Chapter 1: First Impressions are everything

"Err… Rallen Rimorpertus, new NPP Cadet…" Rallen's voice trailed off. He was very shy. He had recently turned 11. He had short red hair and was 4 foot 9 inches tall. He wore a white shirt, blue jeans and a pair of white trainers and was carrying a rucksack full of things he needed. He was stood in front of two huge silver gates. The light shone off them and into Rallen's eyes. He could barely look at them. A deep male voice boomed from a speaker next to the gate.
"Ah, yes! New recruit for the new semester! Please come in!"

At 11 yrs old, Rallen had never had an experience of a social life. He had been home-schooled previously. He wanted to join the NPP Cadet Corps to experience a social learning environment. All his life he had wanted to be a NPP officer. They were so cool! They got to go on missions all over the Nanairo System. They got all sorts of cool weapons and got to meet lots of cool people!

Standing in front of these huge gates made Rallen want to change his mind. All of a sudden the was a deep rumbling in the ground. The gates were starting to open. This made Rallen even more reluctant. The voice sounded from the speaker again.
"Please report to the main hall for initial briefing. Enter the main building, take the first elevator on the left and enter the door in the middle."
Rallen stared at the enormous compound that stood in front of him. He slowly passed through the silver gates and then the main entrance. Inside the building was a mass array of stairs, elevators, doors and portals.

Now, where did he say to go? Erm… take the first elevator on the… right? No I think it was left… or was it right? No, no it was left.

He walked towards the elevator when a woman's voice sounded from a speaker system overhead.
"Initial briefing will begin in 5 minutes. I repeat, initial briefing will begin in 5 minutes. All new recruits report to the main hall immediately."

The voice made Rallen jump. After it had finished he walked to elevator. When he entered another voice sounded.
"Elevator 1 to main building," and suddenly, Rallen was moving all directions. He had to close his eyes and hold on to a rail so he wouldn't get dizzy. After what seemed like forever, he stopped. He slowly opened his eyes and walked out of the elevator. It was like he was in a different place! The whole place was buzzing with life! Many older looking people in uniform with big, metal gloves were walking around calmly and many smaller people in civilian close were stood still with a map looking lost. Suddenly, a large man in a very grand, important looking uniform stepped out from a very large door in the centre, followed by a smaller younger looking man, also in a very important looking uniform.
"All new cadets! Please come here for initial briefing! NOW!" Once again Rallen jumped at such a loud voice. He swiftly walked toward the door, like many other young, nervous looking people.

Everybody was sat down in the main hall. Rallen couldn't believe how big it was. It could have fit over 10,000 people! Only about half was filled today though. Rallen was sat next to a confident looking boy with bright green hair with a wireless earphone in one ear. The boy turned to him.
"What you lookin' at?" the boy snapped. Rallen quickly looked away. On the other side was a small girl with short pink hair. She looked at lot more friendly than the other boy. She turned. She give him a friendly smile. Rallen blushed a bit. He gave a weak smile back and quickly turned away. The large man in the important uniform walked to the front of the room. The younger looking man followed. He stood on a large pedestal and began to speak.
"Welcome to the Nanairo Plantary Patrol Cadets! You have all been enrolled for a 7 year course when you can then choose to work as an officer, an engineer, a researcher or an explorer. During your stay here we welcome freedom and curiosity! But we just have a few rules that we would like you to keep while you are here. Number 1; Do not go into the opposite gender's dorm building! Number 2; Do not enter a NPP officer's, engineer's, researcher's or professor's office without permission! Number 3; Complete all work set by professors! Number 4; Do not irritate me or the assistant Commander! If you do, you'll know you have…" Rallen cringed at this.
"Today we will assign rooms to each of you, eat supper and then go to bed! Tomorrow it's a 8am start for breakfast followed by each of you reporting to the assistant commander's office in alphabetical order, to choose which studies you will be undertaking. This is very important as it will determine what you become when you graduate. Thank you for your patience. You can receive your room assignments outside from the assistant commander now. Thank you." The large man stepped off the pedestal. The younger looking man stepped towards him and whispered something in his ear. The large man stepped back on the pedestal.
"But before we leave, perhaps we should introduce ourselves. I am the commander of the NPP. Commander Johnson. The man you see next to me here," Johnson gestured toward the younger looking man, "is Assistant Commander Grant. Now you may leave to get your room assignments." The commander stepped off the pedestal and left the room. All the children in the room stood up and began to leave also. When Rallen stood up, the girl with the pink hair next to him tapped him on the shoulder.
"Hi," she said, "My name is Jeena Roseus. What's your name?" she asked.
"Rallen Rimorpertus," he said weakly.
"Well Rallen, are you excited? These are going to be some of the best of our lives! Don't you think so?"
"I guess…"Rallen said
"So I'll see you around?" Jeena asked. "Maybe I'll sit with you at supper?"
"Okay, see ya…" Rallen said.
Jeena walked out.

Darn it. I should have been more impulsive. Mom always told me that first impressions were everything…