something not male. Not female.

But androgynous.

Sakura couldn't help but feel happy that while he was even more beautiful, he would still be considered a demon by the people of the village. She was careful to let none of this to show on her face.

"Haruno," Tsunade said finally, glaring at her student, making her pause in her gloating, "you will go outside, than you will allow the ANBU there to escort you out of here and take you to the Interrogation division. From there, Ibiki will interrogate you. You will answer him truthfully because he will know if you don't and he will use his personal favorites on you if you don't. With. My. Blessing."

Swallowing, the pink haired girl nodded and left the room, letting the two ANBU that were standing there led her away. Naruto in the mean time had fallen into a seat again, burying his face into his hands with a soft sound of distress.

"Everything I've worked so hard to achieve…everything I've worked so hard to get…it'll all disappear now," he sniffled softly. "The respect that I gained, the right to move freely…Oh, Tsunade, what am I going to do? Why did she do it?" Sighing softly, Tsunade stood up and moved over to Naruto, sitting next to him and pulling him close, her hands moving through the other's hair.

"I don't know, baby. We'll figure it out, I promise," she said softly, watching as Naruto slowly cried himself to sleep, his face puffy and red, but still so lovely. It broke her heart to see him so sad. She just hoped that it didn't break him in the process.

If only he knew just how many people, both shinobi and villagers, would throw a hissy fit about this happening to their blessed protector, he wouldn't be worrying so much. But he didn't know. He didn't see it.

He was still so sweet and naïve, even with all the blood on his hands.