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Chapter 12, "Is it the end? Or is it the beginning?"

"Why is little Naru-chan crying?" Kakashi inquired with a childish smile on his face.


"I see you still remember my name, Ruka."

Iruka stood up with both his legs shaking. Kakashi had this effect on him. His 'stupid' heart still pumped twice as fast when that man was near. He swallowed and gathered up his courage, "Let's go home, Naruto!"

Iruka stretched his arm to the side, waiting for the boy to take his hand. When he felt his hand missing the warmth of the little palm, he started to scan the vicinity with his eyes for the boy, "Naruto!"

The ivory skinned man felt dampness soak his leg. When he looked at his feet, he noticed the little blond hugging the limp closely and drying his tears with the green fabric. The man's heart couldn't help but mellow.


"May be you can wait for a few more minutes, Ruka. I think he misses me!" If Naruto's tears weren't enough to seal the deal, Kakashi's puppy face was.

"Fine, but just for five minutes!" Iruka faked a serious face, as he threw himself back on the bench with a thump.

He watched as Kakashi lifted Naruto up, and kissed his plum honey colored cheeks.

"Did you miss me?"


"You know, I love you very much Naru-chan!"

"Me two! Why did you go away?"

"Ruka doesn't want me around anymore," Kakashi pouted.

No, he's not putting me in that pinch! It was a cheap shot. Now, Naruto was going to blame him for driving away Kakashi.

"You see; sometimes adults have misunderstandings that-"

"Misunderstandings! I saw you kiss her with those two eyes!" He pointed at his eyes, as he growled at the other man.

"Iruka, I have been trying to tell you over and over again; 'she kissed me!'"

"And I have been trying to tell you over and over again; 'I am not buying it!'" Iruka hissed and mumbled to himself, "Misunderstanding my a- (kids around)! As if a shinobi can be force kissed by a girl half his size!"

"Why don't you come over for dinner?" Kakashi asked as if he was in a totally different conversation.

"Haven't you been hearing anything that I have been sa-"

"I have! And now I am asking you to come over for a dinner!"


"And before you say 'no' and miss my home cooked meal, I would like you to know that it is just a friendly dinner!"


"Yamato will be there too!"



Damn it! I should have just said 'no'! But… damn you Kakashi! It was hard to refuse an offer from a man like Kakashi. It was hard to refuse an offer from a man like Kakashi especially when a cute boy like Naruto was pulling your pants and pleading.

The younger man was awakened from his thoughts by a hot flavorsome vapor coming from a bowl that Kakashi just placed infront of him. He glared up at the standing chef.

"I just put Naruto to sleep. I will save him his share for when he wakes up!" He smiled innocently.

"Where is Yamato-san?"

"Something sudden came up, so he couldn't make it!"

"Cheap trick!"

"You shouldn't blame a man for trying! I got you here, didn't I?"

"I think I liked you better when you were aloof!" Iruka teased unintentionally.

"Well you made me who I am today. You should take responsibility!" The older man teased back. He then paused for a second and continued with a serious expression, "You know Ruka; I would never cheat on you!"

"'I would have never cheated on you'," Iruka corrected. He didn't want Kakashi to imply that they were still a couple.

"Oh, I remember hearing that you are Konoha's newest teacher!"

"I still haven't made my mind…"

"It suits you!"

That sentence caught Iruka's attention, "what do you mean?"

"You always like to take care of others, you are warm and loving, you have a way with kids, and you have a lot to pass down. Those kids would be lucky to have you. I just hope they know how much you mean to them before it's too…late…"

"Thank you," Iruka forced a small smile onto his face, "you hurt me a lot…"

"I know. I never meant to."

"I thought I could trust you."

"You can!"

"Kakashi, please!"

"I am sorry but I just have to say it; I think we are wasting a good relationship by staying away from each other. Ruka, would you please take me back!"

"Stop being cheesy!" Iruka pouted struggling against his temptation to give in and agree.

"I know you have suffered. I disappointed you. I disappointed myself too… But when you entered my miserable life, I started having a purpose in life rather than being a slave to rules and regulations. I love you! Please take me back!"



"Let me think about it!"

Awkward silence filled the room for a few minutes, while Kakashi stared at a exceedingly flustered brunette.

