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Chapter 1 "The detention"

Kakashi was in trapped in some hellish nightmare called the Academy. The nineteen year old silver head was forced to sub in, and supervise the detention room. In all honesty, you could say he was in detention too. After all, he was merely assigned to this viciously boring task in order to learn how to "interact with other people". The third Hokage knew that Kakashi was a prodigy, but he lacked people skills. Now, Kakashi had to be in charge of the delinquents for three hours everyday for a month.

In the front desk, Kotetso was seated. He was caught red handed earlier. Guess what? Izumo was there too. Rumor had it that Kotetso was a bit of an exhibitionist. Hence, he convinced his boyfriend that sex in an empty classroom was sexy… Well it was until they were busted.

Great, I have to deal with two perverts.Kakashi, the pervert-in-making, thought to himself. Bare in mind, that Kakashi wasn't introduced to Icha Icha at that time. He was still innocent… At least as innocent as Kakashi could have been.

A few other suspicious faces glanced at the young sensei as he smacked his hand on the desk. He wanted attention, and he demanded for them to behave and be quiet.

He had the authorization to discipline any disobedience the old fashion way which was common back then in Konoha. He wasn't going to tolerate any naughtiness so he didn't mind if he had to take manners into his own hands.

All of the eyes went to shinobi as he prepared to make his statement, except for one set of eyes.

A sixteen year old who with a sloppy ponytail and a scar across his nose was sitting at the far left corner of the class . His legs rested on the top of his desk, while his hand was busy throwing pieces of paper into cleavage of the girl neighboring desk.

"You at the back, stand up?" Kakashi ordered strictly.

Iruka didn't pay attention at first, so Kakashi walked up to the desk holding a cane. He smacked the desk resulting in a terrifying CRACK. Still, it didn't shake Iruka much.

"Oh, you meant me?" Iruka asked in a pretended innocence.

"Put you legs down, and behave yourself." Kakashi ordered his visible eye narrowing.

"Put you legs down, and Behave yourself," Iruka mimicked Kakashi and smirked.

"Grow up, you are not five anymore."

"Grow up, you are not five anymore."

"Get up, and bend over the desk." Kakashi was serious. Now how was Iruka going to repeat that?

"Excuse me? I am not into that stuff Sensei perve… why don't you keep this stuff for when you are making love to your hand!" Iruka poked out his tongue, and jerked his hand as if he was masturbating. Now Kakashi's dead fish eyes were almost burning with a scarlet blaze.

"Get up, bend over the desk, and pull your pants down," Kakashi was unwavering.

He was going to humble the tanned boy.

"No!" Iruka defied, but instantly felt a hand tug him. Another hand seized his belt and pulled him up. His face upper body was pressed onto the desk., and his bottom was nude- NUDE? Kakashi quickly tugged down the pants of the bent-over Iruka. His tanned bubble looked like it was asking for a spanking. Kakashi was going to grant it that.

All the kids were speechless, in point of fact so was Iruka. What the hell was happening? He didn't comprehend what was going on in the heat of the moment. He was simply too baffled and stunned to comprehend what was going on. The surprise turned into a bombshell when he felt a strike fall over his rear.

He screamed in shock, "Ahhh, what the hell do you think you are doing?"

Kakashi didn't respond by mouth, instead the cane handled all the talk.


"Stop it!" Iruka squeaked.

The cane came down five more time. Crimson blotches tainted the bottom that lay infront of Kakashi. Iruka launched his hand back to shield his bubble.

Common sense would have indicated that Kakashi would stop, bind the hand, and then continue. If you have ever watched a spanking movie, the spankee would usually receive a harsh punishment for doing it, but never gets canned on the face of his hand since it likely to cause injury.

In spite of that, the cold hearted Kakashi didn't stop his assault, and kept canning the boy, hands included. After the first smack made its way over the flesh of the boy's palm, Iruka didn't need any encouragement to remove his limp.

Each smack was more brutal than the prior one. Soon, Iruka stopped resisting, and drowned in the soreness of his own tissue.

"Ok-a-a- ay, I-I am sorry!" Iruka blurted out, a flare of pain making his voice hoarse and rough as the cane landed over his rear yet again . He sounded as if he was in agony, but it didn't gratify Kakashi just yet. He wasn't going to let him go until he sounded pitiful and apologetic.

