Title: Finding a Bit of Trust

Chapter: 39

Fandom: Naruto

Characters: Ibiki/Naruto wedding

Word count: 1,304

AN: Second to last chapter for all those who can get smut…last chapter for those who can't. More specifically, . Ahhh, my God, is it almost done? Yes, yes it is. *nodnod*

Enjoy you guys.

The sky was clear beyond a few thin, white clouds as it floated past, and the villagers were busy with preparations for the celebration of a high clan bonding, the first in many years. Ibiki was rolling his eyes as he pulled his bonding kimono on, smoothing the layers down as Kakashi read his book near by. The perverted man was wearing a basic kimono that alternated between grey and a medium blue in its own layers, a wolf prowling down his back.

Ibikis own kimono was an off white with blue accents, the color and style looking right on him, despite his initial misgivings. He had a matching skull cap that he slid on after securing his kimono. Pulling on his foot wear, he took a seat and leant back as Itachi, looking good in a Uchiha blue kimono, smacked the back of Kakashis head.

It had been a month since Danzo had been killed by rubble and ROOT taken down completely and the bodies had been autopsied. The information collected from them had amazed every one with how the seals had affected the body of the one that they had been applied to. It had closed the throat just right to cut off the voice should the one wearing it had tried to talk but not close off the air way. Danzo had been very good at making a seal to keep them quiet.

They had removed the seal once they had figured out how it worked from the ROOT nins and had ended up with enough information to put all of the sealed records into their own room. Several ROOT nins had been found to have been forced into the ranks and were under heavy watch for the time being in a compound on ANBU land. Some were talking about retiring from working as a nin and instead work to supply and help the Shinobi force so they could have more nin friendly places to buy things and find rest.

Tsunade loved the ideas, but had told them flat out that they would still be watched, even when they left the village for whatever reason. None of them had cared; they had just wanted to be free for once.

Sakura had sneered any time she had seen Ibiki and had lost many of her privileges with how many times she had insulted him, an ANBU or Naruto. She had learned fast not to do either around anyone, or at least not aloud after that first week. She had screeched when Anko had shown her their bonding invitation though, annoying several ANBU who had been in hearing distance. She had lost her book and scroll privileges after she had just gotten them back.

"Come on, it's time to get married." Itachis voice broke through his musings, making Ibiki blink and look at him before standing up.

"Right, let's go," Ibiki drawled, the two men leading the way. In front of the spot where Tsunade would stand, Sasuke stood on Narutos side, dressed in a kimono that matched his brother, standing as his friends witness.

"Ibiki-san," Sauske drawled in greeting, getting a nod from him. "So, finally huh?" he asked as they waited for the last of the guests to arrive.

"Yeah, finally," Ibiki growled, giving Sasuke a glare before smirking. "Though it would have been earlier if for your lovely fiancé hadn't somehow convinced my lover to plan this elaborate thing," he stated, Sasuke shrugging with a smile.

"Like you, I can't say no to my better half when she either threatens me with the couch or flashes me the puppy eyes," Sasuke drawled, eyes narrowing when Ibiki smiled smugly.

"I have yet to be threatened with the couch and I know for a fact that you were threatened with it within a week of moving her into your home," he stated, Sasuke pouting as Itachi and Kakashi both snickered from behind him.

"I wonder how Naruto even deals with you," Sasuke complained, crossing his arms and glaring at his brother.

"I make him scream. Every single night, loudly and for a very long time," Ibiki retorted as Neji and Iruka walked up in matching blue kimonos. It seemed that the witnesses for Naruto had agreed to wear the same color for the wedding.

"I did not need to know that about my brothers' love life," Iruka stated, Tsunade walking up to her spot, dressed in her official Hokage robes, minus the hat.

"I don't think any of us wan to know that, Iruka-kun," Tsunade snorted, shaking her head.

"Blame Sasuke for leaving himself wide open for that line," Ibiki stated, smirking at the scowling Uchiha.

"Leave me out of this," Sasuke snorted before looking over the crowd, seeing that everyone that had been invited had arrived. "I think that the ceremony is going to start soon."

"That's why I came out here," Tsunade told them as the doors closed and another set of doors opened and Nartuo walked out, holding the arm of Jiraya.

Naruto was being walked down the aisle for the only fact that he was the younger of the two men and had agreed to an old time bonding contract, trusting Ibiki with their personal life. He wanted to not have to worry about any thing outside of keeping the house and his missions. It worked for them and their life.

Smiling softly, Ibiki ran his eyes over his soon to be husbands kimono, taking in the beautiful design. It was simple and even more beautiful for it. It was a soft cream color with blue petals that fell down the arms and back of the kimono, reminding him of their favorite tree that they usually rested under after a spar. It also made him wonder what was under the layers of silk that covered his lover's body.

Taking Narutos hand as he was handed over by Jiriaya, Ibki nodded in respect to the toad sannin before smiling down at his lover. Getting a shyly happy smile, they turned to Tsunade who started the ceremony.

"Welcome to the bonding of Ibiki and Naruto, two of our best Shinobi and our best of friends…"

After her speech, they exchanged vows and then their simple, platinum rings with special seals that would render then invisible with a bit of chakra and shared a kiss that left Naruto breathless. Leaving the meeting room turned bonding room, they headed to Ibikis estate for the reception. The front yard had a mix of blankets and tables for the guests, the newly wed couple taking a blanket for themselves with some of Narutos closet friends.

Cold and hot food was spread out over three extremely long and wide tables, the cake and matching smaller cakes taking over a fourth table next to them. The drinks were sitting in ice, pitchers or bowls on a fifth table with a couple of bartenders from the usual Shinobi haunts. The cakes had been cut into, showing that they some were vanilla and others were chocolate frosted by chocolate or vanilla buttercream frosting. The decorations that sat on them were the tools of their trade made out of fondant.

All around, everyone had to agree that Choji and his family outdid themselves on the food and Ino did wonderfully on the decorations as the paper lanterns lit up as the sun set.

"Are you happy?" Ibiki asked, brushing his lips over one twitching ear as Naruto sipped at his warm tea.

"Beyond happy, 'Biki," Naruto replied, smiling up at his husband, blue eyes sparkling up at him. "Thank you for everything, really. Love you."

"I love you to, brat," Ibiki chuckled, brushing their lips together. The round of cat calls, whistles and clapping drew them out of their kiss, Naruto blushing brightly at being caught kissing his lover.