Kakashi coughed.

Iruka looked up, and smiled politely at the copy ninja. He cleverly avoided their eyes meeting. Something about Kakashi's gaze was electrocuting.

The silver headed man grinned from under his mask, and then proceeded to take it off.

"Iruka," Kakashi's throaty voice called for the uneasy boy.

The soon to become sensei swallowed. He continued to fixate his gaze upon the opposite side of the room. He clenched his fists, and called upon the heavens to give him enough self-restraint to resist the temptation. He knew that if his eyes were to meet the grey and crimson orbits, he would crumble for sure. He would give in to the other's pleads. He would fall for that man again. Damn Kakashi!


"Yes…" The boy's voice trembled.

"Iruka, look at me."


"Iruka, look at me."


"Why not?"

"Shut up!"

The ivory skinned man reached his arm out, and cupped the tanned cheek. He turned the other's head towards his without any significant resistance. He noticed that Iruka was shutting his eyes closed fiercely, so he placed a soft peck on the blemished nose.

A soft whimper escaped Iruka's lips. He felt Kakashi's hot vapor tickle his craving lips. Oh God! He was surrendering himself again!

He swallowed as the lips approached his leisurely. He wanted it. He wanted it so much!

Right when the lips were about to meet-

"Serendipity!" Iruka squeaked.

The puzzled Kakashi backed away, "Is something wrong?"

Iruka opened his eyes as he started to take eager huff. "Do you know the movie serendipity?"

Kakashi raised a brow, "Not really, why?"

Iruka started shooting words out in a super human pace, "You see, in that movie a girl and a guy meet. They sort of fall for each other, but the girl suggests that they leave it for fate."

The silver head continued to eye the other questionably.

"T-they agreed to go on separate ways. But she wrote her number on a dollar bill, and put in it a book. If they were meant to be, they would find their way back to each other. He would find the book, and find her. You see, they allowed fate to control their future."

"And did they end up together?"

"Yes!" Iruka yelped nervously. He decided to neglect mentioning what happened in between the beginning and the end of the movie.

"Good for them. So you want us to rent the movie or something?"

Iruka gulped once again. "W-why…Why not see if destiny would bring us back toge-"

"I already know your number."

The boy giggled fretfully, "I know-"

"Is this your way of telling me you don't want to get back together?" Kakashi asked in a monotone voice. Yet, Iruka could still notice the hurt tenor in the man's voice.

"No!" The brunette shouted out quickly. A little too quickly than he would have liked. He blushed… He didn't want to sound desperate.

"Then why would we put ourselves through heartache?"



Iruka shifted while sitting, "So when we would get back together… we would know how precious our relationship is-"

"I know how precious it is-"

"That it is meant to be-"

"It is!"

"And never break up again! So it would last forever..."

"Iruka. We don't have to put ourselves through anguish to realize the value of what we have! I lo-"

"I need to make sure!"

The declaration sealed Kakashi's lips for almost a minute. Then he sighed, "So, how do you want to do it?"

Iruka smiled in relief, "I don't know. Don't you have any ideas?"

"Iruka," Kakashi objected. He really didn't like the idea in the first place.

"Naruto… he can be our clue."

"What do you mean?"

"He will bring us together… if we were meant to be…"

Kakashi made a few hand signals, and then brushed his hands over the sleeping blonde's head. A few minutes later, he kissed Naruto goodbye on the little cheek, and exited the room.

Iruka rubbed Kakashi's arm intensely, trying to get as much of him before they separate. He didn't know if he was letting the love of his life escape right in front of him, or not. Yet, something inside was assuring him that they would be one again someday. When that would happen, l would forever.

"Are all his memories of you gone?"

"Yeah… the jutsu took care of that."

"Remember… Don't try and get him to bring us together, he has to do it on his own."

"I know."

"Kashi…I will miss you, okay?"

"I will miss you too," Kakashi ended his words by planting a soft kiss on the other's lips.

When the copy ninja was gone, and when Iruka was only left with a tingle on his lips, he sobbed.

Would they ever get back together?

"If we begin with certainties, we will end in doubt. But if we begin with doubts and bear them patiently, we may end in certainty," said Francis Bacon.

Should I write a sequel or not?