"I see I am getting through to you now, over my lap." Kakashi dropped the cane, walked to the teacher's chair, and took a seat.

Iruka bottled up his tears up until this moment, but at the moment they were threatening to break through. He was incredibly mortified. He looked to the girl next to him, with the big boobs, and she smirked at him. He glanced back at the lingering Kakashi who was tapping his hand over his knee. He realized the signal; 'come here or I am gonna come and get you.'

Iruka knew he faced two options; the first was to resist, and get dragged naked across the room only to be beaten up to a pulp. The second was to comply, and look like a chicken.

Oh crap! Both choices weren't very tempting. Since, getting dragged across the room didn't look much sexier then surrendering; He decided to go with the later choice.

It was his first time in a long time to hold a book, but hey! He needed something to cover his privates as he marched towards Kakashi. He tried to act conceited, as if! He dropped his weight over Kakashi's lap, and waited for the first blow. The silver haired man was going to use his hand this time around for utmost degradation.

The first spank landed over the left cheek. Cruel, harsh, and merciless. Iruka muffled his moans, and reserved his movement to preserve whatever remained from his honor.

Twenty slaps disciplined each cheek leaving a visible red trace over the bum.

"Pull up you pants, and go back to your desk," he stated in monotone voice. Kakashi was cold-blooded at he time.

The sore rear was positioned over the harsh wood. Iruka pouted as he watched Kakashi pick up a martial art book and start reading. No one dared to make a sound afterwards.

After the detention was over, Kakashi roamed Konoha's streets for hours before he made his way to his apartment. He lived alone since he couldn't stand living with his mother after his father's suicide. In fact, she was the one who didn't tolerate him anymore; she believed that his father would be ashamed if he saw the way Kakashi was acting.

"Hey you," a heated tone of voice forced Kakashi to turn. He was just about to unlock his door.

"Do you need something from me, brat?" Kakashi inquired, but he didn't seem to be concerned.

"You think you can do whatever you want to other people?" Iruka shouted.

"You think you can break the rules, and go unpunished?" Kakashi retorted, but he didn't seem to be concerned.

"Unfair," Iruka murmured as his blaze was snuffed out.

Kakashi turned to face his door, and resumed to unlock it. "Do you want some ice for your rear before you leave?"

He walked in, and turned on the light. For some reason, which Iruka didn't really understand at the time, he complied.

"You can lay face down on the couch; I will go get the ice."

In a matter of seconds, Kakashi was back. He hooked his hand around Iruka's belt and pulled the bottom clothes all down in a single heave. Then, he placed a bag of ice over each cheek.

Kakashi sighed, "What do you think you will gain by acting like a delinquent?"


Kakashi slapped the rear gently with three of his fingers. He wanted to hear Iruka's answer.




"What do you mean?"

"What do you think you will gain by acting uptight and sadistic? Probably nothing… You will just alienate everyone you love, but you still do it anyway. So why do you question what I do?"

"Because I am not the one who just bent over my knee for a spanking infront of a whole class. that's why!"

"At least I don't hate myself," Iruka snapped.

Does he mean I hate myself?Kakashi was shaken by the tanned boy's words.

"I don't hate myself, I am just fine the way I am."

"Sure, cause we all love to be isolated and alone," Iruka mocked.

"What's your name?"

"Umino Iruka"

"Like a dolphin, I can see the similarity" Kakashi smirked, and stood up from beside Iruka.

"What do you mean by that?" Iruka whined. "And where are you going?"

"To get the phone, and call your parents to come and get you… I can't let you walk home alone this late."

"No one will answer…" Iruka said looking at a pillow impassively.

"They are out tonight?"

"They are both dead… and I live alone, so I don't need you concern, thank you very much," Iruka pouted.

"You can sleep on the couch… I won't let you walk home alone in any case."

"I am not five, I am sixteen!"

"Still a kid."

"I am not!"

"Yes you are… and here you go," Kakashi tossed a blanket and a pillow to the aching boy. The both landed over the back of Iruka's head.

"Ouch that hurt!"

"Good night,"

"Good night to you too," Iruka huffed.

That was the day that marked a new era in the lives of the two young men.

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